Book List: Books about Dads

If most Dads are anything like my husband then they will jump at the chance to read with their children to steal an extra cuddle. It is really lovely for children to have a special book that they share with their dads.

Big Brave Daddy


ISBN: 978-1609052119

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Blue Apple Books, August 2012

RRP: $14.95 (aud)

A small and bold lift-lift-the-flap book for toddlers. Each page shows Charlie doing something wonderful, such as riding a tricycle.  Lift the flaps to reveal  a daddy that Charlie aspires to; one that rides a bicycle, swims in rivers and climbs mountains.

Suitable for ages: 2+ (★★★★★)

My Dad’s the Coolest

Author: Rosie Smith

Illustrator: Bruce Whately

ISBN: 978-1742830742

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Scholastic Press Australia, August 2012

RRP: $16.99 (aud)

Children of all ages will enjoy reading this short and simple book with their dads.  Bruce Whately has cleverly used the attributes of various animals to light-heartedly and humorously illustrate the endearing  text.

For ages 2+ (★★★★)

Daddy’s Cheeky Monkey

Author: Andrew Daddo

Illustrator: Emma Quay

ISBN: 978-0733331152

Format: Board book

Publisher: ABC Books (HarperCollins), August 2012

RRP: $12.99 (aud)

Publisher’s Description: Someone′s pretending to be asleep, but Daddy′s cheeky monkey is awake and soon the whole house will be a zoo! A gorgeous board book about the cheeky names daddies give to their little ones.

For ages:  1+

Dads: A Field Guide

Author: Justin Ractliffe

Illustrator: Cathie Glassby

ISBN: 978-1742755496

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Random House Australia, August 2012

RRP: $19.95 (aud)

Publisher’s description: What kind of Dad do you have? Find out with this handy field guide, a celebration of the many & varied types of dad. Recognised as the Universal Authority on Dad Identification, this invaluable book provides an intimate look at dads in their natural environment.

Learn how to identify each species by his distinctive dress, dedicated hobbies and surrounding habitat. Surfer Dad, Handy Dad, Holiday Dad – delight in spotting the idiosyncrasies that make up your beloved Dad.

For ages: 3+

My Dad Makes me Happy

Author: Tania Cox

Illustrator: Lorette Broekstra

ISBN: 978-1742378381

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, August 2012

RRP: $12.99 (aud)

Publisher’s description: What makes Dad happy? When he builds me a tower and I pick him a flower; when I write him a note for the pocket of his coat; when he helps me to fly way up high in the sky. What makes your dad happy?

For ages: 2+

Sam and His Dad

Author/Illustrator: Serge Bloch


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Wilkins Farago Pty Ltd, August 2011

This is a warm, beautiful and gently humorous story about a dad’s place in the family. On the very first page of this book Sam tells the reader, “When I grow up, I want to be just like my dad!” Throughout the story he talks about his life with his family: The way his little brother takes his spot in his parents’ bed; that he enjoys listening to stories that his Grandma records for him; that his mum still makes him bottles even though he is too big for them. Most of the anecdotes Sam shares are about his dad though. He tells us what his dad is good at, what his dad says to him and what they enjoy doing together.

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For ages: 4+ (★★★★)

Guess How Much I Love You: Pop-Up

Author: Sam McBratney


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Candlewick (Walker Books), August 2011

We all love this endearing and classic tale of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare trying to out-do each other with extravagant ways to say “I Love You”. Now it’s here in an elaborate pop-up version.

For ages: 1+ (★★★★)

Some Dads…

Author/Illustrator: Nick Bland


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, August 2011

Sweet and comical, this book describes all sorts of dads from the worrisome to the naughty. The illustrations are bright and colourful and poke a little fun at dads. The rhyming text is succinct, and will definitely have you giggling as you read along.

For ages: 1+ (★★★★★)

No Kind of Superman

Author: Danny Parker

Illustrator: Matt Otley


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Windy Hollow Books, July 2011

This book stands out from most of the other Father’s Day titles because it’s written from a dad’s point of view. This dad doesn’t always get things right, and certainly doesn’t do things the way mum does, but there are some skills he has that could certainly give him the title of super dad. He can make sacrifices, move heaven and earth to help his son, and show him the world- just to name a few.

For ages: 6+ (★★★★★)

My Dad Is Beautiful

Author: Jessica Spanyol


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Walker Books, May 2011

Publisher’s Description: Let me tell you all the ways my dad is beautiful… Playful, tender and so very true, this beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates the relationship between a little bear and its dad, showing all the different ways that fathers can be wonderful. It perfectly conveys how love is measured in a child’s eyes.

For ages: 3+ (unrated)

Daddies are for Wild Things

Author: Catriona Hoy

Illustrator: Mal Webster


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Lothian Children’s Books (Hachette), 2011

Some people think that daddies are for washing dishes and changing light-bulbs. This family loves their dad for the wild things he gets up to like pillow fights, rolling around on the ground and getting wet in the mud. This book is an ode to the fathers who love spending quality time with their children, getting up to mischief and making their children laugh.

Ages: 2+ (★★★)

Can We Lick the Spoon Now?

Author: Carol Goess

Illustrator: Tamsin Ainslie


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Working Title Press, June 2011

It’s dad that helps bake a chocolate cake with his children in this story. This multi-tasking dad helps with the beating, whisking and whipping while also watching the baby and keeping the kids entertained as they wait to eat the cake. This is a lovely Father’s Day title because it celebrates the quality time children enjoy with their fathers.

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For ages: 2+ (★★★★★)

I Love My Dad

Author/Illustrator: Anna Walker


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Scholastic Australia,

For ages:1+ (★★★★)

I Love My Daddy

Author: Giles Andreae

Illustrator: Emma Dodd


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Orchard Books (Hachette) April 2011

The sweet rhyming text and adorable illustrations are a great combination in this book about all the things a child loves about his daddy, from his prickly chin to the stories he tells from his head. A particularly charming page is of the boy and his dad snuggled on the couch eating chocolate bickies while mum’s not at home.

For ages: 1+ (★★★★)

Don’t Worry Douglas

Author: David Melling


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books (Hachette), April 2011

Douglas is worried he’ll disappoint his dad. While frolicking in his new hat (which his dad gave him), it becomes unravelled. He asks almost everyone to help him fix it, but eventually it’s Dad that comes to the rescue. This is a warm story about how being honest with your dad really isn’t so bad. After all, dads are understanding and helpful.

For ages: 3+ (★★★★)

My Two Super Dads

Author: Bronny Fallens

Illustrator: Munsta Vicente


Format: Paperback

Publisher: BG Fallens, December 2010

For ages: 3+(unrated)

Publisher’s Description: Families come in all different shapes, sizes and makeup these days. This family has two dads and shares the story of day to day life: cooking, games and fun all around!


Author: David Bedford

Illustrator: Leonie Worthington


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), September 2010

A lift-the-flap book that looks at dads-in all shapes and sizes

For ages: 1+ (unrated)

Daddy Kiss

Author: Margaret Allum

Illustrator: Jonathan Bentley


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), August 2010

This beautiful red-headed girl just loves all types of kisses both big and small. She likes to kiss butterflies and snowflakes, and gives them away when she’s sorry. Although she loves snuggly-cuddly-mummy kisses, her favourite kiss is a great, big bristly-growly-daddy-kiss. The colours in this book are subdued and beautiful.

For ages: 1+(★★★)

My Dad Thinks He’s Funny

Author: Katrina Germein

Illustrator: Tom Jellett


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Black Dog Books (Walker Books), August 2010

Suitable for children aged 5+ (★★★★★)

Katrina Germein pays tribute to the ‘Dadism’: when dads play on words to create a clever gag. This book will be entertaining for all members of the family because dads do think they’re funny and kids love to roll their eyes at their dad’s jokes.  You’ll be laughing out loud with this big collection of bad jokes and terrible puns.

Me and My Dad

Author: Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

Illustrator: Matt Ottley


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), August 2010

A young boy spends the day at the beach with his dad. Together they laugh, play, tease and explore. The young boy shares with the reader all the things that make his dad brave and strong, like the way he flexes his muscles at a hungry shark. His dad is his hero but there’s one thing that makes him braver than his dad- he’s not afraid of seagulls.

For ages: 3+ (★★★★)

My Aussie Dad

Author: Yvonne Morrison

Illustrator: Gus Gordon


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, August 2010

Aussie dads are great. They are classy, happy, sporty, polite, cool and calm. The comical illustrations might tell a different story though. There are a few slang words in this book but it humorously highlights the man our dad publically portrays and the real dad we all love, even when he burns the meat on the barbeque or gives up on the camping tent. The opening cover features a special space for children to attach a photo of their own dad.

For ages: 6+ (★★★)

My Dads

Author: Kelly Bennett

Illustrator: Paul Meisel


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Walker Books, June 2010

A young girl is putting together a scrap book of her favourite memories of her two dads; one is her biological dad and the other is her step dad. As she puts her scrap book together she compares her two dads. Although they are very different (“Dad likes to fish. Pa is a fish”), they do share similar interests. They both like to paint; one paints art and the other paints fences. They both like to cook; one cooks in the kitchen and the other cooks on the barbeque. Most important of all, they both love this little girl.

For ages: 4+ (★★★★)

The Daddy Book

Author: Todd Parr


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, June 2010

Publisher’s Description: With his trademark bold, bright colours and silly scenes, kids will learn that while no two dads are exactly alike, “all daddies love to hug and kiss you”, and that is what is so special about them! Perfect for young children just beginning to read, The Daddy Book is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, celebrate multiculturalism, promote character growth, and strengthen family relationships.

For ages: 2+ (unrated)

I’m Glad You’re My Dad

Author: Cathy Phelan

Illustrator: Danielle McDonald

ISBN: 9781742030470

Format: Paperback/Novelty

Publisher: Black Dog Books (Walker Books), May 2010

Publisher’s Description: Dads are excellent! So make sure your dad knows just how much you appreciate him with this fantastic doodle book! With space for colouring, writing and your own drawings this is the perfect gift to complete and give to someone special.

For ages: 4+ (unrated)

Daddy Does The Cha Cha Cha

Author: David Bedford

Illustrator: Bridget Strevens-Marzo


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont) February 2010

Publisher’s Description: Dougie’s daddy loves dancing the Cha Cha Cha. Meera’s daddy loves dancing the Scratch. But when the dads get dancing, poor Dougie and his friends have no room to move. So when Dougie has a party, he says: no dancing dads! This is a playful look at music, movement, and personal expression that is perfect reading for fathers and sons.

For ages: 2+ (unrated)

My Dad

Author/Illustrator: Anthony Browne


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Corgi Children’s Books (Random House), August 2010

Publisher’s Description: My dad can wrestle with giants, eat like a horse, swim like a fish …Can yours? This is a brilliant, humorous look at fatherhood from a child’s point of view

For ages: 2+ (unrated)

To My Daddy: Doodles For You

Editor: Philippa Wingate


Format: Paperback/Activity Book

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont, 2010

This is an activity book for children to complete and decorate for their dad. There are pages to colour, spaces to draw and each page can be personalised just for one special dad.

Ages 4+ (★★★)

What Does Your Daddy Do?

Author: Gordon Reece


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Lothian Children’s Books (Hachette), August 2009

Publisher’s Description: Tina tries to claim that her dad is an astronaut, but all the other kids know the truth, and say that he’s a garbage man. Why doesn’t my daddy do something important?’ Tina asks her mum. But he does, Mum says. Let me see… He does silly things to make you laugh, he plays games with you till way past your bedtime, he tickles your feet until you beg him to stop, he listens for hours to all your tall stories, he reads to you at bedtime, he does all these things because he loves you and that is the most important job in the world. Just then Daddy comes home from work and Tina rushes to give him a great big hug for being the best dad in the whole wide world!

For ages 3+ (unrated)

I Spy Dad

Author: Janeen Brian

Illustrator: Chantal Stewart


Format: Hardback

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing, July 2009

A little girl is playing eye-spy and searching for her dad. She can spot lots of dads, from a splashing dad to a dashing dad, and they’re all playing with their children. Eventually she spots her dad who’s just the one for her.

For ages: 2+ (★★★★)

My Dad’s a Wrestler!

Author: Matt Zurbo


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Lothian Children’s Books (Hachette), July 2009

This book is perfect for dads to share with their sons. It is humorous and fun, with bold and extravagant caricature-style illustrations. The story is indicative of many father-son relationships. The young narrator of the story is his father’s number-one fan. He exudes pride and admiration for his father.

Suitable for children aged 5+ (★★★★)

Molly and Her Dad

Author: Jan Ormerod

Illustrator: Carol Thompson


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), August 2008

Molly looks like her dad and she tells stories like her dad, but she doesn’t see him very much. When he does come to stay, they take a little while to get to know one another. But spending time with her dad is the best thing for her. She loves his wild stories, his pizzas and his loud music. Her dad does return home but she’s happy to talk to him on the phone. This gorgeous story and the warm illustrations will pull at your heart strings. It is a particularly lovely story for children who don’t live with their fathers.

For ages: 3+ (★★★★★)

My Dad’s a Birdman

Author: David Almond

Illustrator: Polly Dunbar


Format: Paperback/Illustrated Fiction

Publisher: Walker Books, August 2008

Publisher’s description: Join a father and daughter as they find their wings together in this funny, tender tale from a master of storytelling. Lizzie and Dad live in a rainy town in the north of England. It’s just the two of them, and Auntie Doreen, who pops round to check Lizzie’s spellings and tell Dad he’s daft — and make them nice hot dumplings. But today there’s something unusual going on: why is Dad building himself a pair of wings and studying the birds to see how they fly? The Great Human Bird Competition of course!

For ages: 8+ (unrated)

A Dad Who Measures Up

Author: Davide Cali

Illustrator: Anna laura Cantone


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Wilkins Farago, July 2008

A young girl and her mum have put an ad in the paper for a new dad. It’s a hard position to fill because Mum is so brilliant. He needs to be strong, handsome, intelligent, kind and athletic. They find a new dad who doesn’t quite measure up to the advertisement, but he is kind, loves to cook and reads stories each night before bed. He has his own skills and that makes him loveable.

For ages: 4+ (★★★★)

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Me and My Dad

Author: Alison Ritchie

Illustrator: Alison Edgson


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Koala Book Company, August 2007

The illustrations in this book are enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy. This little bear just loves exploring and having fun with his dad. When he gets tired, or scared or needs help, his dad is always by his side.

For ages: 2+ (★★★)

Kisses for Daddy

Author: Frances Watts

Illustrator: David Legge


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), January 2006

This is an adorable story about the game a grumbly little bear plays with his dad before bedtime. Dad is trying incredibly hard to get a kiss out of his son but with no luck. The story is warm and the detailed and almost life-like illustrations are fun.  There are cleverly hidden animals to be found on each page.

Suitable for children aged 3+ (★★★★★)

The Shack That Dad Built

Author: Elaine Russell


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little Hare (Hardie Grant Egmont), August 2005

Elaine Russell shares memories of her childhood in this touching story. Her memories start with the shack that her father built. Her dad was determined he didn’t want his family to live in an Aboriginal mission, so he  built the shack from bits of tin from the tip.  Although this book is not a traditional Father’s Day title, it is a typical story of how father’s work hard to provide the best for their children and their families.

For ages: 5+ (★★★★)

My Dad

Author/illustrator: Jeanette Rowe


Format: Paperback

Publisher: ABC Books (HarperCollins), September 2004

This book has many endearing qualities that make it a cute gift for a baby or toddler to give to their daddy. It is a ‘lift-the-flap’ book, and what toddler doesn’t like to lift flaps? The story includes everyday activities that children undertake with their dads, such as going to the park and having cuddles. The illustrations are bold and colourful, and there is even a little space at the back of the book where children can paste a photo of their own dad.

Suitable for children aged 1-4 (★★★★)

Spot Loves His Dad

Author: Eric Hill


Format: Board book

Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers (Penguin), May 2007

Publisher’s Description: Spot loves spending time with his Dad. They do lots of fun things together. Spot loves Dad, and Dad loves Spot.

For ages: 0+ (unrated)

What Does Your Daddy Do?

Author: Mini Goss


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Koala Book Company, May 2006

Publisher’s Description: Where’s daddy? Dancing dangerously with a dainty dinosaur. Where’s daddy? Eating eggs with an enormous elephant. Where’s daddy? Cooking cup cakes with a cranky crocodile. A lift-the flap book for the youngest readers. Where is daddy? The child wonders where daddy could be, and is rewarded at the end of the story by daddy coming to read him to sleep

For ages: 2+ (unrated)

Just Like My Dad

Author/Illustrator: David Melling


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books (Hachette), May 2006

This is a humorous story about the way children see their fathers in a glowing light. This cub wants to be just like his dad. He wants sharp teeth and a swishy tail, but the illustrations tell a humorous and realistic tale.

For ages: 3+ (★★★)

My Daddy and Me

Author: Rachel Flynn

Illustrator: Craig Smith


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Puffin, October 1998

Included in this story are funny moments that a child shares with his dad. What I really like about this book is the way that Rachael Flynn has invited the reader to become part of the story by posing questions on each page. This book is a great stimulus for sharing your own special family moments.

For ages 3+ (★★★)

Book List: Books about Dads


  1. For Father’s Day I found ‘Just Like My Dad’ by David Melling. A sweet story about a lion cub and his Dad which is perfect for story time with Dad and has become a favourite in our household

  2. What a treasure trove of Dad books! :) We have ‘Some Dads…’ and i LOVE it! :) Will have to check out more of these :)

  3. Such an outstanding list! I love Dads: A Field Guide- so amusing.
    My Man is getting ‘My Dad’ by Anthony Browne for Father’s Day this year. An oldie but a goldie!

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Book List: Books about Dads

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