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Escape to Everywhere: Book Week 2017 Passport

Yet again, I love the CBCA’s theme for this year’S Book Week. ‘Escape to Everywhere’ encourages creativity, imagination and travelling from the comfort of your armchair. Now, you can’t travel without a passport, can you? So, make sure your children are prepared with a passport in hand, ready to jump into the pages of the [...]

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Australia Story Country Bookmarks_Book Week 2016_ My Litte Bookcase

I received a beautiful piece of book jewellery from Cammy this Mother’s Day. It’s the first bookmark I’ve ever truly used properly (I usually ditch them for dog-earring pages- oops!).

Book Jewellery_My Little Bookcase

I spotted this book and bookmark beside me as I was brainstorming ideas for Book Week 2016, with this year’s theme being Australia! Story Country. With a little twist, I thought we could easily create a kid-friendly version and use the charms to give it an Australian flavour- perfect for the 2016 Book Week theme.

The result- Australia! Story Country-themed Bookmarks- I’m sure you’ll agree are absolutely stunning, and a fantastic Book Week activity for classrooms or home in 2016.

What you need:

  • Cross-stitching thread (or wool) in Indigenous colours (black, red and yellow), Aussie Olympic colours (green and gold) or Australian flag colours (red, blue and white)
  • Scissors
  • Australia-themed charms (we found goannas, thongs, shells and dolphins at Lincraft)

Australia Story Country Bookmark Supplies_ My Little Bookcase

How to make Australia! Story Country-themed Bookmarks

1. Cut your thread (or wool) into 40cm lengths.

2. Line the various coloured threads alongside each other and secure them together with a knot.

3. Sticky tape the end of the threads to a table or ask a friend to hold the end of the threads.

Australia Story Country Bookmark Plait_My Little Bookcase

4. Plait the threads together (younger children might find it easier to twirl two pieces of thread).

5. Secure the plait by tying another knot at the end of the thread lengths.

6. Tie charms to each end of the plait.

Australia Story Country Bookmark Charms_My Little Bookcase

Voila! You should have an impressive bookmark to keep your place while reading your favourite Australian stories

Australia Story Country Goanna Bookmark_My Little Bookcase

Australia Story Country Books_ My Little Bookcase
Australia Story Country Bookmarks_My Little Bookcase
Australia Story Country Thong Bookmark_My Little Bookcase
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Although simple, my Book Scavenger Hunt printables have been very popular during past Book Weeks, so I thought I’d create a new one for this year’s fantastic Book Week theme, Australia! Story Country. Feel free to download, print and use at home or in the classroom (Simply click on the image below).

Australia! Story Country Book Week 2016 Scavenger Hunt Image

How to use:

There are no rules to the game. You can use the free printable in any way that you like. For example:

• Ask children to find books based on the prompts given, and write the titles on the Book Scavenger Hunt sheet.

• Arm pre-writers with a camera and ask them to take photos of book covers they find with your help.

• Use a stopwatch to time how long it takes for children to complete the Book Scavenger Hunt.

• Ask children to create their own book scavenger hunt.


About Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase