National Tree Day- Australian Tree Stories

July is Tree Month at My Little Bookcase as we prepare for National Tree Day which takes place around the country on Sunday July 31st. July is chosen by Planet Ark because, on average, it is the best time in Australia to plant trees.

Most Aussie kids don’t climb trees anymore, according to new research from Planet Ark. Once a symbol of an idyllic childhood, this nature-loving pastime is so significantly on the decline that only 19% of Australian children enjoy a clamber in their local tree.”

So, this year Planet Ark is collecting Australian Tree Stories, and only upon reading the 215 stories already submitted did I truly understand the magic of trees.

In honour of trees, we’ll feature a themed book list, delightful reviews on books about trees, a beautiful guest post from Caroline Webster and a giveaway that will help you enjoy the outdoors with your children.

Many of the books we will feature on our site this month are picture books that help children understand the time and care that is required to help grow a tree. Then there are authors who obviously have a love affair with trees because there are also many books that chronicle the miracle of trees, the role they play in helping us create special memories and the importance of saving that last tree.

Is there a tree that you hold close to your heart or a tree that brings joy to your child? I encourage you to log on to The Australian Tree Stories Collection and read some of the beautiful stories with your children. Together write and submit your own story or memory around trees.

Here is a tiny snippet of some of the stories shared:

  • Ranger Stacey, National Tree Day Ambassador, loves that her Frangipani tree invites the local birds into her garden
  • Graham Ross from Better Homes and Gardens has shared his story about the trees he planted on the birth dates of his children
  • Jimmy Barnes writes about the Japanese Maple tree that inspires him to write songs
  • There are also many gorgeous stories submitted by children

Below is the story that I submitted to the collection:

I love the romance of the Weeping Willow, Silver Birch and Cherry Blossom trees but my favourite tree is the Magnolia Tree.

I hadn’t seen one (or at least I hadn’t noticed one) before my husband and I bought our first home. We settled and gained access to our house in April and for months it just seemed a bare-branched tree.

It was quite a surprise for me to pull into the driveway after work one June evening to see that this unique double-toned Magnolia flower had blossomed during the day. It was an amazing surprise- a colourful, hopeful sight on a dreary winter’s evening.

I now watch enthusiastically each Autumn as it drops its leaves to expose its wiry, haphazard branches and I eagerly await the beautiful cups that will brighten our garden in the middle of winter.

To add more sentiment to my love for this tree, the first flower of 2009 bloomed the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital.

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