Book Review: My Little World by Julia Cooke

My Little World isn’t so much about trees and forests but the animals and creatures that live within them. It is jam-packed with rich text, information, and detailed illustrations.

My Little World is set on Black Mountain in Canberra, a dry Eucalypt woodland. The story is told by a young child who is too small to see what her older brother and Gran can see on their walks. Instead, she notices the little things that many people might miss like “wavy feeler-things” or “antennae just like feathers”.

Each page describes a different element of the child’s world, described as surprising, shy, shimmering, adventurous, puzzling, amazing, fragile, extraordinary and everywhere. In her mini world, this child  finds creatures of all shapes and sizes “underneath a curl of bark”, “along a branch” and “upon a smooth-barked tree”.

She gets so close to these mini beasts that she discovers the finest of details, which are amazingly depicted in close-up illustrations. The illustrations are vibrant and highly detailed, showing even the tiniest drop of dew. Each insect and plant is clearly labelled.

It is incredibly descriptive in the most exquisite rhyming language, describing where she finds the insects, how they look, how they move and the marks they leave behind. The author’s notes include information about the area, and the plants and animals featured in the book.

My Little World is one thoughtful story that symbolises the interested and absorbing minds of children. It’s bound to spark your child’s interest in the little world around them.

Book Details:

Author: Julia Cooke

Illustrator: Marjorie Crosby-Fairall


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Omnibus Books (Scholastic), 01 April 2011

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Book Review: My Little World by Julia Cooke

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Book Review: My Little World by Julia Cooke

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