We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic Box_ My Little Bookcase

25th Anniversary Edition of We're Going on a Bear HuntI don’t think I need to say too much about this classic book filled with adventure, repetition, prepositions, onomatopoeia and a catchy sing-song rhythm.  I’m sure you know it very well. Personally, I can’t believe it has taken me 25 years to add it to our little family library.

That’s right! We’re Going on a Bear Hunt has been in print for 25 years, and we have three copies of the 25th Anniversary Edition to give away.

Thrilled to finally have a copy of our own and with it being read on high rotation at the moment, we were inspired to go on a bear hunt of our own.


I recently purchased some picnic boxes for my own birthday picnic. They were a huge hit and I couldn’t wait to use them again. Not only are they adorable and easy to decorate, but they are perfect for creating individual picnic boxes for your little ones. These ones were decorated simply with stamped tags and fluffy ears.

Of all the book-themed foods I’ve baked, I think the menu for our Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes has been the most fun to create. It featured simple, easy, affordable foods that were a hit with the kids.  There were a few treats in the boxes, but I also tried to include some fruits and vegetables. Below is a little run down for you.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes_ My Little Bookcase

Long wavy grass food for We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic_ My Little Bookcase

Colour melted white chocolate with green food colouring. Dip mini grissini sticks into the melted chocolate and sprinkle with green edible dust flakes. Once set, stand the grissini sticks in a piece of cantaloupe.

Thick oozy mud food for We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic_ My Little Bookcase

Fill a jar with forest berries and top with a child-friendly version of Donna Hay’s Cheat’s Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse. Simply stir ¼ cup of Nutella through 300ml of whipped cream. This will make four jars of thick oozy mud. (Hint: You could make normal chocolate mousse or chocolate custard instead).

Big dark forest food for We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic

Fill a jar with a dip of your choice (we used hummus) and top with upright green veggies E.g. celery, cucumber, broccoli and snow peas (I lightly steamed our broccoli and snow peas).

Swirling whirling snowstorm food for We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic_My Little Bookcase

Stir a 85g of popped corn through one block of melted white chocolate. Spread onto a tray lined with baking paper and sprinkle with blue and silver edible glitter. Leave to set. Once set, break the popcorn apart and add to a clear cellophane bag. (Hint: White chocolate is not necessary but it is delicious. You could simply add the edible glitter to the bag of popcorn)

Narrow gloomy bear cave food for We're Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic_My Little Bookcase

Use a cookie cutter to create bear shaped sandwiches and place into a paper bag. Puff the paper bag a little and secure with ribbon to create a cave.


We fuelled ourselves with picnic food before embarking on a bear hunt. Usually Cammy helps me in the kitchen but I was excited for these picnic boxes to be a surprise. The kids were thrilled to discover the contents of the boxes.

I read the book, while the kids nibbled away on their food. Cam insisted on eating the foods in the order they appear in the book; Ike enjoyed the opportunity to feed himself independently; and their cousin, Charlie, had fun shaking her popcorn bag to create a snow storm.

Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes_ My Little Bookcase Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes_My Little Bookcase

Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes_ My Little Bookcase

Bear Hunt Picnic_My Little Bookcase Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes_ My Little Bookcase


We visited a local sanctuary, which resembled the setting in the book almost perfectly. We contemplated crossing the lake, found some mud (even during the summer), and stumbled and tripped in the forest.

I also planted a bear image on one of the trees. To be honest though, Cam was quite disappointed that we didn’t find a real bear.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt_ My Little Bookcase We're Going on a Bear Hunt_ My Little Bookcase

We're Going on a Bear Hunt_My Little Bookcase We're Going on a Bear Hunt_ My Little Bookcase


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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Picnic Boxes


  1. I love this idea! Can’t wait until it warms up here to do this. My 2 year-old loves this book right now!

  2. Debs said: On March 4, 2014

    That is just SO clever, Jackie. I love the themed picnic food. You could do a whole party using those ideas. Brilliant! Pinning

  3. Amy said: On March 4, 2014

    Wonderful! I just love how you incorporate your love of books into so many facets of your children’s lives. They are so lucky to experience so many magical moments.

    • Thank you Amy. I do love the time I get to spend with my kids and we do try to make the most of it. Books just provide us with so much inspiration.

  4. Can’t tell you how very much I love this – you are so very very clever!!!!

  5. Jackie I am beyond in LOVE with this. My kids have been nuts about this book for the last couple of weeks since we borrowed it from the library. It’s their birthday in a couple of weeks. I wasn’t going to have a theme buuuut…. these are just too wonderful!

    • Thank you Kate. I really did try to limit the photos in this post, but I hope they show just how much my kids enjoyed it. I know your kids would love a bear hunt too.

  6. We love this book! Your picnic looks so good! We have this book planned in our home school curriculum and would love to try this activity too! Pinning and sharing :)

  7. This is the coolest lunch ever!!! Your kids are so lucky to have such a clever Mum!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. LOVE. Did I mention I love it?

  9. Kate said: On March 16, 2014

    How clever!!! Love this so much.

  10. What a novel idea. Really really cool ;) I love it!

  11. What a cool idea and I’ll bet the kids loved having their separate little lunch packs. Funnily, my daughter found this book really scary when she was small and would not let me read it, but I’m sure she would have loved the picnic :-)

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