The Little Book Adventure- Project #8: Explore the World through Picture Books

This project is being sponsored by Global Kids Oz


As part of this project we are asking you to:

1) Find a picture book to read with your child/ren that is set in a country other than the one in which you live.

2) Use the picture book as a basis for putting together a Discovery Box for your child/ren, based on that country/region.

(School children may even be asked to put together their own Discovery box)


This list is not exhaustive (you might have some other ideas), but here is a list of items you might consider putting inside your Discovery Box:

  • Books
  • Vocabulary Flash Cards
  • Maps
  • Postcards
  • Souvenirs
  • Themed play sets
  • Native animal toys
  • Models of landmarks
  • Flag
  • Currency
  • Photos
  • Music/CDs
  • Traditional dress
  • Art/craft activities
  • Recipes for cooking traditional meals

The Educator’s Spin on It has created a Bilingual Babies and Geography Pinterest Board, which is sure to  offer some more helpful ideas and inspiration.


The idea of the Discovery Box is to plant seeds for exploration. You will place items in the box that you hope your child/ren will explore, but your child/ren are likely to ask further questions or focus on one or two items in the box.

Who knows where this Discovery Box will take you? Following your child’s lead could take you on a wonderful exploration throughout the month. It may include:

  • Visiting the library to find more books (including non-fiction books) on the country of study
  • Searching the internet for more images and information
  • Downloading apps for children to help learn more about the language/culture/geography of other countries
  • Cooking
  • Craft activities
  • Dressing up
  • Learning the language of the country being explored


This challenge will officially end on October 31, 2012

Once you have completed the challenge, upload a photo of your Discovery Box and chosen picture book to our facebook page or email it to Emailed photos will be uploaded to the facebook photo gallery page

NB. Feel free to add a caption or descriptions outlining the items you placed in your Discovery Box.


You might have your own blog and wish to write about how you and your family approached this challenge. Feel free to write about it in a post, publish it on your blog and link up here for our readers.


This month’s prize is being provided by Global Kids Oz, which will be a wonderful resource for you if you need help stocking your Discovery Box.

The creator of the most interesting, creative and detailed Discovery Box will win a multicultural book pack valued at $75.00 (Titles yet to be decided)

Terms and conditions:

1. Readers enter for their chance to win a book pack from Global Kids Oz by uploading a photo of their Discovery Box to the My Little Bookcase facebook page or by emailing it to

2. Residents from any country may participate, but entrants must live in Australia to be eligible to win the book pack from Global Kids Oz

3. All entries must be received by midnight (AEDT) on October 31, 2012 to be eligible

4. One entry will be chosen by Jackie of My Little Bookcase to receive the book pack from Global Kids Oz

5. The winner will be notified via email and will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter

6. The winner is asked to send a reply email with their delivery address, and must reply within 7 days before a re-draw.

7. The book pack will be sent directly from Global Kids Oz

The Little Book Adventure- Project #8: Explore the World through Picture Books


  1. Looking forward to picking a country with the Misses late next week

  2. We had so much fun with this project. Choosing Mr Chicken Goes to Paris was a great way to involve Daddy in the project since he recently went to Paris for work and he can speak a little French! Thanks again for the inspiration Jackie :)

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The Little Book Adventure- Project #8: Explore the World through Picture Books

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