Visit to the Alison Lester Store


A Family Visit to the Alison Lester Store

The grand opening of Alison Lester’s new concept shop, which coincided with the launch of three kids books, was attended by my family. Noni The Pony Goes to the Beach Imagine 25 the Anniversary Edition You can also find out more about the following: Baby Days.

Cammy loves to meet her favorite authors and attend book launches. My camera was occupied, while my husband and kids were enjoying the Alison Lester Library. Noni The Pony is a long-time favorite in our house, but Baby Ike fell in love the plush version.

Put a visit to Fish Creek at the top of your To-Do List. Here are some photos to whet the appetite for a trip to Alison Lester’s divine storeAlison Lester Store Front located at 1 Falls Road in Fish Creek VIC. ( Please allow me a couple of minutes to show you all these photos).

Alison Lester Concept Store’s exterior is striking. The exterior is crisp, quaint and decorated with a large display of native foliage.

You’ll find a counter behind an artwork from Magic Beach when you enter the bright and light shop.

Alison Lester’s works are displayed on the white walls, from canvas paintings and picture book prints to commemorative pieces that acknowledge Alison’s work as Australia’s inaugural Children’s Laureate. The display of Alison’s storyboards and sketches, as well as her brainstorming notes was fascinating. The Alison Lester Concept Store is a gallery as well.

A beautiful store is a place where you could spend hours admiring the art and spending time in the reading area furnished with a vintage sofa and comfortable floor cushions. You are welcome to read the many Alison Lester titles (many of which are in foreign languages) from our extensive library. The room can also be used by school groups that visit the store.

You will be mesmerized by this gallery-turned-store at every turn. You won’t be able leave without buying something. There are also manyAlison Lester Store unique items to buy, such as wrapping paper, greeting cards, and prints from Alison’s most loved books.

You can purchase Alison Lester books, cards, and prints online through Alison Lester Online Store. To arrange signed copies, simply call or email Alison Lester’s store.

If you’ve been to Fish Creek before, make sure you take a closer look at the area. It has inspired Alison to write her books.
Highlights for us include

  • A coffee shop and second-hand book store serving the best coffee and croissants.
  • Fish Creek Hotel for a delicious dinner, amazing service and cozy accommodation
  • Visit Waratah Bay, where Noni The Pony plays and lives.

From the original Noni The Pony, we know that Noni ” lives at a farm in Waratah bay“. The children were excited to go to Waratah Bay, and look for Noni among the nearby paddocks.

The kids tried to reenact scenes in Noni’s latest adventure book, Noni Goes to Beach.

The waves slap and splash,

scattering seagulls in the sky.

This is a fun book for kids to enjoy. It has rhyming texts and adventures that are child-like.

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