Book Spotlight: Me and My Mum

This book is another beauty for mothers to share with their children. Alison Ritchie has written a touching story filled with gentle rhyme.

Alison Edgson’s clever use of texture creates such a furry, fuzzy illusion. So much so, you feel the urge to jump into the book and cuddle those gorgeous bears. There is richness on each page with use of acrylic paints in lush greens and vibrant yellows and oranges

This is a basic story about a young cub who follows in her mum’s footsteps, hoping to one day be like her mummy. It’s true, this bear is one clever mum: she can make daisy chains, balance apples on her nose and skate on ice.

Throughout the book we watch the cub copy her mother as they spend time together making daisy chains, throwing leaves, swimming and roaring into a cave.

The two most special pages in the book are when the cub is scared or nervous. At night when she’s afraid of the dark or unsure about jumping over a creek, her mum is by her side.

What I love most about this story is the sentiment that young children don’t see the flaws and imperfections in their parents.

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Book Details:

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Author and Illustrator: Alison Ritchie and Alison Edgson


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Koala Books, February 2010

RRP: $14.99 (aud)

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