Activity: Dressing Up For Our ‘Beary’ Favourite Stories (plus a list of Bear Books)

My daughter currently enjoys role-playing  fairy tales; Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood are particular favourites. Of course Mum is involved in the role play and we will act out each of these stories numerous times throughout the day.

I was looking to create a simple mask with her that would invite her to role-play a wider variety of stories.  Bears, rabbits and foxes dominate the stories in our home so the choice of mask really wasn’t too difficult.

We also made these masks at one of our Cubbyhouse Tales session and they really were an absolute hit, helping the children to bring story book bears to life.

How fantastic do these bears look?

Do you want to make one too? They are really quite simple but effective.

You Will Need:

  • A black and white mask template (We printed ours from Animal Jr.)
  • Child friendly glue
  • Craft fur (available at stores such as Spotlight)
  • Cotton balls
  • Button
  • String/elastic

Our approach:

1. We found and printed a bear mask template from Animal Jnr. (or you could draw your own)
2. Cut the template (I did this for the children as I was working with toddlers)
3. I also prepared the craft fur by cutting it into small squares, making it easier for the children to manipulate
4. The children then covered the mask with fur by gluing the small squares to the template

5. We added cotton balls and a button for extra decoration to his nose and mouth

6. Add the elastic and you have yourself a very dashing bear.

The mask is perfect to wear while reading or role-playing our ‘beary’ favourite books:

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • No Bears by Meg McKinley and Leila Rudge

Here are some other ‘bear’ books we haven’t read yet, and some that were suggested by My Little Bookcase readers on facebook:

  • Neighbour Bear-Suzie Auzary-Luton & Anne Velghe

The Masks could also be used for singing these ‘beary’ fun songs:

Do you know or have any other bear stories or songs?

Activity: Dressing Up For Our ‘Beary’ Favourite Stories (plus a list of Bear Books)


  1. “The Large and Growly Bear” A Little Golden Book by Gertrude Crampton 1961
    Times read to Wilf.. 1million trillion!

    • You will definitely need to make a mask with Wilf then! I will have to track it down for a read.

  2. You HAVE to read the Jez Alborough bear books! Kicking myself I didn’t buy them (we’ve read them at a friend’s house) when the munchkin was younger – although still tempted… They are a delight and totally roll off your tongue when you read them. We’re BIG Paddington fans here. Also love Little Bear stories (which you’ve listed), Bear and Chook and Winnie-the-Pooh (how could you forget that one?)
    That bear mask is pretty cute!

    • Thanks for the other suggestions. I obviously didn’t confer enough with my daughter before publishing the post because one of her favourite books is ‘ A day out with Pooh’. he he!

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Activity: Dressing Up For Our ‘Beary’ Favourite Stories (plus a list of Bear Books)

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