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365+ Ways to Make Writing Fun for Kids

Cam ‘writes’ every day and she thoroughly enjoys it.  Sometimes Cam’s writing is self-directed and other times I provide her with a variety of writing prompts or invitations. But mostly she just likes to spend time in the dedicated space we have set up for her to write. I often write about or share photos [...]

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DIY Easter Book Gift Sets for Kids

DIY Easter Book Gifts Sets by My Little Bookcase

I’ve been searching fruitlessly for Easter gifts for my young niece and nephew. I haven’t felt overwhelmed with options that aren’t of the chocolate or soft toy variety.

I had some sheets of T-Shirt transfer paper left over after making Ike a t-shirt for his Possum Magic party. I decided to create gorgeous chocolate-free Easter gift sets by making some t-shirts with the transfer paper and packaging them with cute little Easter books.

These t-shirts are incredibly easy to make (Remember, I cannot sew!). The hardest part of the project is choosing which image from the books to use.

How to make your Easter Book Gift Sets:

You will need:

  • An Easter book (We’ve got a long list of Easter book recommendations here)
  • T-shirt Transfer Paper (I used Avery-Inspired Colour T-shirt A4 Transfers, purchased from Lincraft)
  • Cotton apparel (e.g. t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, pyjamas, windcheater)
  • Hot iron
  • Ribbon

1. Once you have purchased your Easter book, choose which image you would like to transfer to the t-shirt. (See our Easter book list)

2. Scan the image directly from the book and print it onto the transfer paper (The transfer paper I used didn’t require me to reverse the image). It’s important to know that you are breaching copyright if you are doing this other than for personal uses.

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

3. Cut the image- without leaving a border- and place it into position on the t-shirt

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

4. Protect the transfer image with baking paper and, using a hot iron, press firmly over the image. It is important to continuously keep the iron in motion. The table surface should also be firm.

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

5. Once the baking paper has cooled, peel it away from the image. You’re done! How easy was that?

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

6. You’re ready to tie the book and t-shirt together with some decorative ribbon.

DIY Easter Book and T-shirt Gift Set_ My Little Bookcase

DIY Easter Book and T-Shirt Gift Sets

When kids read their new Easter book, they’ll be able to recognise the image from their t-shirts. How special!

DIY Easter Book and T-shirt Sets for Kids_ My Little Bookcase



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An Easter Book and Activity Basket for Kids

Visit My Little Bookcase for book and activity ideas.

In Victoria, our first term holidays end with Easter this year, giving us two beautiful weeks to prepare for Easter as a family.

Each year, in the lead up to Easter, our Easter books are unpacked and displayed in our seasonal basket. This year, we’ve added some activity sticks- all with ideas relating to Easter. Some ideas are specific while others are more open-ended.

Visit My Little Bookcase for Easter book ideas.

We simply brainstormed some ideas together and I wrote them on icy-pole sticks with a Sharpie. Here is a list of our ideas:

  • Read an Easter book from the basket (Take a look at our awesome Easter Book List)
  • Decorate eggs
  • Hide decorated or plastic eggs
  • Make an Easter basket
  • Use our Easter-themed cookie cutters with some playdough
  • Prepare and practise for our Easter Games
  • Plant a seed or a daffodil bulb
  • Bake some Easter treats
  • Have a Hot Cross Bun tea party
  • Read the Easter Story
  • Watch an Easter Movie (e.g. Hop)
  • Write/Draw with our egg-shaped chalk
  • Draw
  • Offer help to a family member
  • Write on some Easter cards for Nanna and Pa
  • Make an Easter puzzle
  • Paint
  • Make Easter gifts (we made these jars last year)

Visit My Little Bookcase for Easter book ideas.

This is our little Easter book selection. Find the details for these books and many others in our Easter-themed Book List.

Preparing for Easter with daily activities. Visit My Little Bookcase for ideas.

The idea is for Cammy to choose a stick from the jar each day (or more than once per day if she complains of ‘boredom’).

And Baby Ike has been developing his fine motor skills by removing and replacing the sticks from the jar.

Fine motor practice with Easter activity sticks.


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About Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase