Activity: A Book Launch Role-Play

When I found Cam reading on her own private deck (a.k.a. The Cubby House), I just had to take a photo. She had discovered a new place to read- which was our challenge for November.

Cam spotted me taking a photo and said, ‘I’m just reading my book. I’m Anna Walker and I’m going inside to sign books now. Do you want me to sign your book?

I suppose it was bound to happen. We’ve been to so many book launches and events this year that role playing a book launch was inevitable.

So I collected a pile of books and asked ‘Anna Walker’ to sign them for me.

What a pleasant role play. I’ll have to word her up about providing sparkling beverages and nibblies next time though.

And now, with the sun finally shining in Melbourne, this has become her favourite place to read.

What events or activities do your children like to role play?

Activity: A Book Launch Role-Play


  1. This is so sweet! Lovely spot to read a book or two! :)

  2. That is so adorable! We love doing role play too – it usually involves cars, trains and someone taking tickets.

  3. How gorgeous! I still have to share a pic with you. That is one role play my daughter hasn’t done! haha. I wonder why…? lol

  4. That made me smile, what a gorgeous (and unique) role play.

  5. How adorable?! I love the imagination. Soon Cam will be role playing a little mum with her dolls – absolutely gorgeous! x

  6. How great is Hooray for Fish? I love all the colours. We almost got to meet Mem Fox when she was touring around for her latest book but decided against it at the last minute – it was on at night and the kids would have been tired and cranky. I would have really liked to go :(

    At the moment Jack is loving robots. Not sure where this sprung from but I can see a new project starting if you know any great robot books for 3.5 yr olds….

  7. Mr 7 role plays frequently anything just the other day he was unicorn all day ;)

  8. Oh that is adorable, how cute is Cam!! And I love your cubby house :-) A perfect place to read x

  9. We have that same mailbox! Wish we had the fun house to go with it! lol… Found you through the Kids Co-Op.
    You have some wonderful ideas that I would love to have you add to my weekly Mom’s Library Link-Up which runs Wed-Fri! Hope you come by!

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