Book Spotlight: Twinkle the Christmas Star

Twinkle the Christmas Star

Author: Cathie Whitmore

Illustrator: Cathy McCulloch

Publisher: Atom Children’s Books, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9806617-0-5

Format: Hardcover

For ages: 5+

Free colouring sheets are available for this book.

‘This book is made up of two stories each narrated by Ollie the Owl. The first story, Twinkle the Christmas Star, explores the magic and significance of Christmas and the Christmas Star. The second story, Twinkle Meets Santa, follows Twinkle’s very first meeting with Santa Claus and her unforgettable adventure at the North Pole with Mrs Claus and Santa’s elves.’

It was an hour AFTER my 3 year old’s bedtime and due to a Christmas party she was still awake and insisted on reading a book together before she headed off to bed.  So I pulled out Twinkle the Christmas Star.

The book was very easy to read and the rhyming was easy and flowed naturally.  My daughter listened the whole way through – pretty amazing for a tired 3 year old trying to stay awake.  It really was a hit.  The book was split into two stories to make it easier for the short attention span of a pre-schooler.

The next day my daughter picked up the book and started to flip through the pages herself talking about what she saw in the pages.  My daughter has definitely enjoyed the book.

Book Spotlight: Twinkle the Christmas Star


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