Where in the world is my daughter?

For most of the day my daughter likes to be right by my side, but every now and then she will wander off by herself to another place in the house (sometimes even when we have visitors).

So off I head, on a hunt around the house, looking for my daughter and where do I find her?

At the bookshelf, in a book,

by the window reading the day’s  junk mail,

in my bed with a book,

hiding in her tee pee with a book (along with the friends she’s dragged in with her),

on the couch with a book (and her snacks),

hiding in a nook with a book,

in a kitchen corner with a book,

up on the bookshelf with a book,

on the floor with a book,

on the run, looking for a secret place to read,

sometimes anywhere will do, as long as she’s got a book,

and if she’s not reading a book she’s carting them from one place to another

Where do you catch your children reading?

If you’ve caught your children hiding with a book, send us a photo and we’d happily add them to our ‘Family Tales’ gallery.

Where in the world is my daughter?

  1. Thanks for adding this. So wonderful to see her enjoy her books…everywhere! I might just have to keep the camera at hand and see how often I find our son with a book in his hand.

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