Simple Story-Building for kids

Simple props for play and story building

When a child plays and exercises his imagination, he is building a bank of wonderful creative stories.

One simple way I like to encourage imaginative play and story building is to offer Cammy ONE simple and unassuming prop to play with.

The cushions of our outdoor table setting have become popular play props. Sometimes she stacks them, and other times she will line them up or set them out in a pattern. So far they have been:

  • Lily pads
  • Toad stools
  • Stepping stones
  • A forest path
  • A snake
  • A dragon’s back
  • Floating boats
  • A bed in a makeshift indoor cubbyhouse
  • Cushions for storytime with her teddies.

Simple props for play and story building

At another time, you can encourage your child to draw upon these imaginative adventures to write, draw or tell a story.

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My Little Bookcase Storytelling Prompts Pinterest Board

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Simple Story-Building for kids


  1. Terrific learning post. Thanks for sharing on the Kids Co-Op which I host on Generation iKid a well. I’m pinning this one :-)

    Jennifer @ Generation iKid

  2. This is a great idea to spark the imagination! My daughter loves playing with the couch cushions too and I’m often amazed at the things she’ll come up with to do with them!

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