Win a copy of Eco Warriors to the Rescue! by Tania McCartney (closed)

Thanks to the good people at the National Library of Australia, we have one copy of Eco Warriors to the Rescue! to give away, valued at $17.99.

Eco Warriors Cover

This is a truly unique and attractive book that combines modern photography and typesetting with historic botanical art from the archives of the National Library. The book also includes interesting facts about Australian flora, as well as floral emblems and birth months. After all these years, I’ve only just discovered my native birth flower!

Banjo, Matilda and Ned take you on an adventure through the pages of their favourite book. On this adventure they interact with Australian flora (including Kangaroo Paw, Eucalypt and Wattle) to seek ‘tips’ that will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy our beautiful and unique native landscape.

Want to know more.  Read official book reviews  at Boomerang Books or Kids’ Book Review or take a look at the full book tour schedule.

And, if you live in Canberra, be sure to join Tania McCartney and her three real-life eco warriors—Banjo (Riley), Ned (Andrew) and Matilda (Claire)—as they launch Eco Warriors to the Rescue! at Canberra’s National Arboretum Gift Shop, Saturday 5 October 2013, at 11am.

To enter:

  • Head to  Tania McCartney’s blog, where you can sneak a peek at some of the internal pages of the book
  • Find your birth flower on the page that features Australia’s native birth flowers.
  • Pop back here and leave a message below. Share your birth flower with us, and leave a short comment about Eco Warriors to the Rescue!

The winner:

The most creative entry will receive a copy of Eco Warriors to the Rescue!

Terms and conditions

1. Each reader may enter only once.

2. The giveaway is open to Australian readers only

3. All entries must be received by 9:30pm (AEST) on Tuesday 10 September, 2013.

4. The winner will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase

5. The winner will be notified via email

6. The winner will also be announced on Facebook and Twitter

7. The winner are asked to send a reply email within 7 days before a new winner is selected

Win a copy of Eco Warriors to the Rescue! by Tania McCartney (closed)


  1. Oh what a briliant book!

    Born in February, and so is my little girl – so we share the same birth flower – the Brachyscome

  2. My birthday is in June. My birth flower is Payne’s Heath. Book looks great.

  3. Aren’t the birth month flowers cool? I share my birth month with you, Rebecca, and your poppet! Wouldn’t a native birth flower make a wonderful birthday gift?

  4. What an amazing book!! my birth flower is Brown Boronia (September) which I share with my miss 6 soon to be miss 7:) We have just finish making a vegetable garden and a mud pie kitchen area and are now starting on our native garden foe the birds,this book is going to be a must have for my 3 girls:)

  5. Wow, I’ve never heard of birth flowers! Mine is the lovely brown boronia (only a few days until my birthday). As a beginning teacher, this book would be a fantastic resource for teaching about native Australian flora, in a child friendly way. It’s now on my ‘to-buy’ list thanks

  6. Brown boronia is my birth flower..
    This book will be perfect for my inquisitive little boy who asks questions about trees, plants and whatever we see when we go for a walk. Great book to teach him about Australian floura & fauna.

  7. My February birth flower is Brachyscome. What an awesome Australian book.I am always on the look out for books that encourage a sense of discovery and wonder in children and that encourage a respect and appreciation for the natural environment. Eco Warriors looks like it does all that and more. Beautifully presented messages about conservation and caring for our world.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  8. My birth flower is the native rhododendron. Looks like a lovely book.

  9. A fantastic idea. I can’t wait to tell my Mum about it! She writes about australian plants too and is always trying to get my two children involved (5 and 3 years). This gorgeous book would be the perfect way to get the kids engaged. My daughter is already a fan of May Gibbs and her beautiful stories.
    P.S My birth flower is the brown boronia, i must smell nice :)

  10. my birth flower is the flannel flower. My kids would think that is so funny! I can imagine them adding it to the song “wash your face with orange juice”….”wash your face with flannel flower”! If we win this book it would belong to our group called Muddy Boots and Sandy Hands. We aim to connect Geelong families with nature and the outdoors and this book would be a great resource while we are exploring nature.

  11. Looks like a fantastic book, with really important messages. I didn’t know there are Aussie birth month flowers, lovely! Mine is the Payne’s heath

  12. I’m grevillea! Tania McCartney has outdone herself with this gorgeous book. It will be well used by parents and educators alike to introduce our native fauna to young children.

  13. Native Rhododendron. Not sure I’m allowed but, Tania, what you have cultivated with Eco Warriors is precisely the species of picture book I’d love to see loved by more children and adults everywhere. Subliminally sublime. What more can I say?

  14. I like your style, Rebecca Harding!

  15. I’m overwhelmed with all the gorgeous comments here – both on the book and also on the eco warrior mentality! You are all warriors after my own heart and it’s so thrilling to see people encouraging their kids to align with nature. THANK YOU for doing this. x

  16. Lol! I have often been accused of waxing lyrical and now I know why …. I am a pink wax flower! (Month of May)

  17. I’m Payne’s Heath. The book looks fantastic, Tania. Love the way the kids jump from page to page learning about the different flowers and how to care for the environment. Great way to encourage kids to look after their natural environment.

  18. My birth flower is native rhododendron for the month of March. THANKS FOR SHARING ABOUT YOUR BOOKS!!!!
    Linda S. Hodges

  19. This book has inspired us to be out with the camera this week soaking up nature and its wonder – we even visited the national botanical gardens and did a treasure hunt for fallen leaves, bark etc. Was discussing the book with the very lovely teachers at Blue Gum school – think I will have to devise a plan to get Tania to the most amazing Blue Gum preschool!.My birth flower is the Christmas Bell.

  20. My birth flower is the Daisy which seems highly appropriate. An uncomplicated little flower.

    I applaud books such as ECO WARRIORS TO THE RESCUE that highlight the beauty & wonder of this precious world.

  21. Looks like a wonderful book! My birth flower is Native Violet! So lovely!

  22. Looks like a truly wonderful book and the beauty is that it is uniquely Australian, sharing that with our children and teaching them about our amazing flora as well and how to preserve this beauty. My birth flower is the Red Bottlebrush.

  23. Bluebell Creeper is my birth flower. Book looks amazing