Press Here Activities (colours, patterns and directions)

I’m sure you’ve seen this book by now.  Cam chose to buy this book on National Bookshop Day 2012, and it remains a firm favourite in our home.  Kids just don’t seem to tire of this book, and parents will be thrilled to see the delight on their children’s faces as they work through this book.

Press Here is brilliantly clever. Hervé Tullet proves that the humble book is every bit as interactive as all the wonderful devices and apps currently available for children.

Each page of Press Here is plastered with dots and accompanying those dots are directions for the reader to follow. It may present as a simple book, but it leaves children feeling as if they’re creating magic. With each turn of the page, children feel that they are in control of the changing dots.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video at the end of this post.

We’ve had a ball exploring some of the concepts presented in Press Here:

1. Creating a Chatterbox: Exploring directions/instructions and developing gross and fine motor skills

2. Bubble Wrap Printing: Exploring primary and secondary colours and creating patterns and images using dots

3. Dot Stickers: Recognising and creating patterns and sequences

1. CHATTER BOX: Creating and following instructions of your own


1. Fold a chatterbox. We used these instructions.

2. Unfold the chatterbox.

3. Add a coloured dot and a number to all of the corner sections (1-4) and outer triangles of the chatterbox (5-8)

4. Create a list of actions

5. Write these actions on the inner triangles of the chatterbox

6. Refold the chatterbox


  • Place your fingers inside the four sections at the bottom of the chatterbox
  • Ask your partner to choose a colour/number (depending on the age of child)
  • Open and close the chatterbox according to the number selected by your partner
  • Ask your partner to choose a colour or number from the inner section
  • Open the selected flap and read the action
  • Ask your partner to perform the action

SO MUCH FUN and also a great way to help your child develop gross and fine motor skills.

2. BUBBLE PRINTING: Exploring primary and secondary colours

We saw the idea of mono-printing on Picklebums. We didn’t have tiles so we decided to try using bubble wrap (which created dots- perfect for Press Here activities).

1. Paint on the bubble wrap

2. Press paper over the top of the paint

3. Remove paper to reveal a print

We painted and printed circles using primary colours:

We overlapped the circles to create secondary colours:

We created colourful DOTTY patterns……………………and turned them into pictures:

3. DOT STICKERS: Exploring patterns and sequences

1. Talk about the patterns/sequences in the book

2. Use the stickers to re-create patterns/sequences that appear in the book

3. Children can create their own patterns/sequences

4. Create pictures with the coloured dots


By Hervé Tullet

ISBN: 978-1742375281

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, April 2011

RRP: $19.99 (aud)

Suitable for ages: 2+

Apps: Availalbe for iPhone and iPad

Press Here Activities (colours, patterns and directions)


  1. My youngest has created 3 ‘chatterboxes’ (we call them fortune tellers from my childhood) this last week. He gave one to his teacher with the choices of ‘Make a wish’, ‘Get a cuddle’ and the like, for Valentine’s Day. I really like the actions you’ve chosen – Mama might have to make one using your lovely ideas, Jackie!

  2. Gorgeous activities. And thank you for the explanation of the book, I had come across it before (online) but hadn’t appreciated the interactive nature of the story. And I love your chatter boxes ~ we used to make those in school all the time!

  3. I’ve not see this book… I am going to have to seek it out I think! :)
    Love the activities – especially the chatterbox! It’s been years since I made one of those but I think I’ll be making some with Miss Daisy this week! :)

  4. Great ideas! I haven’t made a chatterbox since I was little. Might be time to test out my *skillz* and show my Miss 2.8 years what they are. :)

  5. I haven’t seen that book before Jackie…you have me intrigued now! Took me back to my childhood with the chatterbox and we also love our bubble wrap painting and dot stickers here too!

  6. I haven’t seen the book but it looks fun.
    Love the chatterbox idea, we used to make chatter boxes at school all the time but I’ve never done one for dimples. I’m making one tomorrow!

  7. I bought this book today for a friend, I saw it in the shelf and remembered reading your review. It’s such a cool concept! I’m sure my little friend will love it :)

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Press Here Activities (colours, patterns and directions)

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