Possum Magic the Musical

Possum Magic the Musical

We always give Cam a book on her birthday. This year we gave her a 30th anniversary edition of Possum Magic, along with tickets to see Possum Magic- the Musical.   The day finally arrived, and today we took her to The National Theatre in St. Kilda. We didn’t take baby Ike along, but as soon as we walked into the theatre I felt a pang of guilt because the theatre was filled with children of all ages- even babes in arms.

Possum Magic is a brilliant show. I knew that instantly; within minutes Roo had the children giggling and calling out ‘G’day’ in their loudest voices. There were also other opportunities throughout the show for the kids to sing and dance along.

Importantly, the musical holds true to the original story written by Mem Fox, which means children can follow along with understanding. The show is presented by a versatile cast of six. Not only are they talented puppeteers, but they also personify the animals so skilfully.

The show was an absolute delight to watch. The characters and elaborate costumes and props all look like they’ve jumped straight out of the pages of the book. I loved Grandma Poss’ slippers and rusty, yellow bicycle; Cam was smitten by Hush, particularly the invisible version; and Hubby was impressed by Roo, a full-body puppet. Oh, and the stunning Vegemite dress deserves a mention too.

The show received accolades from Cam. She talked about Possum Magic over lunch. She talked about Possum Magic during the car trip home. She spent time poring over the book when she got home, pointing out what was and wasn’t in the musical. She talked about Possum Magic over dinner. We read Possum Magic at bedtime. And with the help of Cam, we’ve decided that Possum Magic might be a good theme for Ike’s first birthday party. I think it will be really lovely for her to play a role in the planning of her little brother’s party.

There are still a number of weeks left of the Australian Farewell Tour, so if the show is coming to a venue near you then I highly recommend you take the kids along. Take a look at the tour dates here.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos to share with you, but there is a small selection of photos on the Possum Magic Musical website.

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Possum Magic the Musical

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Possum Magic the Musical

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