Song and Rhyme Party

My daughter recently turned two. I’m a huge admirer of themed party planning. Although I certainly can’t pull it off like many creative party planners.

Having said that, I also think it’s extremely important for children to have input into their own parties. ‘Songs and rhymes’ was chosen as the theme for my daughter’s birthday because singing and dancing is what my daughter enjoys most at the moment.

Life is all about nursery rhymes for us at the moment. We listen to nursery rhymes in the car, we act them out at playgroup, we dance to them while watching playschool and she takes control of her own mini CD player in her bedroom.

As it turns out, a ‘Song and Rhyme’ Party is perfect for a toddler’s party. Most toddlers love to sing and dance, or at the very least make lots of noise with instruments.

Here’s a little overview of our party:

The invitations

We had already decided on the theme when I came across these invitations by Petite Marguerite. They were perfect. I used the matching thank you cards for food labels and favours.

The songs

Over breakfast one morning I asked my daughter what songs she’d like to dance to at her party. This was the playlist she dictated. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow topped the list. She knows these songs from our weekly playgroup sessions and from our Playschool and PSST CDs. CHECK OUT OUR LATEST GIVEAWAY, IF YOU’D LIKE YOUR OWN RHYME CD AND SONGBOOK.

  • Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

  • If You’re Happy and You Know It

  • Row, Row, row your boat

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  • Twinkle Twinkle

  • Der Galumph went the little green frog

  • Hokey Pokey

  • Happy Birthday (of course)

The list was given to my husband whose job it was to learn to play them on the guitar for the party. He was the official music man on the day. The kids loved to help make the music too!

The food

I tried to match each food item with the songs we were singing at the party

  • Scarecrow birthday cake (Dingle Dangle Scarecrow)

  • Star fruit skewers (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

  • Frog in a pond (Der Galumph)

  • Milk Shake/ Milo and Milk (Hokey Pokey)

  • Piano Sandwiches

  • Mini Quiches (Row, Row, Row your Boat)

The party favours

Most of the kids at the party were under 2, so lollies weren’t really an option. I wanted the favours to match the theme but to also be something practical for the kids.

I decided to make musical instruments for the kids to take home. The maracas also served another purpose. Instead of simply adding rice to the bottles, I also added 10 small objects to create I Spy Maracas.

Some of the objects related to parties and the songs. For example, balloon, candle, happy face, star.

A Colouring Table

A Happy Girl!

Song and Rhyme Party


  1. WOW, that is awesome. I wish your daughter turned 2 before mine did. :) Although we had an afternoon tea party with a castle cake (her choice) but this would have been such a fun idea.
    Love all the foods to match the songs, I might even do that one day just for some fun with my daughter. Will have to work out something for breakfast. Maybe could do The marching one (when they were up they were up) and do soldier toast with googy egg.
    Thanks for so many fantastic fun blogs.

  2. Wow, adore what creativity you came up with. Will def. be putting some of these to the test when my little one turns two. Love the star skewers.

    • They are very appealing to kids too. It does create a bit of fruit wastage but you can use it in juices

  3. How adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Inspiring! I’m a high school librarian and my little boy turns 2 in November. I had in mind a Rainbow party (the colours, pots of gold, treasures..) but now you have really got me thinking. From the invitations to the party favors – you really created a beautiful occasion to celebrate your little girl turning 2. Thank you for sharing!

  5. how creative you are–more importantly how happy tour daughter looked and that’s what counts!

    • Yes. She really had a wonderful time. I couldn’t resist adding that photo to the post. Thanks for your kind comments

  6. oops! commenting in the right spot now! I love this party! I love how its not too over the top styled, its just right. I also think what a lucky girl to have a Mummy and Daddy that put so much thought into her party.

    • Certainly not over-the-top- I reached my creative limits with this party. Thanks for your really lovely comments.

  7. These ideas are really impressive. Wish I was as creative. Love it all,especially the I Spy Bottles.

  8. love, love, love the invites. on my list to buy for our little girl Abigail Rose’s 2nd birthday. the star shaped fruit skewers are a great idea & I love the flavoured milk dinks in labelled bottles. love the vintage theme.

    • Yes the invitations are just adorable. Make sure you check out Petite marguerite- Lots of cute things like ‘Tooth Fairy cards’

  9. What a gorgeous post and party! I love how you matched everything so well. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I especially love the I Spy maracas – will have to keep them in mind for future parties here.

  10. I love nursery rhymes and have so enjoyed passing this love onto my daughter! What a great party!

  11. I really have a tendency to go along with the whole thing that is authored within “Song
    and Rhyme Party | My Little Bookcase”. Thanks for all of the actual advice.
    I appreciate it,Fredrick

  12. What an adorable little party! Love the favors too. :-)

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