Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 copies of Yoo-hoo Ladybird! by Mem Fox (closed)

Yoo Hoo Ladybird book review and giveaway: My Little Bookcase

This Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. The entries were so enjoyable to read and highlighted the magic that Mem Fox weaves in our homes through her clever picture books. Congratulations to Julie Sincock, Bek @ Just for Daisy and Daniela Andrews who were selected to receive a copy of Yoo Hoo Ladybird!

‘Yoo-hoo Ladybird!
Where are you?’

We’re very excited about the release of this fabulous new book by Mem Fox and Laura Ljungkvist. Find out why this new book is so special by reading our review of Yoo-hoo Ladybird!

To celebrate its release My Little Bookcase has three copies of Yoo-hoo Ladybird! to giveaway, courtesy of Penguin Books Australia.

To enter:

  • Mem Fox has a way of writing lines that become etched in our minds forever. Leave a comment below and share your favourite line from a Mem Fox book.

The winners:

  • The three best entries will each receive a copy of Yoo-hoo Ladybird!

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. The giveaway is only open to Australian residents.

3. All entries must be received by 9 pm (AEST) on Sunday 2 June 2013

4. The winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winners will be notified via email

6. The winners will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter

7. The winners are asked to send a reply email including their delivery address within 7 days before a new winner is selected

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 copies of Yoo-hoo Ladybird! by Mem Fox (closed)


  1. When I say to a parent, “read to a child”, I don’t want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate.

    Mem Fox, Reading Magic

  2. The stars on high are shining bright-Sweet dreams,my darling,sleep well…
    Time For Bed
    (A story we read every night for the past 6 years)

  3. Turn the page quietly, let’s have a peep.

  4. But the next baby born was truly divine, a sweet little child who was mine, all mine
    I love this part of “ten little fingers and ten little toes” as we waited so long for our little miracle

  5. Cat said: On May 22, 2013

    “And wombat beamed”

    Ps. I’m getting all emotional reading the entries! Mem Fox has a special talent.

  6. ‘ It’s time to sleep little deer, little deer, the very last kiss is almost here’ – Miss 16months always looks into my eyes and gives me the sweetest kiss that makes my heart just melt. Totally innocent but oh so beautiful.

  7. “A thousand feathers flew in every direction. There was a terrible silence.” I adore Harrriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild!, I think I love it more than my kids do!

  8. I love the idea about bush magic
    “Grandma Poss made bush magic. She made wombats blue and kookaburras pink. she made dingoes smile and emus shrink…”
    so truly Australian…and magical

  9. “It’s time to sleep little bee, little bee.
    Yes I love you, and you love me” – Time for Bed

    With my now-five-year-old, we would always pinch our fingers together and they would buzz in the air until she caught them on her nose.

  10. Peta said: On May 22, 2013

    “But the next baby born was truly divine, a sweet little child who was mine, all mine.” I love Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Just bought it for my SIL’s little bub x

  11. Kirsty said: On May 22, 2013

    Koala Lou, I DO love you! I always have, and I always will.

  12. Tricia said: On May 22, 2013

    “Smile are the same and hearts are just the same – wherever they are, wherever you are, wherever we are, all over the world” Whoever You Are. An oldie but a goodie!!

  13. Annabella Jones walked down the street.
    Swish, swish, swish went the pale blue dress.
    Tap, tap tap went the shiny black shoes.
    Chink, chink, chink went the long gold chain.

    Every little girl who has ever dressed up would have to love this!

  14. “The stars on high are shining bright, sweet dreams my darling, sleep well, goodnight”.

    It’s Time for Bed.

    When we get to this line my daughter who is cuddling me sits up ready for her kiss and to go in the cot. So very special.

  15. Picking one standout line from a Mem Fox book is like picking a diamond from a jewellery shop; they are all gems! But since I have to pick just one line, It would be: “The stars on high are shining bright, sweet dreams my darling (baby boy Eli/baby girl Autumn/baby boy Zeke, depending on whom I’m reading to), sleep well. Good night.” Time for Bed.

  16. Where’s the green sheep?

  17. Wombat Devine- “cheer up wombat why not try for a different part”

    I love that this is a Christmas book but has great morals to teach, friendship, perseverance, hope and belonging, but also that everyone is different!

  18. “It’s time to sleep, little snake little snake, good gracious me, your still awake”

    My little ones always laugh at this as I pretend to be shocked they are not asleep yet x

  19. Marnie said: On May 23, 2013

    Grandma Poss hugged Hush, and they both danced “Here We Go Round the Lamington Plate” till early in the evening. – Possum Magic

  20. Oh we love Mem – how exciting she has a new book – looks like a goodie!

    So hard to choose, but will go with this line from “Whoever you are”…

    Smiles are the same, and hearts are just the same – wherever they are, wherever you are, wherever we are

  21. Love Mem Fox… :) She is amazing! My favourite (well one of them) book is Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. I used to read it to my class and really struggled not to cry. That was before I had two grandmother’s in nursing homes and our beloved Poppy pass away! :( Even harder to read now! My favourite quote from that book would have to be:
    “But his favourite resident was Mrs Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, and all because she had four names, like he did” I love that this is the beginning of their connection! The rest makes me cry! :)
    Thanks Jackie xx

    • PS. Sorry I put this on the review post too! :)
      PPS. Also love the green sheep… ‘Here is the near sheep and here is the Faaaar sheep!” Every child I know pulls it close then way out long! I think there’s some good modelling going on there! Miss Daisy can read the whole thing independently too! So it makes me excited! :)

  22. I’m another one who is a huge fan of ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’! My favourite line is this one:
    “So Wilfrid Gordon went home again to look for memories for Miss Nancy because she had lost her own.”
    To me, it perfectly encapsulates the innocent way that children solve problems – if only we could retain this logic as adults too!

  23. Bec said: On May 24, 2013

    From Possum Magic

    They ate Anzacs biscuits in Adelaide
    mornay and Minties in Melbourne
    steak and salad from Sydney
    and pumpkin scones in Brisbane

    you gotta love a reference to aussie food AND Lady Flo!!

  24. Tam said: On May 27, 2013

    “But the next baby born was truly divine, a sweet little child who was mine, all mine.” How beautiful is this! My sister gave me Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes for my baby shower almost 5 years ago. I still remember reading it that day with my daughter in my tummy, and feeling so emotional. Those words remind me how lucky i am to be her Mum every time i read them to her. A lovely book, my favourite.

  25. Pam said: On May 27, 2013

    I loved reading Mem Fox books to my children and now I’m loving reading them to my grandchildren. One of our favourites at the moment, is Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. Wilfred wants to know what a memory is, and asks four people from the old people’s home next door. Miss Mitchell replies with the line…. Something that makes you laugh, my darling, something that makes you laugh.

  26. My favourite line is from ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’.

    “What’s a memory?”

    My Father had Alzheimers and was in a nursing home. His memories slipped away, but then he would often grasp onto snippet from his childhood, or a memory of his Mother or his life with us.

    ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ explores how memories are fleeting & personal & different for all of us.

    “What’s a memory?”

  27. “Koala Lou, I do love you. And I always will”.

    Love reading this to my little one who has just become a big sister. I like reminding her that I’ll always love her :)

  28. I will put in another vote for “Koala Lou, I DO love you!” but would also bestow honourable mentions upon the final lines of Shoes from Grandpa:
    “You’re all so kind and I hate to be mean, but please would one of you buy me some jeans?”
    …and also to the understated but pivotal line in The Little Dragon, that begins a cavalcade of mishap:
    “Here’s the mistake – ”
    …says it all really!

    Great idea for a conversation starter by the way!

  29. Helen said: On May 27, 2013

    The stars on high are shining bright, sweet dreams my darling, sleep well….. My newly turned 3 year old just loves this book he requests it at least once a day, sometimes twice and he knows all the lines and in all the places and this was the first phrase “my darling” he knew.. classic Mem Fox

  30. Emma said: On May 27, 2013

    “Don’t worry Grandma, said Hush. “I don’t mind”. But in her heart of hearts she did.

    We adore Mem in our house, and at the moment, each of our children’s favourite book is a Mem one. Our boy loves Possum Magic, and is very excited to be seeing a theatre performance with his school soon, and our twins are obsessed with Green Sheep and Time for Bed. Love these books!

  31. Fiona said: On May 27, 2013

    With a skip, and then with a hop, a wizard appeared with a sign that said stop!

  32. But remember this…
    Joys are the same, and love is the same.
    Pain is the same, and blood is the same.
    Smiles are the same, and hearts are just the same…

    This book has opened up and continues dialogue between miss (now) 5, and master (now) 3 about differences and how we’re just the same in our hearts as everyone else.. Master 3 talks about the dad crying as the mother and child are leaving, miss 5 talks about them mum and baby cuddling. Me, I love the illustrations. Very hard to choose just one verse from the book.

  33. A walrus with a wiggle,now does “that” make you giggle?
    -giraffe in the bath

  34. “Are you a warthog, hilarious and hairy?” found in Hello, Baby!
    Oh we love that line in our house. Makes us laugh and the illustration that supports it is great. :)

  35. “… and three little kisses on the tip of her nose” because my 18 month old daughter and I would always exchange three nose kisses at this point. She is 3 now, thanks for reminding me of that lovely memory!

  36. ‘But where is the green sheep?’

  37. Brooke said: On May 30, 2013

    “But later that night they were the best of friends, and that is where the story ends.”
    From one of my favourite books as a child that I now read to my girl. Just like that.

  38. It’s time to sleep, little bird, little bird,
    So close your eyes, not another word.

    It’s time to sleep, little bee, little bee,
    Yes, I love you and you love me.

  39. Louise said: On May 30, 2013

    I adore the book ‘Goidnight Sleep tight’ and the coolest babysitter ever – Skinny Doug when he says
    ‘I’ll tell you another I heard from my mother’

  40. Oh, so many to choose from, but Where is the Green Sheep was my little boys favourite and we shared it so many times in his first year. My favourite line (which was a little bit lost on him) is “here is the thin sheep, and here is the wide sheep” … so politically correct

  41. “Where IS that green sheep”. After reading this book more times than I can count that line I can tell you that the “IS” became more and more emphasised on each read!

  42. I’d feed my pyjamas to giant piranhas
    (scariest picture too)

    from Boo to a Goose

  43. ” Once apon a time, but not very long ago deep in the Australian bush lived 2 possums ” The start of one of my all time favourite books

  44. “Here’s are green sheep, fast asleep”. Eight years and three children later and this is still a favourite. xxx

  45. Sleep is always a big deal in our house. And Mem is the best help there too!! “Time for Sleep” is full of softly spoken, dreamy lines. 6yr old’s fav….”It’s time for bed, little calf, little calf. What happened today that made you laugh?”

    • Dang… Book is called “Time for Bed” (not Time for Sleep). You know… I never knew that til just now. We have ALWAYS called it Time for Sleep – wishful thinking maybe.

  46. and wombat beamed

  47. Jodie said: On June 2, 2013

    “But I’ll tell you another I heard from my mother”
    Gotta love that Skinny Doug

  48. Carley said: On June 2, 2013

    “What’s a memory?” he asked.
    “Something warm, my child, something warm.”

  49. ‘She looked into this book, she looked into that.
    There was magic for thin and magic for fat,
    Magic for tall and magic for small,
    But the magic she was looking for wasn’t there at all.’

  50. I cannot choose 1 line from “Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge” as the whole book brings me to tears. My father is in a nursing home with dementia and I always find it difficult to read this book to my Year 1/2 classes. Thank you Mem for all your beautiful words….

  51. ‘Here is the bath sheep’ a simple but fave line as my son with hearing loss says it as we go thru the book!

  52. With His heart full of hope and his head full of dreams – wombat divine

  53. Its beneficial to continue reading aloud to children for as long as they’ll let us, even after they can finally read themselves. Reading Magic…….If it hadn’t been for this book, I wouldnt have such a love in reading to my children.

  54. You were divine wombat. And wombat beamed!

    Need i say more.

    The most precious book i think i have ever read, i cry ever time and i have read it over and over and over.

  55. ‘Where is the green sheep?’ – My fave line is ‘here is the blue sheep’ because from then on, my 3 year old Emily Mae will read the rest of the story…we’ve read it hundreds (literally hundreds if not thousands) of times and she knows all the words but every time, it’s like the first time…she loves it! Melts my heart :)

  56. Their lives may be different from yours,
    and their words may be very different from yours.
    But inside, their hearts are just like yours.
    (Whoever You Are, Mem Fox, 1997)

    A very child-friendly way to explain diversity of cultures but the important similarities and emotions we share as human beings. A very special book.

  57. Nic said: On June 2, 2013

    We too love Time for bed! But we also love Where the Giant Sleeps. The last 2 pages… But here the elves are wide awake – sewing with all their might,
    To make a quilt of moons and stars to wrap you in … tonight.
    How sweet and gorgeous illustrations to go with it.

  58. ‘And then there were no parts left. Wombat hung his head, and hoped he wouldn’t cry.’ You know it’s a good book when you’re crying as you’re reading…every time!

  59. It is a sign of how special Mem Fox’s books are that so many of us remember lines from many of her titles.
    There are lost of lines from ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ that I love but I will have to go with “He called her Miss Nancy and told her all his secrets”.
    I love the tenderness and intimacy of that line. It really sums up their special relationship.

  60. Anna said: On June 2, 2013

    “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes” is a book that epitomises delight,
    The first line “There was one little baby who was born far away” does excite,
    Foster mummy to five,
    Despite being tired the kids spirits come alive!
    They tear off their socks and the lounge they dive!
    A very special book together we enjoy to read,
    They know this book off by heart and read it with rhythm and speed!

  61. This Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. The entries were so enjoyable to read and highlighted the magic that Mem Fox weaves in our homes through her clever picture books. Congratulations to Julie Sincock, Bek @ Just for Daisy and Daniela Andrews who were selected to receive a copy of Yoo Hoo Ladybird!