Activity: Let the Easter Games Begin (8 backyard games)

We  all know of the illustrious Olympic Games but this Easter you have the chance to host the next big thing in your very own backyard: The Easter Games.

This activity is inspired by:

The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games by Nette Hilton and Bruce Whatley (Working Title Press)

In The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games, the bunnies decide to resign from delivering Easter eggs to children. Many  animals of the Australian bush want to fill the rabbits’ position, but they can’t all do the job. The bunnies decide to hold the Easter Games to decide which animal will deliver the eggs on Easter Sunday.


Read The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games with your children, then organise and run your own Easter Games to play your family on Easter Sunday. Spend the few days before Easter planning games, creating props and organising prizes.

Let your kids play a large role in inventing the games:

  • They may get ideas from the book.
  • You may be able to stimulate some ideas by giving them a range of props (eg. plastic eggs, golf clubs etc. )- they need to work out a way to use the props in a game.
  • You could talk about party games they know and they could adapt them to fit the Easter theme.

Activity Ideas from my family:

(Some are original, some are classics and some are adaptations of games we know)

1.      Bunny Hop

Assign start and finish lines. All players line up along the start line and take turns to roll a die. The number they roll determines how many hops they can take towards the finish line. The person who crosses the line first is the winner.

2.      Egg shot-put

Each player is given a large Easter egg (or a hard-boiled egg) and stands within a circle (2m diameter). The aim is to throw the egg (Shot-put style: pushing rather than throwing) as far as possible. The person who throws the egg the furthest is the winner.

3.      Catcher in the fields

Family members team up in groups of two. One team member (A) has a bucket of 12 Easter eggs (or hard-boiled eggs). The other team member (B) holds an egg carton. Player A stands behind one line and throws the eggs one at a time to Player B who is standing behind another line (approximately 4 metres away). The aim of the game is to catch as many eggs as possible in the egg carton. The team that catches the most eggs wins.

4.      Easter Egg Bowls

Each family member is given a different coloured Easter egg (or a coloured hard-boiled egg). A bunny (plush or chocolate) stands in the middle of the yard. Taking turns, each player stands behind the start line and rolls their egg along the ground towards the bunny. The person whose egg stops closest to the bunny is the winner.

5.      Hot Cross Bun Frenzy

Who can butter the most Hot Cross Buns in 10 seconds?

6.      Move along little egg

Each player lines up at the start line with a plastic egg and a straw. Each player must roll their egg across the ground, from the start line to the finish line. The players cannot use any body part to touch the eggs. They must roll their egg by blowing through the straw. The person whose egg crosses the finish line first is the winner.

7.      Egg and Spoon Race

Each player lines up at the start line with an egg (chocolate or hard-boiled) and a spoon. With the spoon in their mouth (or younger children can simply hold the spoon in their hands), they must balance the egg on the spoon and run to the finish line. If the egg drops, the player must return to the start line and begin again. The person who crosses the finish line first is the winner.

8.      Musical Chicks

This game is played like musical chairs, but instead of walking around the chairs, players have to cluck and peck like chicks.

Image courtesy of Certified_Su


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Activity: Let the Easter Games Begin (8 backyard games)


  1. I bought this book for my daughter’s first Easter this year!! I’m sure by next year she’ll be thinking up lots of games to play!!

  2. Love the idea of creating an Easter games. Perhaps egg rolling – rolling eggs down a hill to see who’s goes furthest – would be another good sport. And maybe designing a container to protect a chook egg when it falls from a height.

  3. Debs said: On March 19, 2013

    Great ways to get moving! Thanks for linking it to Tuesday Tots. I’m featuring it here: this week. :) x

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Activity: Let the Easter Games Begin (8 backyard games)

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