Book List: 101 Things to Do With Baby by Jan Ormerod plus 12 books to help children welcome a new sibling

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Review of 101 Things to Do with Baby

We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book before Ike arrived, and it has definitely guided Cam into being a most attentive and patient big sister.


It has been over 30 years since this book was first published, and I’m thrilled that Little Hare published it again recently- just in time for our own little addition and also just before the author, Jan Ormerod, passed away.

There are many, many, many books on the market that help children adapt to the arrival of a new sibling. This one really stands out from the others; it is a picture book and how-to-guide in one. And, rather than focussing on the negative changes that a baby might bring, it gives big siblings a wonderful list of ideas  for keeping little babies occupied- 101 ideas in fact!

The ideas are practical, fun, creative and interesting. The text is short and sharp, and each idea is accompanied by an illustration. Some of the illustrations stand alone, while others are sequenced together to create little mini stories within the book.

The  ideas cover activities that big brothers and sisters can do with babies, ways that families can spend quality time together, and behaviours to watch out for:

Chuckle his chin

Spy on him with your little eye

Have a chat

Take him to the laundry

Help prepare his bath

Shoo away the cat

Try him with a book

And there are also

things you must watch out for: hair yanking, nose pulling, dolly dribbling and grabbing Granny’s glasses

Jan’s classic illustrations contribute to making this a delightful book to read together as a family. The pastel colours depict a warm and loving sentiment and the facial expressions show an endearing and loving family.

So many books refer to the arrival of a new baby brother or a baby sister. The gender of this baby is not obvious, making it a lovely present to give to ANY family who is awaiting the arrival of their new family member.

Book Details:

By: Jan Ormerod

ISBN: 978-1921894114

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little Hare, November 2012


My Sister Olive by Paula Russell and Gaye Chapman (A beautiful book that highlights the adoration little sisters have for their big sisters. )

Sam the Cat by Sam Bowring and Andrew McLean ( A funny story of a cat who needs to make some sacrifices for his new brother- including his name!)

Koala Lou by Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts (Koala Lou works hard to maintain her mummy’s love when her siblings come along)

The Perfect Baby by (A funny story about a big sister who tries to exchange her baby brother before realising that he’s quite lovely after all)

Chloe Instead, by Micah Player (A bright, colourful and sweet book about a girl whose new little sister is not what she had been hoping for)

The Red Wheelbarrow, by Briony Stewart (Two tales of sibling rivalry are told side by side in this utterly delightful wordless picture book)

Big Sister Little Sister, by Leuyen Pham (A delightful window into the world of sisterhood)

Brand New Baby, by Bob Graham (An amusing story of two young children who get used to life with their new baby brother)

I Love My Baby Brother by Anna Walker (Sweet, simple and suitable for toddlers)

I Love My Baby Sister by Anna Walker (Sweet, simple and suitable for toddlers)

Spot’s Baby Sister, by Eric Hill (Lift the flaps to find out what Spot’s new sister is up to)

There’s Going to Be a Baby by John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury (A mother and son spend the seasons preparing for a new baby)

Book List: 101 Things to Do With Baby by Jan Ormerod plus 12 books to help children welcome a new sibling


  1. My girls got this book before our big boy was born and it’s great. They also got another one called ‘I wish I was the baby’ which was a great read a few weeks after our baby was born!

  2. I have two friends having bubbas this year. The Red Wheelbarrow looks lovely. My friend gave us “There’s a House inside my Mummy” when I was pregnant with Sarah. It’s sweet and a little quirky in some places but Jack really loved it :)

  3. You have the best suggestions. I am going to request this one from our local library, though Immy is already proving to be an awesome big sister :)

  4. What a wonderful resource. I am going to save this and have it on hand for the soon to be big sisters and brothers that we know. These books will make ideal gifts. Thank you for putting this together Jackie, I will be putting it to good use :)

  5. This is perfect timing for us! I have added this post to my ‘buffer’ for sharing on my FB and Twitter feeds in the coming weeks and pinned it to my parenting board. I don’t want to lose it :)
    I wonder if my local bookshop has 101 Things to Do With Baby. It really is the most amazing shop, they take great care in choosing their children’s books for sale.

  6. Jode said: On May 9, 2013

    What a delightful list Jackie….i have read most of these but filing away this list for future reference (not for me for when i start FDC…the twins and miss teen are more than enough now!!) I shall pin this for others…fantastic resource as it is always a touchy time!

  7. So excited about this because I’m forever looking for books for friends having second or third babies. Thank you so much and I’ll be visiting this page many, many times.

  8. Kelly said: On May 10, 2013

    Gold. Wish you were blogging when my kids were little.

  9. Great list of books, will be sure to recommend my families visit here especially the expectant mums

  10. Always looking for good big brother/big sister books for gifts. Thanks for the ideas!

  11. Kelly said: On May 11, 2013

    Sounds like a lovely book – and it is a new one to me ;-) I always love your book suggestions!

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Book List: 101 Things to Do With Baby by Jan Ormerod plus 12 books to help children welcome a new sibling

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