Look See, Look At Me by Leonie Norrington

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Look See, Look At Me is set in an Aboriginal community and is the story of a three year old Aboriginal boy. It doesn’t matter where a child lives though, there are some qualities that all three year olds share and Leonie and Dee have captured that so well, in the text and illustrations.

Toddlers bring so much joy to the world and this little boy is no exception. He  exhibits confidence as he demonstrates his new skills and abilities. He seems a cheeky but endearing little character.

The book also portrays a strong sense of kinship. The young boy is never alone. He interacts with many others throughout the book: women, men, animals and other children. Most of the pages also feature members of the community in the background illustrations.

There is actually very little text in this book but the words have a beautiful simplicity that is perfect for reading aloud. The book is rich with verbs like run, jump, swing, bump, hop, wiggle, cuddle, giggle, copy, flop, and climb, almost tempting the reader to take part in the action.

The illustrations are simply divine. There’s nothing more beautiful than the colours of the outback, and Dee Huxley has emulated them beautifully with her use of pastel on coloured paper. The proportions are breathtaking as the illustrations fill the page leaving very little background. There is also a beauty in the way the dingo and crocodile mirror the boy’s movements. The original artwork is actually available for purchase through Books Illustrated.

Leonie and Dee visited communities in Northern territory to workshop the words and drawings for this book. I think that’s important to note because sometimes as readers we can underestimate the research and groundwork that authors put into their work.

Book Details:

Author: Leonie Norrington

Illustrator: Dee Huxley


Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, November 2009

Suitable for: 18 months+

Awards: CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year 2011- shortlisted, Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year 2011, Indigenous Children- shortlisted, Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards 2010, Young Children- shortlisted

RRP: $24.99 (aud)

Look See, Look At Me by Leonie Norrington

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