DIY Easter Book Gift Sets for Kids

DIY Easter Book Gifts Sets by My Little Bookcase

I’ve been searching fruitlessly for Easter gifts for my young niece and nephew. I haven’t felt overwhelmed with options that aren’t of the chocolate or soft toy variety.

I had some sheets of T-Shirt transfer paper left over after making Ike a t-shirt for his Possum Magic party. I decided to create gorgeous chocolate-free Easter gift sets by making some t-shirts with the transfer paper and packaging them with cute little Easter books.

These t-shirts are incredibly easy to make (Remember, I cannot sew!). The hardest part of the project is choosing which image from the books to use.

How to make your Easter Book Gift Sets:

You will need:

  • An Easter book (We’ve got a long list of Easter book recommendations here)
  • T-shirt Transfer Paper (I used Avery-Inspired Colour T-shirt A4 Transfers, purchased from Lincraft)
  • Cotton apparel (e.g. t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, pyjamas, windcheater)
  • Hot iron
  • Ribbon

1. Once you have purchased your Easter book, choose which image you would like to transfer to the t-shirt. (See our Easter book list)

2. Scan the image directly from the book and print it onto the transfer paper (The transfer paper I used didn’t require me to reverse the image). It’s important to know that you are breaching copyright if you are doing this other than for personal uses.

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

3. Cut the image- without leaving a border- and place it into position on the t-shirt

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

4. Protect the transfer image with baking paper and, using a hot iron, press firmly over the image. It is important to continuously keep the iron in motion. The table surface should also be firm.

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

5. Once the baking paper has cooled, peel it away from the image. You’re done! How easy was that?

DIY Easter T-Shirt instructions_ My Little Bookcase

6. You’re ready to tie the book and t-shirt together with some decorative ribbon.

DIY Easter Book and T-shirt Gift Set_ My Little Bookcase

DIY Easter Book and T-Shirt Gift Sets

When kids read their new Easter book, they’ll be able to recognise the image from their t-shirts. How special!

DIY Easter Book and T-shirt Sets for Kids_ My Little Bookcase



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DIY Easter Book Gift Sets for Kids


  1. What an amazing idea!! Love it!

  2. love this idea… thanks for sharing…

  3. Oh Jackie you are so clever! What a wonderful idea! :) They are the perfect non chocolate gift!! :)

  4. Debs said: On April 25, 2014

    The shirts turned out great! What a fabulous idea. Must buy some transfer paper!

  5. This is SUCH a gorgeous idea! Love love love it and will be borrowing it for pressies for little loved ones in my life throughout the year.

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DIY Easter Book Gift Sets for Kids

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