Snow White Birthday Party: Fairy-tale Decorations and Party Food

Snow White Birthday Party and Cake

Because her newborn brother was in NICU, Christmas 2012 was miserable for Cam. Hosting a memorable birthday party was a priority for me this year. When asked what type of party she would like, I wasn’t at all surprised when Cam asked for a princess party.

Cam is already familiar with the stories of most princess fairy-tales, but I took the opportunity to explore them further with her. I invited her to help me plan the party. We read a range of traditional fairy-tales, and talked about the settings, characters and symbols in each. We even came across a new fairy-tale that neither of us had read before, Snow White and Rose Red. This book was so beautiful that we decided to use it as part of the party decorations.

After lots of reading and talking, we finally agreed on Snow White as the birthday party theme. It lends itself beautifully to a young girl’s birthday party, with so many features that can be translated into decorations, food and games.

Our decoration, food and game ideas were inspired by:

  • An enchanted forest/woodland setting
  • Forest fruits and creatures
  • The personalities and actions of Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and the step-mother
  • Apples
  • The Magical Mirror


Snow White Birthday Party Invitation


As well as decorating the house to look like an enchanted forest, we also used yellow, blue and red in our decorations.

Guests got a taste for the theme when they entered our foyer. The table was decorated with forest animals, forest berries, an apple and brag card for the birthday girl.

Snow White Party_Entry table

Snow White Party Decorations

Scattered throughout the house were forest creatures and berries

Snow White Birthday Party Decorations

The Dwarfs were watching over their diamonds and treasure in the backyard

Snow White Party Decorations

The table setting featured woodland stools. I’ve had these tree stumps sitting in our garage for years, and thanks to this party,  creating these stools became a matter of urgency. My clever sister made the cushions using an apple fabric I had previously purchased.

Snow White Party Table setting

We were able to get offcuts of faux turf from Resource Rescue, which helped to create an enchanted forest look.

Snow White Party Table Decorations

I added black dots to the favour boxes to create the Dwarfs’ mining train. This was a feature on the table, but later the boxes were used to collect treasure as part of a treasure hunt.

Snow White Party Table Decorations


The cake was the centre piece of the sweets table. I learned from the mistakes I made with the Princess Belle cake the year before, and got this one right the first time. The trick to baking a cake in the Dolly Varden tin is to bake the cake at a low temperature for a longer period of time.

Snow White Birthday Party_ Snow White Cake

Once the mining carts were used for the treasure hunt, they were replaced with the party food. As well as some themed food items, I also served  homemade sausage rolls and party pies.

Snow White Birthday Party Food

Healthy and easy to make were Fruits of the Forest Cups:

Snow White Birthday Party Food

Cam suggested we use our bunny and bird cookie cutters to make Friends of the Forest Sandwiches. These had simple fillings: apple, vegemite, cheese,  and ham.

Snow White Birthday Party Food

Cam’s top request was for Fruits of the Forest Smoothies:

Snow White Party Food and Drink

Snow White Party Food and Drink

I’ve been looking for an excuse to make Toffee Apples ever since seeing this recipe on Picklebums. They really were a must for a Snow White Party. Poisoned apples indeed! These sweet treats were balanced with some Popcorn Cups (always popular).

Snow White Party Food

Fun and Games:

Read more about our party games and play stations here, including what you need and how to play.

Here is a snapshot of the fun and games we played at Cam’s Snow White party.

Snow White Party Games

Snow White Party Games

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Snow White Birthday Party: Fairy-tale Decorations and Party Food


  1. I am so craving a toffee apple right now hehe :-) Love the decorations and food – it was a memorable party no doubt!

  2. You are so incredibly creative! This is just brilliant! I can see that Cam had a marvelous day and you made her feel so special! :) Good job!!

  3. Oh this is lovely!! Ah girls and their princess parties huh! I love all the little details you included, with decor and food – just gorgeous! Nice idea to make it a specific princess too rather than just a general princess theme… will have to remember that, makes it so much more individual. My daughter just had her 5th birthday and we did a Princess Tea Party at her request – and it included some book reading too because as my hubby says, ‘I just cant help myself!’ ;)

  4. Such a gorgeous party! It must have taken you so much time. What a lucky little girl to have such a lovely party created for her xx

  5. Caz said: On August 12, 2013

    I am speechless, what an awesome party! Every detail is so beautiful, great job.

  6. Those apples are to die for ;-) hehehe sorry, couldn’t help myself!
    I love all the small details and decorations.
    This looks like the perfect little birthday party for a princess.
    You’ve done a stunning job & I love that Cam had so much input, she’ll definitely be raving about this for years to come

  7. Jackie, This is amazing! What a wonderful party you gave your daughter!

  8. Everything looks just gorgeous Jackie. Well done :)

  9. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING Jackie. What a fabulous job you did. Sharing on my wall. Happy Birthday to Cammy!

  10. It was really a wonderful and great party for little girl. Foods, decoration and party games that all things were superb and very interesting in that birthday party.

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Snow White Birthday Party: Fairy-tale Decorations and Party Food

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