Book Spotlight: Go Maisy, Go! by Lucy Cousins

book review of go maisy go

Children get so excited over the flaps in this book. There are over 40 of them to lift.

The book starts with bus-driver Maisy stopping the bus to let one more passenger (with a suitcase of cupcakes) board. Before turning the page, the reader must open the ‘Bus Stop’ flap to reveal the green ‘Bus Go’ sign. A great introduction to road safety.

Maisy continues on her transport adventure where doors open, lights flash and propellers spin. She drives a fire truck, a plane, a tractor and a train. Flaps reveal what’s hiding in the vehicles, behind clouds and under hay bales.

The text is simple. There are two sentences per page, with one repeating itself on each page, “Go Maisy, Go!” This allows young children to read along.

Go Maisy, Go! is a great book to read with young children. Lifting the flaps will also reveal some inner workings of the vehicles: hammers and spanners, taxi wheels, engines and oil cans. It is a fun and simple book that exposes young children to various vehicles and how they work.

Book Details:

Author: Lucy Cousins

ISBN: 9781406328462

Format: Hard Cover

Publisher: Walker Books, March 2011

Australian RRP: $22.95

Suitable for: ages 1+

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