Book Spotlight: Reading Magic by Mem Fox

Reading Magic: How your child can learn to read before school- and other read aloud miracles.

Mem Fox. You all know her books, but did you know that she believe(s) that reading aloud cures pretty well everything’?

To me, Mem is the Queen of Read Aloud. Mem and I are well and truly on the same page when it comes to the value of reading aloud. At almost every paragraph in the book I found myself nodding vigorously in agreement and whispering ‘uh huh’ under my breath.

Mem writes with confidence,  conviction and passion about her beliefs on the power of reading aloud. She is a wonderful children’s book author in her own right but she is also highly qualified and knowledgeable in the area of literacy. Regardless of her qualifications, this is an easy read for parents. She writes comfortably and with honesty as one parent talking to another.

The beliefs and views she presents in her book are not solely based on statistics and research but on real people; real families that she knows personally and real parents and children she has encountered in her work. I truly appreciate the successful stories she shares about parents who are not educators but have ‘accidentally’ reaped the rewards of reading aloud with their children because they simply enjoyed it, not because it was on the ‘things we should do with our children’ list.

The advice Mem offers is simple and practical, from reading regularly with your kids to filling your home with books. She is bold and honest. She is not afraid to share her opinions on some conscientious issues such as phonics and television, and she supports her views with simple examples and experiments that are difficult to argue. She is also an advocate for having fun with books and reading aloud. The book is full to the brim with fun ideas. My only criticism is that there is not a quick go-to page for these games and activities. Instead they are practically written within the context of relevant chapters.

Topics covered in Reading Magic include the three secrets of reading, trouble shooting, reading with boys, and Mem also includes 20 of her favourite books for children.

Enjoy this honest, practical and extremely affordable parent resource.

Title: Reading Magic

Author: Mem Fox


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia, September 2005

RRP: $7.95 (Aud)

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Book Spotlight: Reading Magic by Mem Fox


  1. I love this book….a terrific handbook for all parents. I find I am often recommending this book as a great insight to the ‘magic’ of literacy….reading aloud and together is SO underated…especially for boys….of which I have four!

  2. This is a great book. Mind you, some of her techniques don’t work on the munchkin, but maybe he just doesn’t want to read by himself yet – it’s too much fun having Mum and Dad read to him. I’m not concerned, just surprised. He is so bright and is normally such a sponge for knowledge. He obviously is just not ready yet.

  3. I love this book, after borrowing it from the library and getting a late fee. I decided to buy the book it was one of those books I just had to have. I can re read points, look specific things up. I can even show my husband points in there that shows the importance of reading. Although he isnt a big reader this book has shown him how important it is to read to our daughter. Its great for those that may not be readers themselves or not sure how to read books to their children ways to get started and just how fun it can be.
    one of my favourite books I own, and one I highly recommend to everyone.

  4. I LOVE this book. She is the master teacher. So glad others realize the value of her book and expertise. Love all her children’s books. Amazing author.

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