Activity: What’s that Noise?- A guessing game

Playing games using words from the books you read with your children is a great way to develop your child’s understanding of the vocabulary they hear. This guessing game is not an original one, but it works perfectly with this book for babies and toddlers.

What's that noise guessing game

Inspired by

What’s That Noise? by Sally Rippin and Lorette Broekstra

Our Background Story

We received What’s that Noise? from our Child and Maternal Health Nurse when my daughter (Cam) was 12 weeks old, as part of the Victorian Young Readers Program. It was Cam’s favourite book for months and we read it every day. I even found myself asking her the question ‘What’s that Noise?’ everywhere: in the car, in the supermarket, in the library.

The book has been sitting quite lonely on the bookcase for some time now, but Cam recently came across it again. When she brought the book to me it inspired an impromptu game of What’s that noise?

You will need:

A range of objects that make distinct sounds. Some possible objects could include:

  • Keys
  • A pot and spoon to bang together
  • A Maraca
  • A Rattle
  • Ringing tone of a phone
  • Toys that make sounds

Our Approach:

1.      Ask your child to close their eyes (or you could use a blind fold)

2.      Find a ‘noisy’ object and hide it behind your back

3.      Allow the object to make its sound behind your back and ask ‘What’s that noise?’

4.      Let your child guess what object you are hiding behind your back

5.      Swap roles and let your child hide objects behind their back

What objects do you have around your house that you could use for this game?

Activity: What’s that Noise?- A guessing game


  1. What a great way to connect with the book! I like this idea. I would add some cellophane or other paper to rustle, a closed milk container of water to make a sloshy sound, a little bell, a bottle cap tapping on wood and “tooting” through a cardboard roll.

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Activity: What’s that Noise?- A guessing game

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