Book List: Alphabet Books

As we know, learning to read is extremely complex. Learning to read requires the ability to recognise and understand the alphabet. To be an effective reader,  it is essential to learn the sounds that letters and letter combinations make, along with the letter names.

Reading  books with our children is so powerful. Reading alphabet books alone, without any extra instruction, is a wonderful way to simply  expose your child to the alphabet and help them hear a range of sounds that are associated with each letter.

There are a countless number of alphabet books available, but they share similar qualities. Most of them are fun or interactive, while many others are full of alliteration.

Reading these books can be far more enjoyable than flash cards and drill based learning. If your child is in kindergarten or school, it is also an effective but casual way to support or consolidate the learning taking place there.

Below is just a small selection of some recently published alphabet books. I hope you can find one that your child will enjoy.

Apple Pie ABC

Author: Alison Murray


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Orchard Books/Hachette Children’s Books, May 2010

This traditional verse is retold with wit, filled with charm and illustrated with tremendous style by an exciting debut artist. Follow the funny exploits of the completely lovable pup, Georgie, as he does his best to get his paws on the pie! We love this book. Read our book spotlight.

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Alphabet Books for Babies and Toddlers:

You might also be interested in our Australian Alphabet Book list for younger readers.

A Child’s First ABC Alphabet

Author: Alison Jay


Format: Board book

Publisher: Hardie Grant, January 2005

“Alison Jay weaves potent magic as she leads grown-ups and children alike on a very special journey through the alphabet.” – back cover. Alison Jay’s signature illustration style brings a child’s fist numbers and ABC to life. There is much more hiding in the illustrations than at first appears…

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Maisy’s ABC

Author: Lucy Cousins


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Candlewick/Walker Books, July 2008

Maisy is having some imaginative alphabet fun with her friends. She sails in a boat, balances on an elephant’s trunk, flies a kite, dresses up as a queen, rides a train and makes music. There are tabs to pull and flaps to lift and each letter is drawn as a capital and in lower case, with a word beside or beneath it. There’s never been such an enjoyable way to learn the alphabet!

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Theme Based Alphabet Stories:

Oh, Baby! The A to Z

ISBN: 978-1742032306

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Black Dog Books (Walker Books), May 2010

An alphabet book full of cute and fuzzy baby animals that represent each letter of the alphabet.

An A to Z of Pirates

Author: Caroline Stills and Heath McKenzie


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Little Hare Books, March 2011

With a search-and-find on every page, this is the book for all boys and girls who dream of sailing the seven seas. The rhythmic text will have readers singing shanties, wearing eye patches and growling ‘argh’ in no time. We love this book. Full review coming soon.

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A is for Annabelle: A Doll’s Alphabet

Author: Tasha Tudor


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks/ Simon & Schuster) August 2004

Learn the alphabet from A to Z with the help of Annabelle the doll. Each gorgeously illustrated spread features one of her favorite things. With an antique box, a parasol, and yarn for mending, children can learn the alphabet in grand style.

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C Is for Caboose: Riding the Rails from A to Z

Author: Tracy N. Todd


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2007

Pack your bags for an unforgettable trip! An unexpected mix of vintage illustrations and contemporary photos makes this word book about trains as entertaining to look at as it is to read. With simple information about everything from the transcontinental railroad to the model trains, C Is for Caboose is sure to excite young readers’ natural curiosity and fill their heads with details they’ll be eager to share.

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A Dictionary of Dance

Author: Liz Murphy


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Blue Apple Books/Chronicle Books, July 2007

Dance is not just an art, it’s a whole different language! In A Dictionary of Dance, readers will learn about arabesques, break dancing, choreographers, and the zones of the body—everything that comes together to make a dance, whether it’s ballet or the polka. Liz Murphy’s dynamic and expressive artwork is sure to inspire readers of all ages to get up and dance!

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Clever and Artistic Alphabet Books:

Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet

Author: Paul Thurlby


Format: Board Book

Publisher: Hardie Grant, April 2011

A must-have book for funky first readers and stylish parents. Discover an alphabet like no other! Each letter becomes it’s word, so the shapes are memorable for young readers. The first children’s board book from highly-collectible graphic artist Paul Thurlby. We love this book. Full review coming soon.

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Authors: Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Blue Apple Books/Chronicle Books, September 2009

From an alligator made of aaa’s to a zebra made of zzz’s, the alphabeasties in this book are ingeniously built out of multiple typefaces. Adults and children will be engaged and delighted with the flaps, which lift to reveal “beasties” for each letter of the alphabet.

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Author: Anne Guery and Olivier Dussutour


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books/Walker Books, July 2009

A fun introduction to both the alphabet and the work of famous artists. Readers can search the paintings of Giotto, Chagall, Picasso, Dalí, Klee and many more to discover the letter hiding within. We love this book. Read our book spotlight.

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Interactive/Lift-the-flap Alphabet Books:

The Most Amazing Hide-And-Seek Alphabet Book

Author: Robert Crowther


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Candlewick Press/Walker Books, July 2010

A is for Ape, B is for Bear, C is for Crocodile. Pull the tabs and lift the flaps to make frogs leap, hens peck, koalas climb, mice scuttle, owls blink, snakes uncoil … and learn the alphabet at the same time! We love this book. Full review coming soon.

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Author: Matthew Van Fleet


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Books, September 2008

In Matthew Van Fleet’s incredible new multiconcept book, over 100 creatures and plants from A to Z hilariously demonstrate action words, synonyms, opposites, and more. Young explorers are challenged to spot four plants or animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Twenty-three textures plus foils, flaps, pull tabs, and even a scratch-and-sniff scent add to the interactive surprises on every page. We love this book. Full review coming soon.

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Alpha Bugs: A Pop-Up Alphabet

Author: David A. Carter


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Little Simon, June 2006

From boogie-woogie Bubble Bugs to upside-down Umbrella Bugs, this fun-filled pop, pull, and peek book makes learning the alphabet exactly eight Egg Bugs excellent.

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Quirky and Humorous Alphabet Books:

Alpha Monsters

Author/Illustrator: Chris Kennett

ISBN: 978-1741697612

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, April 2011

An entertaining book about Freddy who enters a monster’s world to help find A’s lost teddy. A great story that uses alliteration to highlight each letter of the alphabet.

Arnie and Barney’s Crazy Alphabet Action Adventure

Author: Emma Dodson

ISBN: 978-1407111094

Format: Hardcover/Novelty

Publisher: Scholastic, 2010

Meet Arnie the monster and his silly sidekick, Barney the monster dog, as they learn their ABCs. As Arnie and Barney’s story unfolds, each letter comes to life with pull-tabs, flaps and novelties galore. Children will love joining in with this crazy monster duo as they explore, gallop, illuminate, juggle, lick and skip their way through this hilarious, original and action-packed novelty alphabet book! We think this book is fun. Full review coming soon.

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Alpha Oops!: The Day Z Went First

Author: Alethea Kontis and Bob Kolar


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Candlewick/Walker Books, July 2006

Z is tired of always having to be last when the alphabet family lines up. He is demanding fair and equal treatment! The letters (more or less) agree to go backward, but it’s not long before P has some ideas of his own. And so does H, for that matter. In fact, it seems as if almost every letter has an idea about how the alphabet should be arranged. It’s chaos! It’s pandemonium! And it’s definitely not as easy as A-B-C!

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G Is for One Gzonk!:

Author: Tony DiTerlizzi


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Simon Scribbles, November 2006

Tiny DiTerlooney is a little boy with a big imagination who would like to introduce us to some rather bizarre creatures, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet. These include the Acks (red, like to eat dirty clothes) and the Dinkalicious Dinky (likes to eat bananas from a tin, while balancing on a pin). But Tiny’s celebration of letters is unexpectedly disrupted when a group of numbers decides to turn the alphabet book into a counting book. This is a highly entertaining ‘alpha-number-bet’ book, which revels in rhyme and nonsense! We think this book is fun. Full review coming soon.

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Is there a wonderful alphabet book missing from this list. Please share below.

Book List: Alphabet Books


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