Book Spotlight: The Story of the Easter Bunny

Kids love to ask questions about mythical creatures. The Story of the Easter Bunny helps parents answer the familiar question, ‘How can a bunny make chocolate eggs?’ with a delightful tale about how the Easter Bunny came to be.

In this tale, the Easter Bunny starts as an apprentice to a round old couple. He watches them year after year as they blow out the insides of eggs, paint and decorate them, weave baskets and make chocolate eggs. He hops along beside them every Easter Sunday as they deliver baskets of Easter goodness to the children in their village.

As time travels, the couple get older and older and their work becomes too difficult. While they sleep, the rabbit remembers what he has watched all of these years and helps prepare and package the eggs.  Each year, the rabbit takes on more and more tasks. For many years the rabbit stays with the couple and perfects his skills until it is time for him to leave.

Children begin to discover what this little rabbit can do, so he finds a place with a secret entry that only rabbits can find. He sets up a chocolate factory (rabbit-style) and makes eggs and baskets with the help of his friends for every child.

The illustrations complement the story well. They show the cold and harsh conditions in the village where the old couple and their pet rabbit live. Among these pictures of snow and coldness are the bursts of colour that Easter brings, in the form of home decorated eggs.

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Book Details:

The Story of the Easter Bunny

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Author: Katherine Tegen

Illustrator: Sally-Anne Lambert


Format: Paperback

Publisher: HarperCollins, February 2007

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