Reading Tip: “My First Library Card”

Have you ever thought of organising a library card for your child? A card which is their very own and where they’ll see their own name printed upon it.

A child of any age can apply for their own library card as long as their guardian has one too. The child’s card will simply be linked with the guardian’s account and the guardian takes the actually responsibility for the books borrowed.

Once you have a library card for your child you might also want to find them a library bag of their own too.

Children love having their own library card and library bag:

  • They will often instigate a visit to the library so they can use their card. This will help them to feel comfortable and familiar in the library.
  • It helps to them developĀ  responsibility for caring for books and keeping track of the books they’ve borrowed.
  • It allows them to practise and learn the process of borrowing and returning books.
  • It makes them feel important and independent.
  • They feel empowered to choose their own books to borrow.

“I’ve told the librarian my name and where I live and now I’m waiting ever so patiently for my very own library card.”

“I’ve got my very own library card in my hot, little hands”

“Please Mum, can we go back in and borrow one more book?”

Reading Tip: “My First Library Card”


  1. My goodness she is getting so big. Our local library don’t allow (or encourage, maybe I was put off too easily) children to have cards until they start school so I was thrilled to read your very first sentence. I’ve waited 4 and a half years to get my older daughter her own card, especially as most of the librarians know her by name. I must have asked a grumpy one those years ago! Actually I was at my library Monday afternoon and asked what activities they are doing for book week, and was told by an unfamiliar (to me) librarian, every week is book week… not a lot of enthusiasm there.

  2. Love this! I got one for Miss Daisy when she was only 7 months old while we did story time because
    a) I could borrow 10 extra books (so her books weren’t on my account!) and
    b) I was also told that with added memberships the library received further $$ for books! :) Win Win!

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