Quick Activity Idea: Sticky-board Storytelling

A sticky-board is a great tool for stimulating your child’s story-telling. They help children to develop characters and settings.

Felt-boards are great too, but children are restricted by pre-determined themes and shapes.

A sticky-board allows children to manipulate a range of materials (in a range of sizes, colours and textures), and invites them to use their imagination in deciding how the materials will be used.

What is even more wonderful for parents is that this activity is easy and quick to set up, and will keep your children engaged for hours, even days…..until the paper loses its stick.

Getting started:

1) Attach some contact paper (sticky-backed paper) to a window or wall. Ensure the sticky side is facing out (I just use blu-tack to attach it to my window)

2) Provide your child with a range of materials.  Start by using loose bits and pieces you have accumulated. Some suggestions are listed below:

  • Icy pole sticks
  • Ribbons and fabrics
  • Pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Straws
  • Cupcake paper cases
  • Googly eyes
  • Bottle tops
    • Leaves and other nature materials

    3) Let your child work alone. Before you know it (and possibly unknowingly) they will be creating characters and setting a scene for a story.

    4) Children may begin telling a story independently as they create. Otherwise, you might like to begin a story with the characters and scene they have created.

    5) Once the ball is rolling, the story will most probably pick up momentum and become a wild and wonderful narrative.

    The image above is of Cam’s final scene. It changed numerous times throughout the day, but her story went something like this:

    Handsome and Anya chased each other through the garden.
    They saw a rainbow and followed it.
    It took them into a forest.
    They saw a house made of lollipops and popcorn. Handsome told Anya to eat it.
    A witch with a green face told them to stop eating her house. She tried to catch them.
    A friendly fairy saved them.
    They had a shower and went home.

    Quick Activity Idea: Sticky-board Storytelling


    1. Jode said: On March 14, 2013

      What a great idea Jackie! I love sticky board play but never thought about using it as a story and imagination prompt. Absolutely love Cam’s little pic and story, so sweet xx

    2. Oh this is a lovely idea Jackie! I agree with Jode, the images are perfect!

    3. What a creative idea, I can’t wait to give this a go with my girls!

    4. I love this idea!! I think even my 9 month old would like this! She’s obsessed with being at the window and standing up against it! She love to pull things on and off! :) Will be givign this one a try! :) Thanks x

    5. What a great idea. My girls would love to make one. Your daughter’s picture looks fantastic.

    6. This is such a SUPER idea – I just tried it out with my boys aged 7 and 1 1/2 plus – and although we didn’t end up with a masterpiece like your daughter’s, it did give all of us some quiet, creative moments of play. Hope to share this idea in time with my Facebook parenting page fans too at http://www.facebook.com/ConsciousParentingApproach – inviting you to come say Hello to us too! :-)

    7. It looks so colourful and fun. I also like that this is great for different age groups, because they can make their picture how they like!

    8. Love this idea! So beautiful and creative. My kids love to draw little storybooks so I know they will love this sticky board activity. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library! Pinned.

    9. Great idea! And you can retell the story as often as you wish. :)

    10. I love this, it’s so open ended and something creatively different then your usual every day play :-)

    11. Such a great activity to do with children. Love this.

    Quick Activity Idea: Sticky-board Storytelling

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