Book Week- A time to celebrate the wonder of books!

I know that most My Little Bookcase readers celebrate books every day (sometimes even multiple times a day), but Book Week is a time to shout from our roof tops how much we love books.

Below is a list of ideas for celebrating Book Week. Hopefully you’ll find an activity on the list that you haven’t tried before. (Follow the links for some inspiration)

  • Watch some of the short-listed or winning books online
  • Browse the list of Book of the Year winners from past years and see if you can find the winner for special years (your child’s birth year, the year you graduated school etc.).
  • Visit your child’s school. No one celebrates Book Week better than primary schools!
  • Dress-up as your favourite book characters. I just love the cute costumes at The Costume Box but you could easily put a costume together with items from home.

Photo Source: Kelly De Voil Photography

  • Many authors have their own websites. Do some research on a favourite author or illustrator. Or read a selection of books written by a favourite author or illustrator. I’ve started a short list of author/illustrator websites. Let me know of any others I should add to the list.
  • Attend a special Book Week event or story-time in your local area.
  • Search your bookshelves for a book you haven’t read for a while.
  • Tell your child about one of your favourite childhood books. See if you can find information about it online (or maybe you still have a copy you could read together).
  • Re-organise or rotate the books in your house. Maybe you could think of a new way to categorise them (by colour, by author, by theme, by genre, alphabetically etc. ).

  • As a family, put on a play or puppet show of your favourite book.
  • Organise a book swap party and swap books with your friends- or donate old books to your local kindergarten, community house or charity.

Photo Source: Natasha of Amelie's House

  • Write a review of a favourite book. We’ll publish it on My Little Bookcase.
  • Read with someone different. It could be a grandparent, sibling or neighbour.
  • Encourage your child to put on a story-time for their dolls or teddies.

Photo Source: Melissa of Honey Bee Books

How will you celebrate Book Week with your children?

Book Week- A time to celebrate the wonder of books!


  1. Hello! Thank you for these! I am a teacher librarian and book week is a big deal at our school! I have referred parents to your website via our newsletter-hope that is OK. I am still trying to think of inexpensive ways to decorate the quad at school for the book parade if anyone has any ideas for something a bit different.
    Like you, I think Mirror will win, but the kids at school voted for ‘I love Australia.’ They also love ‘The Tall Man…’ and ‘It’s Bedtime William!’
    I love you work! :)

  2. Excellent ideas! Thanks for all the great suggestions. As a book-loving Mum, fellow kids book blogger, primary school teacher, and aspiring teacher librarian (!!!) – I find Book Week a very exciting time. Our school has a book parade and the teachers dress up too!
    Book Week always serves to remind me of the amazing children’s authors and illustrators we have in this country.
    My little ones at home have been loving ‘Nudie Rudie’ and ‘The Runaway Hug’.

    • Oh Suz, Nudie Rudie and The Runaway Hug are two of our favourites too. They always please! I’m not sure how old your little ones are, but part of me can’t wait until my Cam starts school so we can enjoy Book Week on a whole new level.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

  3. Ali said: On August 12, 2012

    This is a wonderful list, I am now off to check out the links in you golden book challenge. I loved Golden Books when I was a kid too.

  4. Oooh, great ideas here. I totally want to reorganise my bookshelves.. I’m a big organiser (you saw my art cupboard, right? haha) but books I do find hard! I love the colour look but I’d have to figure out if I can make it work. Sharing this post on FB now :)

  5. ps- I have a million Golden Books and you can get them at opshops everywhere! I’ll be checking out your ideas for sure! x

  6. So many wonderful ideas. I’ve featured this on my blog today as one of my faves from last week’s Kids’ Co-op linky.

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  8. Hello how lovely. Your welcome to add my website to the list of Authors and Illustrators if you like . Xlisa

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Book Week- A time to celebrate the wonder of books!

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