Giveaway: Win one of two copies of Two Little Bugs

Courtesy of HarperCollins Australia, My Little Bookcase has two copies of Two Little Bugs to giveaway.

To enter:

  • Leave a message below and tell us which part of the book would appeal to your child and why.

The winner:

The two best entries will each receive a copy of Two Little Bugs

Terms and conditions:

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. Entrants must live in Australia. The prize will only be awarded to entrants living in Australia.

3. All entries must be received by 9 pm (ADST) on Monday 11 March, 2013

4. The winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winners will be notified via email

6. The winner will also be announced on, facebook and Twitter

7. The winner is asked to send a reply email including their delivery address within 7 days before a new winner is selected

Giveaway: Win one of two copies of Two Little Bugs


  1. Cleo said: On March 4, 2013

    Hi Jackie, thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I think that my children would enjoy that the illustrations tell their own story along side the story written in words, as you mentioned in your review. It sounds similar in this way to the Emily Gravatt books ‘Colourful Chameleon” and “Again”. Both of which my children adore because of the humorous stories the illustrations tell in these books.

  2. Bree said: On March 4, 2013

    My children would relate to the relationship between Little Bug Blue and Little Bug Red. My eldest daughter (4) is a worrier like Blue and my youngest daughter (2) is the confident one like Red who encourages her sister to try new things and build her confidence. They wold also love the nibbles in the pages!

  3. Hi Jackie! My little girl would love the adventure of this story. She is my very courageous little bug and has had to show her bravery on many occasions in her life. We love stories that show inner bravery and love from friends and family.

  4. Gee it sounds like such a lovely book. I think this book would be a huge hit with my eldest, Finn. He is a dedicated non-fiction reader. Most days I have to tempt him to read a fiction title. After reading that this book weaves non-fiction (information about the life cycle of a butterfly) and fiction together I think I could win him over with this one! Also, my little guy is worrier just like Little Blue Bug. Gently we are trying to encourage him to take more risks so maybe having this story as a reference point might help?

  5. Wow, my little boy would just LOVE this book. He is absolutely fascinated by bugs, plus he is very cautious and a worrier so hopefully this could be another way for me to show him that it’s ok to step outside our comfort zones. Thanks

  6. What a lovely book! And how sweet are the illustrations! My daughter, who is usually so confident, is absolutely about doing her number 2′s in the toilet. We’re trying to encourage rather than push her, but it’s been a while and we’re getting nowhere. She is such a book lover and a roleplayer, that this could be just the trick. Understanding that something that is scary is made less scary when there are friends to encourage you along the way. Overcome your fears kiddo, and we can donate those nappies to someone who needs them more than you!

  7. My 4 grandchildren would love this book. Miss 4 is a Caterpillar Blue, Miss nearly 2 is sometimes Caterpillar Red but in a crowd she’s Blue, Master 19months is all Caterpillar Red and little Master 9months would love sticking his fingers through the holes. It would be a wonderful addition to Mama’s Library!!!

  8. This book sounds so great! My kids love insects, particularly caterpilars turning into butterflies (they like to play a game where they hide under the blankets as a ‘chrysalis’ bundle, then pop out as a butterfly!) The Little Blue Bug reminds me of my 4.5yr old who can also be a bit of a worrier and need a little encouragement to try new things. This might be just the book for him! :)

  9. Hey Jackie.
    This book sounds so delightful for the many reason that you have outlined in the review. But in regards to my kiddies, I believe that they will particularly enjoy the whole progression of the leaf disappearing as it gets nibbled up!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great sounding book!
    Good luck everyone! :-)

  10. My 4yo would love this, she loves everything about insects and can’t wait to find her own coccoon. She would especially love the way the book gets eaten.

  11. Mieke said: On March 5, 2013

    I read to my baby boy who is only 7 months old but he loves bugs, colours and different shaped pages! He would be fascinated by the pages of a leaf being nibbled up!

  12. What a cute book! And such a great theme! I know Miss Daisy would love it because she’s into bugs and snails and all sorts of creepy crawlies at the moment. I love the pages of the book and think she’d love the disappearing pages! Oh, and mummy likes the theme of the book too! An added bonus! :)

  13. Hi Jackie – a little ditty about how these bugs could help my bugs….

    My two little bugs never sit still,
    But reading this book – just maybe they will
    The youngest is brave and strong and tall
    The eldest is meek – not brave at all
    The bugs will teach them to help each other
    My two little bugs – sister and brother.

  14. My children would love the book for a number of reasons, they would love the nibbles in the pages, they love all things bugs and they would really identify with the characters. My youngest son is autistic and a real worrier, he is full of anxiety and his fears often hold him back from experiencing what he would like to, just like little blue bug. My elder children nurture and encourage him, their friendship and belief in their brother helps him be courageous and take risks he otherwise wouldn’t, they do for him what little red bug did for little blue bug. I think my children would be thrilled to read a book they could identify with.

  15. Liz said: On March 7, 2013

    Love picture story books that weave aspects of ‘being human’ (or a bug for that matter) into story. Sooo many ways to use this book! First, I have two little boys who would delight in and relate to the differences between the bugs. They would also love exploring the physical creativity of the pages (I’m so curious to see and touch this book). The emotional dilemmas would be a great and very relevant point of conversation for my boys (and me and my husband who are so so different in our sense of adventure). Finally, if I do win, I think I would have to get a second copy for work. I work with children facing many life challenges and think this book would be a great tool for engagement and reflection!

  16. I’d love to win this for my daughter’s best friend. This little girl is sweet and seemingly confident, but every school day morning she clings to her mum and cries. Her mum says she has a lot of fears and anxieties and doesn’t know what to do to help her. As their friends, we try our best to support both of them. It would even be a good book to share with the whole class :-)

  17. Did someone say bugs? That’s really all it would take to draw my son in.

    Everything else is a bonus!! The science and life lessons and amazing presentation.

  18. My little one would love the hole in the book – it’s like 3D!

  19. I love the idea of the leaf being munched away as the story goes on. My son is learning about sharing and this would be great to help with the message of sharing the leaf

  20. Bec said: On March 11, 2013

    My two girls both switch between the two roles of these two bugs. It just depends on the situation.

    This sounds like a great book t o read to my girls when a similar situation arises and we can talk about how it applies to each girl.

  21. Hi Jackie, this book sounds delightful. There are many aspects of this book that would appeal to mg daughter (4) and son (2). Like the bugs, my children nurture each other and look out for one another as best friends. My son is adventurous, and my daughter more reserved, but together they have wonderful adventures and look after each other. We are at the age of many changes and challenges in our family (my daughter has just started kinder and my son is potty training), and i can imagine following the adventures of the bugs would be reassuring for them as they face their own changes in life. Both my children would live the simplicity of the gorgeous illustrations and the opportunity to improvise along with the story. They love caterpillars, butterflies and bugs and would adore a story about two gorgeous bugs. Thanks for another great review and opportunity to win a copy of this book x

  22. Nic said: On March 11, 2013

    My daughters would love the holes nibbled in each page like they do in the hungry caterpillar!! They loved caterpillars and butterflies. I love the sound of it too, it sounds like a beautiful book and its my birthday today so winning a coy would finish of a fabulous long weekend! X

  23. soni said: On March 11, 2013

    My daughter is obsessed with sharing so she’d love the idea of them sharing the leaf.

  24. I love the concept of this book. I haven’t heard of this author before you had this competition and I read the comment and did some searching. I love the concept of the nibbled pages and the moral of the story. Cheers

  25. Hey Jackie – I know the comp has closed but I looked up the authors and we have their other two books out from the library – Baa Baa Smart Sheep and I Love Lemonade. my son loves how naughty they are and we have read them both twice a night since they came home! Thanks for the intro!