5 Complete Disney Read to Me Collections to WIN- Closed

This Sunday, The Sunday Telegraph will launch its collection of Disney Read to Me Storybooks and CDs. There are 14 storybooks and CDs to collect over 14 days, featuring timeless classics and new favourites.

The Daily Telegraph & Disney Read to Me Little LibraryOn Sunday 8 February, the first book and CD (Frozen) together with the collector’s case is  FREE with the purchase of  a Sunday Telegraph newspaper from participating newsagents and Coles and Woolworths supermarkets (while stocks last).

Each day for the following two weeks, subsequent books will be available for only $2.50 each with the purchase of a Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Advertiser, Courier Mail, NT News or Mercury newspaper  (while stocks last).

Disney Newspaper Book Collection by The Daily Telegraph


To celebrate, we have FIVE complete sets to give away. Each set includes a copy of Frozen, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Snow White, Peter Pan, Cars, Sofia, Lion King, Bambi, Planes, Cinderella, and Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid, Toy Story and a collector’s case.

The Daily Telegraph and Disney Read to Me Collection


Simply share your favourite Disney classic in a comment below.


1. Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.

2. All entries must be received by 9 pm (AEDT) on Friday 6 February 2015

3. FIVE  winners will be chosen by Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase, according to creativity of entries

4. The winners will be notified via social media (and via email if addresses are provided). The selected winners must be contactable. Please send a private email or message if your social media accounts are private.

5. The winners are asked to send a reply email or message with delivery details. Sorry, PO Boxes cannot be accepted.

6. My Little Bookcase is required to pass winners’ details onto The Daily Telegraph’s PR team who are responsible for the direct delivery of the Disney Read to Me Storybook and  CD collections.

5 Complete Disney Read to Me Collections to WIN- Closed


  1. The little mermaid, her red hair is me, but without a tail.

  2. My all time favourite Disney Classoc is Dumbo. That muma loves her baby, and Casey Junior is one cool train.

  3. It has to be Peter Pan. Growing up, reading this book I always want to be like Peter – the kid who never grew up. Even now, I still enjoy sharing the adventures of this beautiful book with my children.

  4. My favourite Classic is Bambi. It was the first movie my mother took me to see – I am now 53 so it was a long time ago! Still love it!

  5. What a great pack for boys & girls … Kids of all ages! My Fave … Is Nemo. Irresistible! Cheers, Denyse

  6. Bambi – I love them all but there is something very special about sharing a story I loved as a child with my children – and seeing them respond to it in the same way I remember doing myself.

  7. Finding Nemo, because I too would face my greatest fears to get my child back.

  8. Pocahontas: The first film that opened my eyes and taught me to hate oppression and ignorance in all its forms.

  9. watching the Lion King and getting all teary when he holds his newborn son up for the whole world to see, so proud, reminds me of the day my first born arrived.

  10. The Lion King, I have even named my pets after the character’s in it :)

  11. The lion king is my absolute fav was when i was a kid and is my sons fav too

  12. Aladdin. Both my son and daughter love the story, the music but especially the colours.

  13. We love Nemo! We’ve watched it soooo many times we can now speak Whale. :-)

  14. My kids grew up with toy story, now it’s time for another generation to enjoy

  15. Mum took me to “the pictures” to see Bambi when I was a whipper snapper centuries ago. Would love my grand-kids to appreciate it too.

  16. I just adore Nemo he is such a brave little man.

  17. My favourite classic moment is the movie Fantasia i loved the musical piece with mickey

  18. Toy story…your never too old to love toys

  19. Peter Pan for me as I loved the adventures he went on

  20. Nemo it caught the families attention with time together

  21. These stories are all my daughters favourite. I’m sure she isn’t alone.

  22. Peter Pan – I loved it then & still love it now (as do my kids).. Who didn’t want Peter to fly into their bedroom at night & take them away on adventures. I’ve always longed to fly & used to have dreams of lying on my back doing the backstroke but not in water, but in the air instead. All the characters are so endearing, especially Tink!

  23. As dad of two young boys it’s Cars we really like,
    Number One
    has bike called McQueen – Number Two has Mater as his trike!

  24. Anna, saved by a true loves’ kiss. Not by a man, by her sister! awwwwwww

  25. Magic, colour, beauty, humbleness, a beautiful palace, Rajah & a Genie? Only in Aladdin! I’ve loved this story ever since it was released in 1992.

  26. Frozen, is our number one,
    My 2 daughters and I has so much fun
    Watching this on the big screen,
    The best movie we had ever seen
    Drama, mystery, love and sisterly bond
    All combined made us all fond
    Of Anna, Elsa and the rest
    The song Let It Go is simply the BEST!

  27. I have a little princess,
    As sweet as sweet can be,
    Each week we take some time ,
    A different classic from Disney!
    She listens to every words,
    Adoring the Cinderelly mice
    And thinks that Snow White,
    Is really truly nice!
    But her favourite book of all,
    As a kid my favourite too,
    Is the classic Sleeping Beauty,
    After reading she’ll sleep like her too!

  28. Pinocchio! We can all relate to Pinocchio: falling for temptation, not listening to our ‘conscience’ and lying. But he isn’t unlikeable, he is just an innocent child! His love for Geppetto really shone when he went to save his family in the whale courageously!

    He might have been a puppet then, but what a human boy!

  29. Would love to win this for my little grand niece.

  30. My favourite is The Jungle Book. Every time I watch it, it just takes me back to my childhood. Plus the songs are so catchy!

  31. We all love the little mermaid in our house!

  32. How do you pick , I LOVE THEM ALL my fondest childhood memmories were 630 every sunday night , you could guarantee there was a Disney movie on , now I have children of my own I could only wish it was still the same

  33. It began in nineteen ninety four
    See ”The Lion King”, hear them roar!
    I’ll never forget the true family values I learnt from The Lion King,
    Now I love seeing my children sing along to the songs I use to sing to
    “Hakuna Mata”

  34. Aladdin and even more so now after just seeing it come alive again on Broadway

  35. The Lion King

  36. Frozen is a huge hit here (naturally haha!) The message of love between sisters has been really appropriate for our 3yr old twins, and I often hear them quoting lines from the movie. My favourite time was when I heard them discussing that you can only marrying someone if it’s true love – I hope they remember this when they are older :)

  37. Nemo! I love the ‘Australian- ness’ of it, the marvelous visuals of life under the sea, the messages of trust and endurance, the focus on family and the fact that it gives every kid an amazing chance to daydream about the adventures of the fish in their very own fishtanks!

  38. Disney tales are so beautiful and it’s definitely difficult to choose just one. I must admit Rapunzel is a favorite in our family especially since we have our own little long haired girl who wants her hair to be as long as Rapunzels. Fingers crossed she doesn’t get locked in a tower though …hehee

  39. Di said: On February 5, 2015

    Ugly duckling…..because nobody is ever ugly.

  40. My children loved Winnie the Poo and all the characters. Tigger is the best. We all act like Tigger and bounce around the house.
    I am sure my grandchild would love this as well.

  41. The Lion King has huge sentimental value for me.

  42. Finding Nemo as it shows the lengths a parent will go for their child, a beautiful story!

  43. Finding Nemo his bright. colourful and it has an amazing story to follow

  44. My favourite is ‘The Lion King’, due to the fabulous score, and the way it portrays coping skills/good vs evil in an enjoyable way, for children and adults alike.

  45. We love Cars, especially Mater he makes the whole household giggle.

  46. Beauty and the Beast has held a spot in my heart forever… I have memories of watching it with my mum when I was very young, and now I get to watch it with my daughter. I love that it teaches little ones to look beyond the surface, and to appreciate to beauty and good within.

  47. Beauty and the Beast, because it has taught my children that true beauty comes from within, it’s about being kind to others and not only thinking about yourself.

  48. I just adore Snow White;
    But the witch gave me such a fright,
    That I couldn’t sleep at night.
    It finishes up so happy and light,
    That it’s completely alright.

  49. Dumbo. He is the grandest of all flying elephants!

  50. Every one has a passion — Pooh Bear’s is honey and he knows it tastes better when shared!

  51. Peter Pan as I always wanted to fly, and yes I do love flying even though it must be done in an airplane.

  52. I love finding nemo, it’s unforgettable

  53. My favorite Disney Character would be Cinderella. Classic story of the poor becoming a Princess – ever girls dream

  54. The Little Mermaid, I loved this movie when I was little and now im ramming it down my children’s throats so I can watch it again.

  55. The Jungle Book, a movie I loved watching growing up, wishing I was a bear just like Balloo with his bare necessities.

  56. Lion King, it promotes the wisdom and experience of the elders and the skill and strength of the younger generation. The circle of life.

  57. The Little Mermaid, I hated having red hair as a kid but loved I had a pretty Disney Princess with hair like me

  58. Bambi is our family favourite.

  59. Cinderella :)

  60. It wod have to be Cinderella if the is no Princess Belle in Beauty & the beast.

  61. Hansel and Gretel. Still gives me shivers.

  62. Bambi,because my kids just adore lambs!

  63. Frozen keeps making me think let it go – but I just can’t The Lion King is still the ultimate !

  64. Peter Pan of course. He said “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.” And my two little angels wish very very hard that they win the read to me collection.

  65. The Lion King

  66. Sleeping Beauty, my favorite Disney classic. The princess, the castle, the fairies, the curse, the witch, the dragon and of cause the charming prince! a story of Romance and Bravery is my childhood’s dream, perhaps it’s every girl’s dream too….

  67. My all time Disney Classic is definitely Mary Poppins. I grew up watching it on VHS, and the magic never left me. After watching “Saving Mr Banks” last year, it reaffirmed my love for that mischievous nanny and all the wonderful characters within the story.

  68. Definitely Toy Story. My 2 year old loves it and I love how he recognises his toys in the movies. First time he watched it he had a nap with Mr and Mrs potato head.

  69. Toy story is a favourite for us.
    We love all the characters, some are just nuts.
    Love the humour, a great message it sends.
    Always trust and take care of your friends!

  70. Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
    Snow White’s my favourite of them all!
    getting kissed by a Prince and has 7 faithful hommey’s..
    (also known as dwarves, never call them gnomey’s!)
    from cabin to palace, she’s doing ok..
    the original storybook princess of yesterday!

  71. Frozen! A new Disney that I’m sure will become a classic. It’s actually not my choice of fave, but the number of times I’ve watched it and heard the soundtrack, it’s pretty much embedded in my psyche!

  72. beauty and the beast. I was the beast and learned that true beauty is in the personality of the person-not the exterior.

  73. Catching Nemo, it is different to all the others has fun characters, and I love singing the songs to it.

  74. Snow White because the dwarfs are funny

  75. I love Finding Nemo and my kids adore the characters especially Dory she is the life of the movie, she is hilarious as her memory is not the best and pretty much forgets everything that has happen after a few minutes. I loved Dory in the way she is always happy and likes to help everyone who she meets.

  76. We love all of these but Aladdin and the lion king brings back the most childhood memories for me. They were the frozen of my time.

  77. belle as my daughter 5 thinks she her

  78. Ohhhhh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,
    Even though choosing just one is really quite atrocious,
    If you watch them all at once you might become comatose,
    Better to have a Disney marathon with the gifts that you bestow on us.

    (But in all honesty, my 2yo loves Ariel, my 5yo loves Anna, and Elsa, and this 35yo can’t go past Miss Poppins)

  79. I love Cinderella;
    She gets pursued by a lovely fella.
    Her struggle against her aunt,
    But she finally gets the Prince, and her cousins can’t.

  80. For an Evergreen Heartwarming Story you can’t go past Bambi ***

  81. Peter Pan is just a wonderful book. So interesting and makes you believe you could be one of the characters. It’s just such a gorgeous setting and so exciting.

  82. Cinderella…always :) Dreams do come true if you work hard and stay true to yourself :)

  83. We love Winnie the Pooh esp tales of a friendship stories before bed

  84. The Princess & the Frog- all the magic (Voodoo) of the South

  85. Thank you to everyone who entered. The entries were all incredible- especially the poems- and choosing just five was an incredibly difficult task.
    Congratulations to the following entrants:
    Jan Maree Mendham
    Melissa K
    Kristina S
    Joan O’Brien
    Please send an email to info@mylittlebookcase.com.au with a delivery address. :)