Guest Post: Harmony Day by JJ Stranan

Global Kids Oz is a company aiming to promote and encourage a more multi-culturally tolerant society. Global Oz kids believe that it ‘is through the understanding of other cultures that we also learn about our own.’ Read more about their mission here.

The website is rich with information including a calendar of global celebrations, articles on multicultural issues and an online store where you can by a range of multicultural products.

Global Kids Oz aims to bring a vast array of resources from around the world to Australian children in homes and schools. Through the use of these resources, children can begin to learn the value that each and every culture has to contribute to our society.

Resources include books, puppets, musical instruments and art from over 135 countries. You can shop by age, country or product category.

JJ Stranan is the owner and founder of Global Kids Oz. She shares with My Little Bookcase readers the background and importance of Harmony Day in Australia.

Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs!

Yes, everyone – man, woman and child – irrespective of skin colour, cuisine, culture, music, language, traditional practices and beliefs belong to this world that we have built. Be it your Indian neighbour’s practice of applying a red mark on their forehead on special days or your Mexican friend’s tradition of observing the Day of the Dead, diversity pops up everywhere we turn.

Harmony Day offers an unparalleled opportunity to teach young children about the value and importance of diversity. It helps them appreciate other cultures as well as the indigenous culture better as they grow older. We are celebrating Harmony Day and hope you are too!

About Harmony Day

This special day is a nod to the cultural diversity that abounds in Australia. It is celebrated all over the Land of Oz on 21 March each year.  Harmony Day was first incorporated in 1999, and since then a wide variety of groups including sports organizations, community groups, local government, schools and businesses have staged more than 25, 000 Harmony Day events. The day also coincides with the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Harmony Day is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The purpose of this celebration is to give people the opportunity to celebrate the individuality of every Australian. This year, Everyone Belongs is the prominent message behind Harmony Day.

This day also encourages Australians to reflect on Australia’s historical roots, and give due recognition to the traditional owners of the country. The government is also making a strong effort to push the message of community participation, inclusiveness and respect. Towards this, DIAC often supports a wide range of community events and activities held to celebrate Harmony Day by providing free promotional products.

Celebrating Harmony Day with books

We are One

by Jennifer Black and published by Illumination Arts LLC

My Granny Went to Market

by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr by Barefoot Books

World Playground Activity Kit

published by Putumayo World Music

Layla’s Headscarf

by Miriam Cohen  and published by Star Bright Books

Fair Skin Black Fella

by Renee Fogarty and published by Magabala Books

Do you have a book sitting in your bookcase that would celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity?

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