TRICK OR TREAT ROLL- A Halloween Game for Young Children

Recognising or celebrating Halloween isn’t common in Australia. Until recently that is. There are products, decorations and lollies galore in the stores this year.

They haven’t gone unnoticed by Cam either. She’s been asking lots of questions about Halloween.

Cam learnt about Trick-or-Treating by reading And Then Comes Halloween. You can read our review of the book.

This is her favourite page and she’s just crazy about the idea of lollies (candy).

She’s been asking every day if we can go trick-or-treating on Halloween. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not common in Australia and she’s also a little too young. So, I decided to create a game for her to play instead, TRICK-OR-TREAT ROLL. It’s a great alternative to trick-or-treating for young children.


You will need:

  • A Trick-or-Treat Die (Dice)

I asked hubby for an off-cut of timber. (But you could make a cube out of heavy-stock card). I painted the cube, and labelled each side with a word (either ‘trick’ or ‘treat’) and a matching image.

  • A bag or basket of treats (These do not have to be lollies. I added a few cheap items to our basket that I found at the variety store, plus a handful of lollies)

  • Some tricks

I found this great set at Aldi (It is really a science kit for kids aged 8+ but it  includes some props we could definitely use: a fake spider, severed finger trick, prankster dice etc.)

Some other trick ideas:

-Buzzing handshake

-Mini water gun

-Popping Candy or War Heads


How to Play

1) Dressing up in Halloween costumes is optional (but it will get kids into the trick-or-treating spirit)

2) Ask your child to roll the die (dice)

3) If the die (dice) lands on ‘treat’, they can choose a treat from the Halloween basket

4) If the die (dice) lands on ‘trick’, you have to perform a magic trick for them

5) Take it in turns until every family member has had a turn.

I’ve introduced the game to Cam. On Halloween, we are going to visit her grandparents so she can ask them (and her aunties) to play the game with her (She then has a chance to trick-or treat others, and she can practise her magic tricks).

Understanding Tricks

We have been reading Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks to Cam to help her understand the notion of a magic trick or prank.
Book Review:

This sweet story is perfect for introducing children to the notion of magic tricks.

Hedgehog attempts to perform a magic show for his friends. He thinks that by saying ‘abracadabra’ and waving his magic wand he can make Mouse disappear and pull Rabbit out of a hat. He gets a little upset when his tricks don’t work.

Hedgehog’s friends play a trick of their own by making a cake magically appear and then disappear. But their best trick of all is making Hedgehog feel like it was all his doing.

By looking carefully at the delightful illustrations, children can learn that magic tricks are planned and set-up behind the scenes.

Book Details:

Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks

By Ruth Paul

ISBN: 978-1921977688

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Walker Books, September 2012

RRP: $24.95 (aud)

Suitable for ages: 2+

TRICK OR TREAT ROLL- A Halloween Game for Young Children


  1. As always a fantastic post and great ideas. I love the book recommendations and will be looking for them at the bookstore. Thanks for sharing on Boo! Linky.

    • Thank you Stephanie. I love it when my daughter enjoys my ‘grand’ ideas and this one was a huge hit! The Boo Linky was awesome.

  2. Your posts are always amazing! :) I love the books you discover too! Cam looks like she’s enjoying herself! I read the title twice as Trick or Treat Troll!! haha!

  3. Another unique idea Jackie. I sooo need to do this one with Miss Possum. She’d love it! I don’t think I’ve seen any halloween books out in the shops in Australia, which is disappointing because there’s so much merchandise.

    • That’s a shame that you haven’t been able to find any in stores near you. I agree though, I’ve never seen so much Halloween merchandise.

  4. What a great idea….and pics!! Love that you found some books too…i haven’t seen any here…just wish we had some that didn’t talk about ‘candy’ lol!

  5. Since I am not a huge fan of Halloween, I wish it wasn’t such a big deal here in the U.S. (I’ll be taking my two-year-old and four-year-old out trick-or-treating, so I’m sure your daughter wouldn’t be considered too young here!) I love this idea for a game…this is something my boys would definitely love to play.

    • I find it really interesting that things can be perceived differently in different parts of the world.

  6. What a fun idea. I love the idea for a “tricks” basket!

  7. Just letting you know I’m featuring this post on this week’s Tuesday Tots post on Learn with Play at home. Thanks for linking up :)

  8. What a cute idea for a game. And I love how you tied it in to so much great literature! Thank you so much for linking up to Discover & Explore!

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TRICK OR TREAT ROLL- A Halloween Game for Young Children

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