A baby’s first book: A precious milestone

Two months ago, we welcomed a gorgeous little man into our lives, a precious soul whose presence had been much anticipated.

On 10 December, I introduced him to the My Little Bookcase community as Zac, thinking this would become his moniker (many of you would already know that I’m a name-shortening culprit).

The next day we rushed him to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where we have spent the majority of the past two months. At just five weeks, he underwent bowel surgery.

It seems we never really called him Zac at all .Instead, when we’re not calling him by his full name we actually find ourselves referring to him as Ike: a strong name for a resilient little boy.

When Ike’s I.V. and monitoring leads were finally removed we celebrated by ‘reading’ him his first book (after a long cuddle and a walk down the corridor).

Mesmerised by Katey Love was our book of choice. I’ve had a copy of this book since I began My Little Bookcase. Cam was just a little old for the book at the time, so I’ve been waiting patiently to ‘read’ it with my second child.

Mesmerised is a small format board book made up of distinctive, black and white images and patterns. Each double page spread features a silhouette image of an animal or creature and an associated pattern. For e.g. a ladybird and polka dots, a snail and a spiral.

As you can see, Ike really is mesmerised by this book. There are many other reasons to love this book too:

  • The high contrast in the black and white images and patterns are perfect for babies as their vision develops
  • The images help parents to introduce vocabulary and stimulate a discussion with baby
  • Without any words, parents can develop their own stories to share with their baby as they explore the book together
  • Being exposed to a small, board book from a young age, babies begin to develop an understanding of book concepts (e.g. turning a page etc.)

You can purchase a copy of Mesmerised at www.booksfornewborns.com.au for $13.95 (aud) + postage and handling.

Now we have this precious little boy home with us we can’t wait to embark upon a reading journey with him.

A baby’s first book: A precious milestone


  1. Jackie- Ike is a beautiful baby boy! What a difficult journey you’ve been on for the past couple of months. I’m so glad you are able to have your sweet little boy home with you now to read and snuggle to your hearts content. Best wishes and congratulations!

  2. That last photo is particularly gorgeous – what a cheeky smile! So glad he’s home with you. Looks like “Mesmerised” is going to get quite a work out, Jackie!

  3. SO so so happy to know all went well and your little bubba is home with you all! Reallly pleased to know everything fell into place. Must be such a relief now! You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers all along. xoxo

  4. He is gorgeous. So glad for you that he is ok.

  5. Oh wow, he is gorgeous! What precious memories!

  6. Very glad that he is ok! I know … it is strange but we use special app in Ipad for little baby – is “happy newborn”. It app is in applestore. There are a lot of white-black images, slide show and toys. Instruction is very detail (but design is terrible :(). Link here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/happy-newborn/id595333962?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8 (I don’t know how put link).

  7. So glad he came through the surgery so well. And so happy for you to be able to start enjoying family life with Ike. (great name). Love how mesmerised he is by the book.

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