Family Olympics: Baby Gets Dressed Time Trial

I wrote a post for Culture Street last week, listing 5 wonderful books for a baby’s first libraryBaby Gets Dressed was featured on the list, so I’ve had the book out of the bookcase for a few weeks.

Being a board book, it is a story we hadn’t actually read for a while, but seeing it in the lounge room, Cam quickly took a new interest in it.

All I’ve been thinking about lately is playing with books, and I thought it would be fun to turn getting dressed into an Olympics event for my family. It was particularly great for Cam who is becoming increasingly independent when it comes to getting dressed.

This book was commissioned by The Little Big Book Club so it is a very popular book in Australian homes. I thought you might be interested in the game.

You’ll find a run-down below. I apologise for the poor photos (and lack of photos). It was difficult to take snaps and play the game at the same time. Plus I was reading the pages of the book during the game so the competitors knew which item of clothing needed to be put on next. I’m not making excuses but honestly, that really is the sole reason I came last. :)

The Event:

Baby Gets Dressed Time Trial


Competitor #1: Dad

Competitor#2: Mum

Competitior#3: Cam

Equipment required:

We set up the following articles of clothing in a circle:

  • Nappies/underwear (one for each competitor)
  • Singlets (one for each competitor)
  • Shirts (one for each competitor)
  • Pants (one for each competitor)
  • Jumpers (one for each competitor)
  • Bibs (one for each competitor)
  • Socks (one for each competitor)
  • Shoes (one for each competitor)
  • Hats (one for each competitor)


  • When the timer begins, each competitor must work their way around the circle  (beginning with the nappy) dressing themselves in each article of clothing.
  • Once a competitor is dressed and wearing all articles of clothing, they call ‘STOP’ and their time is recorded.
  • The competitor who is fully dressed in the quickest time is the winner.

(NB. The clothes were too small for Dad and myself, so we dressed some toys instead)


Ready, set……..



All dressed…

Awards ceremony:

We personalised and printed medals from, and held our own awards ceremony.


  • Set a time limit: The winner is the competitor wearing the most articles of clothing when the time has lapsed.
  • Label the sides of a die with each article of clothing.  Each competitor rolls the die to see what article of clothing they must put on. Keep taking turns to roll the die until one competitor is fully dressed.

You can find many other wonderful activity ideas for Baby Gets Dressed at

Book details:

Title: Baby Gets Dressed

Author: Katrina Germein

Illustrator: Sascha Hutchinson

ISBN: 978-1921504006

Format: Board book

Publisher: Working Title Press,  2009

RRP: $14.95 (aud)

Read our mini review at Culture Street.

Family Olympics: Baby Gets Dressed Time Trial


  1. I love your post and blog. What a great idea :) I am working on a video ‘getting dressed alone for toddlers’ could I link inside to your post?

  2. Jode said: On August 3, 2012

    What a great idea….everyone looks like they are having such fun in your pics!

  3. Now this looks like fun! How cute is that pic of Cam at the end with the hat on? Those Tinyme printables are grest aren’t they?

    • It’s a funny pic, that’s for sure. She was so keen on ‘winning’. :)
      We’ve used many of the Tinyme printables- so cute :)

  4. What a cute and fun game! Looks like you all had fun :-)

  5. How gorgeous and what a fun idea!! I love your photos. You have inspired me to set the kids some Olympic challenges with a stop watch.

  6. This was one of Pebble’s fav books in her first two years. I can still recite it from memory! Great idea, looks like lots of fun:)

  7. This is such a clever idea! Made me smile!

  8. Caz said: On August 6, 2012

    What a cute game, love the awards ceremony at the end!

    • Thanks Caz. The funniest thing about it is that Cam made up her own national anthem. She didn’t want to be an Aussie. she wanted to be a Whale.

  9. Oh, how fun!! I love that you tied it to the book and the Olympics. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  10. Love this! :) Will have to give it a go – we’re pretty competitive here too! :) You all look so happy! Love how Daddy T gets involved!

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Family Olympics: Baby Gets Dressed Time Trial

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