Blog Tour: Jon Klassen takes My Little Bookcase on a tour of his studio

Jon Klassen is currently on a global tour promoting his latest picture book, This is Not My Hat. Head over now to read our review of this clever book.

We’re excited that Jon Klassen is making his Australian stop-over at My Little Bookcase. He is kindly giving us a special glimpse into his studio, the place where his extraordinary work is created.

Jon Klassen’s Studio Tour:

Jon Klassen also visited My Little Bookcase in 2011. You can read the 2011 interview with Jon Klassen here.


  • Make sure you also visit Picture Book Picnic, the home of Walker Books UK who are running a great giveaway as part of the tour. This one is open to Australian and international residents. (You could win a This is Not My Hat goodie bag including a signed copy of the book, poster, postcards, stickers, baseball cap and tote bag just by taking a photo of you wearing someone else’s hat). Read the details of the giveaway.


Jon’s been asked some interesting questions on his tour. Head to these blogs to find out about his fascination with hats, how he approaches his illustrations, the inspiration for his stories and what books he has in the pipeline:

8th October: Playing by the Book
9th October: 100 Scope Notes
11th October: Elizabeth O. Dulernba
12th October: Wahm-Bam! (Make sure you follow this link to see an adorable re-enactment of This is Not My Hat)
15th October: Lost in the Library
16th October: My Little Bookcase
17th October: A Year of Reading
Blog Tour: Jon Klassen takes My Little Bookcase on a tour of his studio


  1. Great studio, the colours match those in the books. The chair reminds of where Roald Dahl used to write. I want my hat back is the funniest book our family has read this year.

  2. How lovely to feel as though you are wandering through the studio! Such creativity….thanks for this glimpse into Jon’s world!

  3. How fun to go into the space where it all happens! I think we had that chair growing up… :) I would love to know what he is working on in that first photo.

  4. Crazy, messy fun! I know that feeling well being a designer myself
    But what satisfaction at the end when the masterpiece is complete!!

  5. Love that we just got to visit without causing too much trouble – didn’t even have to put the kettle on. I love that duck – wonder if it will feature in a future book. An amazing artist with such a fresh approach, so respectful of the intellect, humour and potential of his young readers!!

  6. I love Jon’s work and spoke about his illustrations and first book here. Jon Klassen . An absurdly talented guy !

  7. Ah, to be in the presence of the divine Mr Klassen! His work was the inspiration for my first ever Haiku Review. The most interesting thing about Jon’s workspace that I can see is the apparent placement of a picture of dead rabbits (hares, possibly?) on the top right hand side of the pinboard in the first picture…..the inspiration for “I Want My Hat Back”, maybe?!

  8. I’ve read lots of favorable reviews about the book, but never a tour of the studio it was written in. Super cool! Thanks again for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  9. Wow! It’s pretty cool to get a glimpse of his studio! The book’s illustrations do look fantastic. Cheers!

  10. It’s messy but very cosy. His love for his work is apparent.

  11. What a fun idea for a blog tour!

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