Reading Tip: Ideas for creating a reading space for your child

12 Tips for Creating a Reading Space for Kids_ My Little Bookcase

The importance of a special place for your child to read should not be underestimated. It is a place made especially for reading books, a place that invites you to be calm and quiet, a place where you can be alone with your favourite characters, a place where you can get lost in a wonderful story, a place where your imagination will be stimulated and a place where a love of reading begins.

Below we provide you with 12 elements to think about when designing and setting up a reading space for your children. We’ve also included images of some extremely creative and beautiful spaces that will hopefully inspire you.(Click on the images to be taken to the original source for more further information)

Take your time

Before you set up a space, take the time to watch your child interact with books until you notice a pattern of the types of places they like to read. This will help you set up a space that your child will feel comfortable in and willingly visit.


Provide ample space in your reading area for your child to invite you or another guest (parents, grandparents, siblings, friends or special dolls and teddies) to join them in a story.

Source: Kara's Corner

Source: Kojo Designs

In fact,  it would be nice for a few regular friends (a.k.a. soft toys) to live in the space permanently. Reading stories aloud to toys is great for language development.

Source: Bloesem Kids


Set up the reading space in warm place within the house. You might even like to add a blanket to the space. No one can enjoy a book with cold feet.

Source: Booooooom


Set up your reading space in a light-filled room and have a lamp set up for night-time reads.

Source: Little Hell Raiser

Source: Miki Duisterhof of Country Living

Source: Ohdeedoh

Book storage

Don’t overload the space with too many books, but make sure there is storage for a few books that are easy for your child to access. We can’t speak highly enough of forward facing book shelves. You could even try baskets or boxes too. Along with some favourite books, we also suggest rotating the books you store in this area. They might be books that have been borrowed from the library or books based around a theme or time of the year.

Source: The Sweet Survival

Source: Blueberry Fields

Source: See Rebecca Sew


Create a comfortable and cosy space for your child. It could be a comfy couch, beanbag or a whole heap of cushions. There are so many options but the idea is that your child can relax their body and feel comfortable.

Source: The Life and Times of The Sleepy Time Gal

Source: Mama Without Borders

Source: Kelly Devoil Photography


Try to set up the reading space in a quiet part of the house  away from distractions such as television, dishwashers and washing machines. This will help your child to focus on the book they are reading.


You want the reading space to be a place that your child enjoys visiting. Children will be keen to visit the reading space if it is aesthetic and inviting. You can do this with bright colours, cute décor or with your child’s favourite items. We love idea of using wording from your child’s favourite book on the wall.

Source: Spearmint Baby

Source: Once Upon A Craft Time

Source: Pretty Handy Girl


I’ve caught children (my daughter included) hiding away in the smallest of nooks with a book. Sometimes they like to get away from the hustle and bustle of family life and escape to a private space where they can get lost in a book without being bothered or distracted. This could be something to consider when setting up your reading space. Tee Pees are an easy way to create private spaces.

Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

Source: Southern Disposition

Source: Bla Fre

A book haven

A reading space should be a place where books are celebrated. You can do this by displaying original book illustrations,  book inspired prints or art created from some vintage book pages.  Books Illustrated sells original artwork from Australian picture books.

Source: Meg Duerksen, Whatever

Source: Heart Felt

A Little Must Have Made It Store

Collecting Feathers Etsy Store

Wouldn't It be Loverley Made It Store


Invite the kids to have some input into what they’d like in the space. Let them be involved in creating the space. For example, Childhood 101 shared a great idea of making a bunting using the front covers of a child’s favourite books.

Source: Childhood 101

You might also consider  making the space personal for them by adding personalised items.

Available from My Sweet Prints

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Oh Buckets! Etsy Store

Multiple Spaces

If you have the space within your home, it is ideal to set up a number of different reading spaces in the house so children have a range of spaces they can visit to read a book depending on their mood and book choice. There’s also no reason why you have to limit your reading space to the indoors either.

Source: Spearmint Baby

Source: The Reed Life

Source: Tatertots & Jello

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Reading Tip: Ideas for creating a reading space for your child


  1. Thankyou! what a gorgeous post! We don’t have a lot room but this was very inspiring! I’m thinking I will be getting some of those little forward facing shelves…..makes reading more tempting doesn’t it!

  2. I loved looking at this…makes my son’s space seem a little messy – however I am working on a remodel so hope to have a more comfy space for him soon.
    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and ideas

  3. We have lots of reading nooks, not many (ha!) as gorgeous as these images you’ve collected. Here’s a post I wrote about a nook the cherubs created themselves without any assitance:

  4. These are wonderful and inspiring reading spaces! I created a little one in our home here


  5. Thank you for the inspiration I am starting a new project tomorrow of creating a reading space for my little ‘Archer’ (2 years old)

  6. Isa said: On July 22, 2011

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful source of inspiration!!! I love them all!

    Thanks for featuring Fe’s book nook, too! :)

  7. These are gorgeous. Fantastic inspiration!

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Reading Tip: Ideas for creating a reading space for your child

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