Kid-made Gift Idea: Personalised Pen Holder

Kid-made, practical and structurally sound! One year on, these pen holders are still in mint condition and are used on a daily basis; which means they tick all the boxes for an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Personalised Paddle-Pop Stick Pen Holders. Perfect gifts that can be handmade by kids. My Little Bookcase

These paddle-pop stick pen holders are ideal as gifts for dads who work at a desk,  but they’d also look right at home at the kids’ writing station too.

How to make a Paddle-Pop Stick Pen Holder

You will need:

  • An empty, clean can (We used a 400g tomato tin to make a large pen holder and baby apple puree tins for mini pen holders)
  • Strong adhesive (We used Mod Podge)
  • Paddle-pop sticks
  • Textas, glitter glue, sequins, stickers etc.

Simple instructions:

1. Prepare your materials.

Kid Made Pen Holders by My Little Bookcase

2. Liberally apply glue to the can and attach each paddle-pop stick vertically, one at a time (Hold each paddle pop stick in place for a few seconds before moving on to the next paddle-pop stick).

Kid-Made Paddle Pop Stick Pen Holder_ My Little Bookcase3. Repeat until the can is completely covered in paddle-pop sticks.

4. Leave to dry

5. Once the glue is dry and the paddle pop sticks are secure, you can start decorating. There are many opportunities for creativity here. Cammy used glitter glue and sequins to add colour to her pen holders then used foam letter stickers to personalise the pen holders for Daddy and her two Pas.

6. Fill your pen holder with a selection of stationery items (pens, scissors).

7. Add a simple ribbon to the pen holder before giving to a loved one or wrap it with a DAD THEMED PICTURE BOOK to create the perfect gift.

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