A Possum Magic Pavlova Recipe and Playdough Mat

Baby Ike is one year old today (I wonder how long I can get away with calling him Baby Ike now that he is one?).

Possum Magic Party_My Little Bookcase

Last weekend, we celebrated his first birthday with a big party. The  party was inspired by the much loved Australian classic, Possum Magic. It is a brilliant book in which to base a birthday party; there are 32 pages full of party ideas and inspiration in that story. Cammy knows the story well too, which meant she was able to play a big part in the planning of her little brother’s first birthday party. It was very sweet.

A year may have passed, but I haven’t forgotten all the beautiful messages you sent me when Ike was first born and when he was ill in hospital. It was such a traumatic time that I didn’t get around to replying to everyone. But I am very grateful and I wanted to share something with you as a thank you.

If you have read Possum Magic, you will know that Hush needed to eat a piece of pavlova (as well as a Vegemite sandwich and a lamington) to make her visible again.

Ike's Possum Magic Birthday Pavlova Recipe by My Little Bookcase

Every guest at Ike’s birthday party was given a keepsake recipe card, which was sent out with the party invitations. I thought you might like a copy too. It is a recipe for a pavlova, complete with Ike’s favourite fruits as the topping.

Pavlovas are a classic dessert in Australia, especially during the summer and at Christmas time. I hope you’ll give this recipe a try, especially if you haven’t made a pavlova before. Just click on the image below to download and print the recipe.

Ike's First Birthday Pavlova Recipe by My Little Bookcse

And if you don’t feel like making a real pavlova, you could print and laminate this Pavlova Playdough Mat and ask your child to decorate a pavlova of their own using playdough. Just click on the image below to download and print.

Possum Magic Party -Pavlova Playdough Mat by My Little Bookcase

This was one of the activities we had set up at the party for the children. It is a great task for engaging with the story of Possum Magic.

Possum Magic Party-Pavlova Playdough Mat from My Little Bookcase

Possum Magic Party-pavlova Playdough Mat from My Little Bookcase

Possum Magic PaRTY-Pavlova Playdough Mat from My Little Bookcase

I’ll post more photos of Ike’s party in the New Year ;)

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A Possum Magic Pavlova Recipe and Playdough Mat


  1. That pav looks amazing!! :) And beautiful Ike is so yummy!!
    We still call Ivy Baby Ivy!! :) So it can stick for at least another year I say, or until another baby comes along! ;)
    Love the play dough mats too! Thanks!

    • My dear Nanna made the pav base for me :) Not sure if there will be another bubba (did you see that photo of my baby belly?- it hasn’t left me in good shape) :( so maybe I can call him my baby forever.

  2. Lovely Jackie. And happy birthday to Ike! Thanks for the cute printables.

  3. What a handsome one year old! You should be very proud of making him x happy birthday Ike
    I adore that pavlova mat idea. So much fun

  4. Oh my what a gorgeous little boy you have there! My boys love Possum Magic so I’m sure they’d love these ideas! The pavlova looks amazing!

  5. I know I say it all the time but Little Man Ike just makes me want a bubba soooo much. He is just too huggable!

    What a wonderful theme for a birthday party. I see a lot of movie/tv themed birthdays which I’m not overly fond of but a book is fabulous. I am so glad it all came together and you all had a wonderful time :)

    • He he! He makes me want another bubba too Kate. It’s hard to watch him grow from baby to toddler, but I imagine the next phase is going to be just as special and enjoyable,

  6. What a cool playdough activity!
    And by the way… you get to call him ‘baby’ until he is big enough to tell you to stop… and even then you’ll still do it! LOL
    Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!

  7. What a fabulous play dough play mat idea! He is just the cutest and I’ll bet he ate his pavlova all up :-) Love the Possum Magic shirts too. I remember well having that story read to me when I was little.

  8. Yum -that pavlova looks amazing! And I love the play dough mats -thanks for sharing!

  9. Very clever love the way you have both the real and play version x

  10. His hair is adorable. Happy Birthday Ike :) The Pav looks fabulous. Great work Jackie.

  11. How fabulous! I love pavlova but unfortunately can’t have it now due to Possum’s egg allergy. We try to be an egg free household but those placemats look brilliant!!! :D

  12. Oh my goodness that first photo of Ike is gorgeous! I can never resist a slice of pav. I think I’ll need to use your fantastic play dough mat idea for Australia Day. My mum always makes a pavlova for our Australia Day festivities and your idea would be a perfect activity for the day. Such a fun and clever idea!

  13. What a great printable idea! And a wonderful party theme too. I can’t believe how much little Ike has grown :)

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A Possum Magic Pavlova Recipe and Playdough Mat

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