Book Review: Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset

You happily get more than you bargain for with this crafty little book. It skilfully uses the text and illustrations to provide the reader with two simultaneous stories. Together with cleverly designed pages, the themes of friendship, anxiety and life cycles will ensure that Two Little Bugs is a hit with children and families.

Mark’s sweet text tells a story of two bugs who share a leaf.  Little Bug Blue finds safety and protection under the leaf. But for Little Bug Red, the leaf is an important food source.

Little Bug Blue is a worrier who would love to experience the sunshine but can’t find the courage to climb atop the leaf. While slowly nibbling away at the leaf, Little Bug Red does his best to encourage Little Bug Blue.

Each nibble of the leaf sees a hole in the pages grow larger and larger until only a chrysalis hangs from a stalk (This is a wonderful feature that will delight children with each turn of a page).

It is this nibbling away at the leaf that subtly sets the scene for the second story-line. Rowan’s simple illustrations and die-cut pages depict the life cycle of a caterpillar.

The last page sees Little Bug Red realise his purpose while Little Bug Blue is helped into overcoming fears and finally explores a wonderful world beyond his leaf.

Two Little Bugs cleverly and beautifully shares two points of view and amalgamates the life cycle of a caterpillar with the story of taking risks with a friend by your side.

Book Details:

Two Little Bugs

Author: Mark Sommerset

Illustrator: Rowan Sommerset

ISBN: 978-0732296599

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Dreamboat Books (HarperCollins Australia), February 2013

RRP: $19.99 (aud)

Suitable for ages 3+

Book Review: Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset


  1. Penny said: On March 4, 2013

    I bought this book the moment I saw it and the girls love it. Mainly the twins. It’s such a cute book that shows two personalities that many children have. I loved the cut out leaf on the first/second page. It’s so inviting you just want to keep going.

  2. Chris said: On March 4, 2013

    Sounds like a lovely book. The aspect I like is the friendship between the two bugs. It’d be good to read it to my two older kids who have lots of rivalry between them. It seems the book can show them how being made different can still produce positive interaction and their shared interest in insects would be an added bonus!

  3. Oh it sounds delightful! I have three gorgeous girls. My eldest is a bit of a worrier, my second more of a risk taker and my third seems to go with the flow of her big sisters at this stage. They would love the life cycle aspect, my youngest would love the holes in the pages and we would all love the take home message of overcoming fears, surrounded by friends and family!

  4. Chomp chomp chew, thanks for the review Jackie! Have you seen our other titles: ‘Baa Baa Smart Sheep’ and ‘I Love Lemonade’, also recently published by Harper Collins? Mischief awaits!

  5. My eldest, miss 7, is a worrier and lately her anxiety seems worse. She’s an avid reader and does take on board the messages from books as strategies that can help her. This book sounds beautiful, with gentle messages of safe risk taking. I’d love to add this to our collection both because it’s a beautiful book that would be enjoyed in it’s own right but also because it might help my little worrier.

  6. I love the encouragement one bug gives his other bug friend, which is everything we try and do at kinder, get the children to positively encourage each other. I also love that it shows the caterpillar turning into a butterfly as this is smething we are thinking og having at kinder. Just found a fab website where you can get the chrysalis and then watch it hatch.

  7. My little guy would love the two little bugs the most! He loves everything about bugs and loves anything to do with them. What I’d love most about this book is sharing the message of 2 points of view, and encouraging my 2 crazy risk takers to be sensitive to the feelings of others, especially little worriers!

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Book Review: Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset

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