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How To Make a Fairytale Terrarium

I’ve been coveting terrariums for some time now (These ones from Frog, Goose and Bear and Pollyposs are particularly beautiful), but I’ve been far too afraid to try one myself. You see, I am NO green thumb. But I just knew they’d make perfect gifts for my mum and mother-in-law who both love their gardens. [...]

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5 Complete Disney Read to Me Collections to WIN- Closed

This Sunday, The Sunday Telegraph will launch its collection of Disney Read to Me Storybooks and CDs. There are 14 storybooks and CDs to collect over 14 days, featuring timeless classics and new favourites.

The Daily Telegraph & Disney Read to Me Little LibraryOn Sunday 8 February, the first book and CD (Frozen) together with the collector’s case is  FREE with the purchase of  a Sunday Telegraph newspaper from participating newsagents and Coles and Woolworths supermarkets (while stocks last).

Each day for the following two weeks, subsequent books will be available for only $2.50 each with the purchase of a Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Advertiser, Courier Mail, NT News or Mercury newspaper  (while stocks last).

Disney Newspaper Book Collection by The Daily Telegraph


To celebrate, we have FIVE complete sets to give away. Each set includes a copy of Frozen, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Snow White, Peter Pan, Cars, Sofia, Lion King, Bambi, Planes, Cinderella, and Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid, Toy Story and a collector’s case.

The Daily Telegraph and Disney Read to Me Collection


Simply share your favourite Disney classic in a comment below.


1. Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.

2. All entries must be received by 9 pm (AEDT) on Friday 6 February 2015

3. FIVE  winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase, according to creativity of entries

4. The winners will be notified via social media (and via email if addresses are provided). The selected winners must be contactable. Please send a private email or message if your social media accounts are private.

5. The winners are asked to send a reply email or message with delivery details. Sorry, PO Boxes cannot be accepted.

6. My Little Bookcase is required to pass winners’ details onto The Daily Telegraph’s PR team who are responsible for the direct delivery of the Disney Read to Me Storybook and  CD collections.

A School Adventures Kit- A Perfect Starting School Gift

A School Adventures Kit, a perfect gift for school starters. My Little Bookcase

Starting school is a BIG deal, and not just for school starters. If I am to be truly honest, I have to admit that I am finding this new transition far more difficult than Cammy. It’s not being right by her side that has me feeling anxious and a little sad.

I guess I am a bit of a helicopter parent. I have never been far away from Cammy. Always watching, guiding, helping, playing and, I’ll admit, often interfering. Now I can only hope that I have prepared her well as she spends a significant amount of her day without me. I hope that she treats people with acceptance and kindness. I hope that she participates with enthusiasm in all areas of school, eager to try and learn new things.  I hope she shows confidence and common sense in new situations. I hope she handles conflict with respect. I hope that she lets her true colours be seen by those around her. Mostly, I hope she enjoys her time at school.

I really wanted to mark this new transition with a gift- a meaningful gift for Cammy and a gift of reassurance for me.

My children usually receive books for birthdays, milestones and special occasions, but giving a book to Cammy to mark her first day of school didn’t feel right this time. We’ve been reading lots of books about preparing for school. We’ve read about Mothball’s funny school adventures (Wombat Goes to School) and Sunita’s first day (Starting School). We’ve read how Jessica made a new friend (Jessica’s Box) and about the girl who had to help her mother through their First Day. We’ve also read about the girl with The Terrible Suitcase. Cammy didn’t need a story about another child’s experience of school. What she  needs is a story about her own experiences.

Starting School Gift: A School Adventures Kit

A School Adventures Kit for School Starters to mark their first day of school and record their school adventures. My Little Bookcase

I chose to create a School Adventures Kit for Cammy. My hope is that this gift will not only mark her first day of school but also capture her school journey. In the kit are:

  • A suitcase
  • A rag doll
  • A journal (Titled My School Adventures)
  • Two pens (One for Cammy and one for her rag doll)

About the School Adventures Kit

The School Adventures Kit really has a number of purposes.


Starting School Gift, a School Adventures Friend. My Little Bookcase

  • I chose a doll that I thought reflected Cammy; I was drawn to the princess tiara on this dolI. I hope that the doll, which I have named Amity (meaning friendship), will be a confidante for Cammy. Someone she can talk to at night about school once the lights go out; Someone who can give her the chance to formulate her thoughts and ideas before she is ready to talk about them with me.
  • I often find that because school days are so busy children don’t even know what to begin telling their parents when they get home from school. Amity will act as a great catalyst for conversation between Cammy and myself because, until  Cammy can write independently, I will help her record her school adventures.  This helps me to stay in touch with Cammy. (I might even add some emotion stones or cards to the kit at some point to prompt thoughts for Cammy to share with Amity).


  • The journal itself has a number of purposes. Its first purpose is simply as a diary to record significant school experiences and events. I’d love Cammy to keep this journal forever and read it as an adult, reflecting fondly on her school journey. (Once we have a Polaroid photo of Cammy in her school uniform, we will add it to the front page.)

A school Adventures Book-helping children record their own school experiences. My Little Bookcase

  • The second aim of the journal is to allow correspondence between Cammy and Amity. Cammy loves fairies and magical beings and I hope to keep that magic alive for as long as possible. I envisage Amity leaving words of encouragement and praise for Cammy on the eve of important school events.The first entry in the journal is a letter from Amity to Cammy.

Letters between school starters and special-friend doll. My Little Bookcase

Did you give a gift to your child on their first day of school?

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