Welcome to My Little Bookcase, where a love of reading starts with one special story.

It’s official!

We’ve made it through many late nights, lots of research, hundreds of emails, some bad decisions and a few tears to be able to reveal our official site. Thank you to all the wonderful people that have helped us along the way. We’re in much need of a celebration.

We’ re  absolutely thrilled that you popped by to visit. So thrilled in fact, that we’re going to thank you by giving away a gorgeous tee-pee (from An Angel at My Table) to one lucky reader. Details of how to enter will be revealed at the end of this post.

We also have 7 other prize packs to giveaway before Christmas, and you can also read our guest posts on Planning with Kids, Kids’ Book Review and Little Eats in the coming weeks.

Some of the wonderful prizes we have to give-away

Our mission

My Little Bookcase is more than just a place to shelve your children’s books. It is an online resource where you can find a wealth of information to encourage a love of reading in your child; it is a community for parents and caregivers to share their own ideas and experiences; it is a case full of inspiring ideas for reading and sharing books with your child.

If you have some time, please take yourself on a tour of our website.

Remember that My Little Bookcase is still a baby, but we are looking forward to working hard to make this a comprehensive resource for parents and caregivers. You’re invited to join us on the journey as we work together to encourage a love of reading.

Words of Support and Encouragement.

You can imagine the absolute delight and exhilaration we felt when we opened an email from picture book genius, Mem Fox.  To read words of support and encouragement from a highly acclaimed author and read-aloud advocate helped to reiterate the value of the work we have been putting into My Little Bookcase.


We would do anything to win this give-away but for you, it’s easy.

To enter the draw,  simply leave your own message of support or encouragement. Click on ‘Tell your tale’ at the end of this post to leave your message.

The winner of the tee-pee will be selected from a random draw. Open to Australian residents only.

Each reader that leaves a comment below will go into the draw to win a tee-pee from An Angel at My Table.

You can also receive bonus entries into the draw. To find out how and to read the terms and conditions of the draw visit our Major Launch Giveaway: Children’s Tee-pee post.

Welcome to My Little Bookcase, where a love of reading starts with one special story.


  1. Yay Jackie! Can’t wait to see the evolution …

  2. hey jackie! well done on the big unveiling of your website. Your facebook page has already given my 2 min men and I so much fun and enjoyment (we are now members of our local library and attended some really fun holiday sessions) …i’m sure the website will provide us with heaps more than we already get from you and your little bookworm!!!

    Congrats and keep up the good work! :)

  3. Congrats on your new website; I am a voracious reader and in time, I hope my three-year-old would be a happy bookworm too.

  4. Hi
    Love your site, I am a massive book fan, love them to pieces & I am now enjoying a whole ne range of books with my 20 month old girl, who seems to have inherited my love of books, although she doesn’t mind if the pages get ratty (unlike her mother). If I had a teepee it would be pink! Keep up the good work! Cheers Meaghan

  5. Wonderful site. I was such an avid reader as a child and am so delighted to see my 3 year old going down the same path. We have so many shelves full and then still do our library trips and we both take such delight in the amazing stories and illustrations. I’ve been so lucky too, to be able to share with her some of my favourite books from my childhood which my father had kept. She gets so excited every time Grandpa comes over with more books in his bag of tricks. We’re running out of space but I couldn’t be more thrilled. She already has a wonderful vocab and her imagination delights us daily. Thanks for sharing our love of children’s books and bringing this site to us. best of luck. We’re spreading the word already.

  6. Thanks for your great website! I have always been a very keen reader and am pleased to say that my 2 sons, aged 5 and 2, also love books. We have lots of books at home and are at the library regularly, they both have their own borrowing cards and usually bring home at least 10 books each! If we had a teepee it would probably be blue, or stripy red! Good luck with everything, Glenys.

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I love the website it is great. Great to see someone so passionate about reading!!!! Congratulations xx

  8. Congratulations.
    I love anyone and anything that will help support and promote children and reading. There are just so many benifits for all in reading to little people.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Hi Jackie
    Congratulations on the launch of your new site. It’s truly a delightful design, your team and family have obviously put in lots of hours of support and encouragement of their own. Here’s to you, and to them, and to a beautiful book-filled Christmas for everyone!
    p.s. I am already a subscriber to the newsletter :)

  10. Am so excited about your website! I have always loved reading and fondly recall getting lost in the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books as a young girl. Now I have an 8 month old boy Ned who is learning to love books too under my gentle guidance. It fills me with joy to have Ned sit back and totally relax on my lap and he spends about 20 minutes just reading stories with me. We have plenty of board books [touch and feel ...&... lift the flap] which Ned loves. He can turn the pages and already knows where and how to lift the flaps! I know I am setting him up to love reading books and am hopeful your website will help me with this. Congrats and good luck to you.

  11. Congratulations on your wonderful new website! I’m constantly amazed at the beautiful quality of children’s books these days. They’re an absolute delight! As the mum of a somewhat reluctant reader though I’m always on the search for that special book that may spark the imagination of my little one and start that special relationship for her! So thank you for your wonderful site, I’ll be back here regularly for inspiration. Wishing you every success. Happy reading!

  12. Can’t wait to go on this journey with you. I have loved Mem Fox’s books for a very long time and now my two year old can nearly recite “Possum Magic”. Good quality information to feed a good quality life journey. Fantastic

  13. Lovely website – congratulations! I’m looking forward to discovering even more great children’s books here. My little one just can’t get enough of storytime. It’s a very special time of day for us. And there are just so many wonderful books to explore!

  14. Hey Jackie! I was under the impression that being a mum is a full time job – so you must be super mum to be able to look after a little person AND be an entrepreneur too! Congrats on your website… only good things come from sharing books!
    All the best!

  15. congratulations on the fabulous site! Well done -it’s beautiful and I look forward to exploring it.

  16. what a delightful site you have created with a wonderful purpose! My children would just adore that tee-pee. We have seven cherubs and we all love to read – we have a reading schedule in our home and are always talking about what books we are going to read next. It has been a blessing for their school work and a great conversation starter around our dinner table. Look forward to more information about your site. naomi xx

  17. What a great honor having that special note from Mem Fox!

    As a child we had a huge bookcase with lots of books and I loved reading. If I could build my dream house I would have one room just as a library, but for now I’ve started with a small bookshelf for my own kids.

  18. I love the concept of a place my daughter & I can go to get the latest news on releases and age appropiate reading.It’s all about choice and no pressure in my household and a love of reading has come naturally. We enjoy our adventures together and our ‘solo’ advenrures are fun too & this site just makes it more so. Great Job.

  19. Reading books is such an amazing free gift that any parent can give their child, thank you for inspiring all parents to read to their children and help all kids develop a love of stories :) Congratulations on a fabulous website unveiling and good luck with the future I will be sure to check back regularly!

  20. What a lovely idea for a website…so much useful information and a joy to navigate through. Well done!

  21. I have had a life long love for children’s picture books and now with two daughters (5yrs and 2yrs) it is an exquisite excuse to indulge in that love and hopefully pass it on!

    My favourite thing to give my girls, for any occasion (easter, christmas, birthdays, toilet training, change of season..change of socks) is picture books. They’re favourites change from month to month; the cranky bear featured for a long while, the gruffalo, pippi longstocking, emily brown, elmer, theses characters are so loved they become part of our family. Now different books remind us of different milestones in our children’s lives.

    Well done on your beautiful website, well done on recgonition from the queen of picture books, Mem Fox. Well done for encouraging the love of books, only good can come from your work!

  22. Reading is a part of everyday for our family. What a great website. And what better place to relax and read than in a gorgeous tee-pee!

  23. Wow Jackie, a letter from Mem Fox! You must be stoked. So glad to see that it is all coming together for you. It’s also great to see you getting so much support. Reading with the munchkin (he’s 4 1/2) is the highlight of my day. It’s cuddle time, wind-down time and learning time all rolled into one. I hope it’s something we can continue for many years to come, even after he learns to read by himself.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. This is going to be such a great site, I already love kids book reviews, and as I read four stories to each child every night, that is a minimum of eight books a day, I love to know what is worth grabbing next. I also find books the perfect gift for every person, even those that ‘hate’ reading! Will be back regularly…and hopefully reading in that tee pee soon too!

  25. Oh wow, you can’t top a Mem Fox letter of encouragement! I love her! We read “Where is the green sheep” every night before bed to our boy – he has a handful of toys but already has 2 shelves full of books at 5 months old, so I’ll be back and forth to your site constantly! Congratulations on the new venture, best of luck.

  26. congratulations on your fantastic website, and how exciting to get an email from Mem Fox! My daugter Emma’s book is Where is the Green sheep. It’s so entertaining I enjoy it every time.
    I’ll give your new site a plug on my facebook page soon
    cheers Cinti

  27. Congratulations on a very special site. And a letter from Mem Fox too! I still remember my favourite stories from childhood, and still re-read my favourite books from my ‘tween’ years – the Anastasia series. Seeing my son develop his own love of stories is magical. I have a gorgeous video of him at 5 months, kicking his legs and laughing in anticipation as I am reading him Miffy at the Zoo. He is 14 months now and grabs his favourite books for me to read. But he is getting busier by the day and his attention is starting to drift, so I look forward to receiving lots of tips from this site on how to keep the love of stories deepening!

  28. Congratulations on the launch – well worth the wait by the looks of it. Can’t wait to discover some new books and activities.

  29. Congratulations on this gorgeous site. Discovered you guys at the Doncaster Fairy Floss Markets. What a fantastic idea you have run with here. I was an avid reader as a child. and still am at 31. My little 3 year old loves his books as well. Looking forward to using this website as a valuble resource in our reading adventures together. We love Where is the Green Sheep and We’re going on a bear hunt.

  30. Beautiful Site! Congratulations! On my way to be a member right now :)
    I love books, and am trying to impress upon my children the value of books – and I think I’m starting to get through to them with my daughters recently fighting over a book – because it was special!!

  31. Congratulations Jackie. It’s great to see your wonderful concept come to life. My little poppet loves books and not only does she enjoy being read to, but at 20 months she picks up books and ‘reads’ them to us! I’m looking forward to seeing the continued development of the site!

  32. I’m thrilled your site is now up and running. I’m sorry to confess this but I hated reading and since giving birth to my son Matthew in February 2010 I have been conscious of my disklike and I am trying very hard to not pass this trait on. When I visited your stand at Fairy Floss Market, you inspired me with your enthusiasm. Every day I have been reading a book to my son and I have been anxiously awaiting your site for further inspiration, ideas and encouragment. OUR favourite book at the moment is On The Farm by Benedicte Guettier – it is a very “quirky” book. Matthew responds to my story telling / funny faces with a real belly laugh. Thank you for inspiring me Jackie.

  33. Well done Jackie. With all the support and enthusiasm in reading books, our kids will hopefully not suffer literacy issues seen in previous generations. Well done on your business venture, I will definitely pass your website onto other teaching staff.

  34. Oh, Jackie, bravo! I’m so delighted for you (and pleased I can comment here now!). I adore the ethos you so passionately share with us. Your website will be a treasured resource on Planet Baby. Thanks so much for having the vision and courage to set it up. J x

  35. Hi Jackie, Wow!! It’s here. Well done. It looks great and you have done a fantastic job. We think you are wonderful and appreciate all the hard work you have put in and it certainly has paid off….and Mem Fox, now that’s impressive. Thank you so much for your vision, inspiration and courage to take on this task. xx

  36. Jackie, I”m so very glad that you have started My Little Bookcase. It oozes passion. And as a Mum, I am so pleased to have such a great resource available. You are living my dream – I was never quite brave enough to jump in – so I will live vicariously through you!!

  37. What an amazing website full of beautiful ideas! It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to share their love of books with children. I can’t wait for the workshops next year and I am already a fan of the recommended activities and can’t wait to get my kids involved.

  38. Congrats on the opening of your site. Reading truly is one of life’s little pleasures and I adore seeing kids with a book in their hands. Best of luck!

  39. Hi Jackie,

    Congratulations on a beautiful site. Some of my best childhood memories are of myself, my brother and my mum and dad all in the same room together and it being absolutely silent because all of us were reading. I hope to create the same wonderful memories for my little 7 month old. We go to story-time at the library every week and she loves it already so I’ll be making good use of your site.

    Thank you for helping us begin the journey.

  40. Gorgeous website, love the ideas of my beautiful little girl!

  41. Love the new website. What a fantastic resource for parents of young readers.

  42. Massive congratulations on such a successful launch – the site looks amazing and love the logo design that Bec created for you, just divine – we are throughly enjoying going through all the magical books that you have :) well done once again!

  43. congratulations on the new site. what a wonderful resource! books are such an amazing way for children to learn, imagine and to bond as a family through story time!!

  44. Congrats on your beautiful website’s unveiling! Such a great site with a fabulous purpose – love it! Also adore your logo…

  45. COngratulations on the website!!! You are doing a great thing inspiring children to read and education parents on the importance of books and early reading!! Keep up the good work!!!

  46. Congratulations Jackie! The site is wonderful full of ideas and easy to navigate! I am sure it will grow bigger and bigger and you will be a destination for books! When children are unsettled a book does amazing things to stop and get them focused. The message form Mem Fox is Awesome!

  47. wow I LOVE Readin it is my fav thing to do i have read everything in my house and my daughters, Congrats on the website, its so sweet.


  48. reading is such a special gift to pass onto our children, anything that encourages this amazing journey should be commended – well done !!!

  49. i am loving all the ideas and beautiful things i fond here! keep them coming your doing a fantastic job!

  50. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have found you this evening in the mumslounge newsletter. With three beautiful little babies of my own who I love to read to, a lifelong passion for reading (love doesn’t even begin to cut it), and aspirations to one day become a children’s author myself (I am currently studying a Professional Writing for Children course) – your website touches on a subject so very close to my heart.
    You can count on me as a regular visitor to your site…and maybe… hopefully…one day…you may be hearing more from me also!!!

  51. One of my favourite memories as a child, is of my dad reading to my sister and ,I every night before bed. He would always ‘do the voices’ and leave the story in a suspensful place and finish it the next night. We couldn’t wait to go to bed! I don’t really remember the fancy toys, presents or clothes but having Dad read to me is an enduring and warm memory. So much so, that this is a tradition that both my sister and I have adopted with our children.

  52. What a fantastic idea. I just love your inspiration and your website design. Absolutely gorgeous! Man am I going to go crazy in here for Christmas presents… lucky I found it before Christmas. I love how passionate you are about this venture and the possibility of sharing it with other families. Thank-you xx

  53. Congratulations on the launch of ‘My Little Bookcase’. It is such a wonderful resource for parents! As an an avid reader, I loved sharing books with my children. Now, as a grandparent, I get to do it all over again.

    As a teacher, I always had the following poem on display in my classrooms.

    Read, read, read.
    The more you read, the more you know.
    The more you know, the more you grow.
    So read, read, read.

  54. Congrats on such a great resource for parents and carers. You have been very busy with so much valuable information, great for us, your readers!

  55. Congratulations on your new website! As a teacher – I get excited whenever I see other people promoting the enjoyment of reading and the love of books! All the best.

  56. Thankyou for this wonderful resource. I have spent many hours over the years trawling the internet for a website like this! It is also a delight to the eyes. Congratulations!

  57. wow, i am so impressed….

    as an early childhood teacher and mother of two under three, i am very excited to have discovered this site!

    and a letter of support from mem fox? fabulous xo

  58. wow, i am so impressed….

    as an early childhood teacher and mother of two under three, i am very excited to have discovered this site!

    and a letter of support from mem fox? fabulous xo

  59. What a great resource you are putting together. I love the list of Christmas books. Just what I was looking for!

  60. congratulations on your site and on the great endorsement from mem Fox (how cool is that?) – we are an art and books household so will be back many times I am sure!!

  61. Well done and congratulations on launching this great site. I am super impressed and love the concept. Not only is it encouraging little bookworms but also helping parents as well to foster the love of books and reading in their little ones.

  62. Ohhh just found you through planningwithkids.com. I love books, love where they can take me and hopefully I am succeeding with my very active and overly imaginative 5 yr old. So happy to have you in my favourites.

  63. Congratulations on the launch of My Little Book Case. Such a great idea! I love reading for myself and to share with others. Being a teacher, i find that my students can’t wait for reading time, be it personal reading time or a class serial. In the future, i hope to instill a love of literature in my own children.

  64. Congrats on the launch of the website. I was and still am (when I can find the time) a bookworm and I hope my daughter will be too. A fantastic idea.

  65. I am so so so proud of you Jackie, this is a fabulous website and all those long hours, thought and preperation has paid off. If I ever have children I know I can come to you personally for advice for encouragement in reading and making story time fun, but this will always be a quick little something to look at tokeep it interesting. You should be proud of yourself and keep up the fantastic work!!!

  66. Hey Jackie, great site Congrats!! I look forward to sharing books with my little one when he/she is born

  67. As I only moved to Australia 4 years ago I am using books to expand my knowledge of the English language and at the same time teach my kids. Thanks for putting forward so many new ideas, tips and tricks, very useful!

  68. Hi Jackie, Congratulations on the fantastic website! I’m sure I will be using your site regularly when I have my own little ones. You’ve done so well to persevere and provide a useful resource for so many families. x

  69. How Exciting!
    All the best with your new & wonderful bussiness venture!
    May all your hopes & biggest dreams come true for the store!
    All the best;

  70. Loving all of your ideas, have been enjoying reading them so much! I look forward to seeing what the journey brings. The website is so amazing, all that you are doing will impact many little lives (along with lots of mumm’s and daddy’s ones too)

  71. Hello! What a fabulous idea! I’ll be sharing this with the girls in my mums group for sure! My children LOVE books and this is an amazing resource for parents! I hope you go from strength to strength!
    Best of luck, we’ll be reading!!
    Helena :-)

  72. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, Thank you for spending the time getting My Little Bookcase up and running, I think it’s so important to teach our little ones to read, and to make it fun along the way! Now you’ve made it easier for me to find the right books for my children. Cheers xx

  73. As a primary school teacher I get to share my love of books and reading with children every single day. I now have a baby and she has more books than anything else. Thank you for starting this website. It’s a very special place.

  74. What a great resource you have developed!! Takes the work out of it for us busy mums!!

    Well done!

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