Activity: Creating Golden Book Story Stones

These story stones were created as part of The Golden Book Challenge.

Golden Book Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

Many readers were appalled at the idea of cutting the pages of their beloved Golden Books. Surprisingly, that  didn’t seem to bother me so much. I suppose because I dog-ear and write in many of my books. What I did grapple with was losing the story element from the books by cutting the pages. I was hoping that whatever I decided to do with my damaged Golden Books, I would still be able to continue sharing the Golden Book stories with my daughter.

While I was brainstorming ideas, something else was happening in my home: My daughter was (and still is) asking for me to tell her stories. ALL THE TIME: at breakfast, in the car, and at nap-times, and I am rapidly running out of ideas. I needed new ideas, and I needed them FAST!

We had collected stones for another project and then I was recently reminded of the story stones when I read a post on Red Ted Art about painting stones. I’ve also seen story stones created for children at Red BirdCraft and Childhood 101. But, instead of creating fabric images or drawing on the stones I decided to use the images that I cut from the Golden Books as the motifs for the stones.

Story Stones:

Stones have been painted and used in story telling for centuries by indigenous cultures.

Story Stones are great for story-telling but they are also:

  • Durable
  • Tactile and transferrable
  • Waterproof and can be used anywhere indoors or out- in the car, at a café, in the garden, in the classroom etc.

How to use the Golden Book Story Stones for storytelling:

  • Don’t do anything with them in particular. Give them to your child and see where their imagination takes them.

  • Use the stones as stimulus for story-telling:

-You can select a particular number of stones (e.g. three) from the set. Lay them out and use them to plan and create a story.

-Re-arrange the order of the stones and see how that changes the story.

-Randomly select one stone at a time, spontaneously incorporating each object into the story as you go.

  • Create a scene (a 2D backdrop or 3D diorama) for the story to take place. The stones become moveable props in the story.
  • Select a stone from the set and talk about the stories you know that include that object (e.g. if you select a ‘rabbit stone’ you might talk about Peter Rabbit, The Knuffle Bunny, The Velveteen Rabbit and Miffy)
  • Select a stone from the set and use that as inspiration for a family activity (e.g. if you pick out a ‘flower stone’ you might decide to spend some time playing in the garden)
  • Spend some time talking about the rocks: Describe them, name them, and give them a back story.
  • Hide the rocks and give your child clues to find them. Your child might also like to hide the rocks from you and help you to find them.

  • Sort the stones into groups. See how many different groups you can make.

  • Use the rocks to help you discuss PARTS OF SPEECH. E.g. Choose a rock and identify whether it is a noun, verb, adjective etc. Brainstorm synonyms for the word or adjectives to describe nouns etc.

To make Golden Book Story Stones, you will need:

how to make story stones_ supplies

  • Damaged Golden Books
  • Scissors
  • Collected stones (in a range of sizes)
  • Decoupage Glue (We used Modge Podge)
  • Glue Brush

Little Golden Book pictures_ Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

  • From the books, cut the images and words that you’d like to use on your stones

how to make story stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Use the decoupage glue to fix the images to the stones

How to make Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Allow 20 minutes for the images to dry

how to make story stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Apply extra layers of the decoupage glue to seal the images. The kids will love helping with this part of the project as the glue dries clear. Allow 20 minutes in between applications. We applied three layers of the glue.

How to make Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Waiting for the glue to dry (My two year old loved applying more and more and more- so we needed to wait a little longer than 20 minutes)

How to make Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Some of our stones display images

How to make Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

  • Some of them display words

Little Golden Book Story Stones by My Little Bookcase

The finished product

What do you think?

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Activity: Creating Golden Book Story Stones


  1. Oh my word. I love love love this idea! What a fabulous way to recycle a damaged book and keep it’s life going and going. Thank you Jackie I will have to try this! x

  2. Gorgeous Jackie. I made some for my older daughter last Christmas so I could blame santa for the really shoddy pictures. Wish I’d thought of this!

  3. These are fabulous! I love them :-)

  4. They are just wonderful Jackie! Well done! What a fantastic way reuse golden books. I am sure they will get a lot of use!

  5. LOVE!!! And thank you for the link :)

  6. Oooo! Jackie I love these story stones! I’m going to grab a couple of old favourite Golden Books from the Op Shop this week and give this a go! :) :)

  7. I love this! What a cool idea!

    • Thank you. It was a great way to use old Golden Books but still keep their purpose of story telling.

  8. You have provided some wonderful extensions for using story stones, for a range of ages. This really extends their life as playthings.
    I also especially love that you’ve made the point of using damaged books :) Reuse, Re-purpose, Repair Recycle! Great message for our wee ones xx

  9. I love this idea. Thanks for posting. We will definitely be collecting rocks, washing rocks and mod podge-ing in the future!

  10. What wonderful story stones – so inviting and inspiring.

  11. Lovely idea. I think it could be extended to using other pictures and words from other old books and maybe magazines – these often have drawings of children and different activities in the adverts

  12. Oh how fabulous! I’ve seen story stones many times in the past but never using actual pictures pasted on. I’ve been meaning to do them but have put it off because I can’t be bothered to paint them, this would be so much easier. Thanks!

    Nipping over from Tuesday Tots.

  13. Jackie these are so lovely. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tots. I’m featuring this post on my round up this week.

  14. I really need to get my hands on some mod podge :)

  15. You are so inventive and we are in love with stones at the moment. I really love that your daughter is asking for stories all the time.

  16. These are gorgeous. I’m so in love and can’t wait to do the same. Anything with mod podge makes me happy.

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