Book Review: Bea by Christine Sharpe

Children's Book Review of Bea by Christine Sharp

Bea is a quirky and warm book to read with children. It has a reassuring message that being yourself, no matter how different you are from the crowd, is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay; it’s worth celebrating.

Bea is a bird, although you wouldn’t know it based on her interests, actions and dreams. She doesn’t like to peck at ants, fluff feathers or build nests like the rest of her flock. Instead, she enjoys baking biscuits and dancing to disco beats. But more importantly, Bea has a special friend who loves her and her unusual tastes.

Bea may have unique interests and dreams, but most empowering of all is her attitude. She is confident and enthusiastic about life. And I dream that all children could feel that way about themselves.

I admire Christine Sharpe for capturing the qualities of early childhood in her debut character. My daughter Cam, like many toddlers and pre-schoolers, is much like Bea – with quirky interests, a thirst for learning and without inhibitions. I just hope she doesn’t lose that passion for life, which is why Bea has become one of my favourite books to read to her.

Christine has created multi-media illustrations, using layers of landscape photography with various fabrics and foil. She has teamed the collages with sweet watercolour and coloured-pencil illustrations. When collage is done well readers are treated to a visual feast, and that is just what Christine has created with her first picture book.

Bea likes to dress up and dance to disco beats, while the other birds flock together and fluff their feathers.

Our favourite feature in this book is the beautiful use of alliteration, which is typeset beautifully across the pages. The words just roll off your tongue as you read the story aloud. It does make for a highly enjoyable read but it is also a wonderful language feature for children. It subtly assists in their recognition of letters and sounds.

For some fun word and letter hunting, take a look at our Book Detective activity. You might just see a few sneaky peeks of Bea.

Book Detective: Letter and Word recognition game_ My Little Bookcase

Book Details:

Author and Illustrator: Christine Sharp

ISBN: 978-0702249617

Format: Hardback

Publisher: University of Queensland Press, March 2013

RRP: $24.95 (aud)

Suitable for ages: 3+

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Book Review: Bea by Christine Sharpe


  1. It sounds beautiful. Do you know any books with boys as the main character; a boy who likes to do things typically for girls? Particularly dancing?

    This book does sound really beautiful….might have to add it to our (growing thanks to you :) ) library.

  2. Great review, Jackie. Will be checking out this book for sure. And I love the photo of one of the pages in the book. Love having sneak peeks.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I will have to check this out with my nieces!

  4. Ali said: On June 17, 2013

    It sounds like a fabulous book Jackie, what a great message for kids and everyone too :)

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