HOW TO CREATE A PAPER BAG RECIPE JOURNAL- for capturing your food memories

Create a paper Bag Recipe Journal. Capture your food memories. My Little Bookcase

This activity was originally published in Tiny and Little Magazine’s Food Issue, 2011.

I’m thrilled to share my love of baking with Cam, and I’m keen to capture the memories we are creating in the kitchen. I’m always taking photos of her licking the spoon or demonstrating new skills in the kitchen, but I needed a way to make sure these photos didn’t sit dormant on the computer hard drive.

Most of my favourite cookbooks are the ones that feature a compilation of recipes that have been passed down through generations or shared between friends.

So, inspired by the  style, layout and warmth of  our favourite cookbook, My Grandma’s Kitchen, Cam and I are attempting to keep a record of our recipes, cooking experiences and food memories by making a Paper Bag Recipe Journal. Creating this journal is also a a meaningful writing activity.

How to Create a Paper Bag Recipe  Journal

  • —Use lunch paper bags to create pages of the Paper Bag Recipe Journal
  • —Decorate one paper bag as the front page of the journal

Paper Bag Memory Journal_ My Little Bookcase

  • — On each of the other paper bags, write special recipes.

Paper Bag Recipe Journal_My Little Bookcase

  • — Use a range of materials to decorate the bag (e.g. stickers, ribbon, seeds, cake liners, food packaging)

Paper Bag Food Memory Hournal

  • — Use a hole punch to create two holes on the left hand side of the bags
  • — Attach the paper bags together with decorative ribbon
  • — Use the paper bags to store memories of the cooking experience or the dish. (E.g. photos of the dish or the event, family reviews of the dish, food packaging used in the recipe)
  • — You can easily add extra paper bags to the journal.

Take a look at some of our favourite recipes, cooking experiences and food memories:

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Our favourite Children’s Cookbooks

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HOW TO CREATE A PAPER BAG RECIPE JOURNAL- for capturing your food memories


  1. I just thought I would leave you a message to say that I think you are a wonderful mum. Cam and Issac are so very lucky to have you as their mum, you are able to create scuh fanatstic memories for them both. I am inspired to do this with Jess, so she can pass recipes on to her children one day also.

    Love Bec

  2. I hate cooking but miss 3 loves it. I think this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I might pin this for my Mum to give a shot, she would love it. You are so clever!!!

    • Thank you Jay. I actually got the idea when I attended a friend’s wedding a few years ago. She had used paperbags to create the order of service books. Inside one of the pockets was a tissue. I thought it was clever.

      I’m sure your mum will love this idea too

  3. I really should cook more with Dimples, he enjoys it.
    This is a really cute idea.

  4. What a lovely idea! We cook lots and I can see our recipe list growing and growing and growing…

  5. As soon as I saw this I thought it was BRILLIANT. I will be doing this with Possum as she grows and we start cooking more. THank you

  6. As a very keen baker who’s baked with Miss 3 since she was 9 months old I absolutely LOVE this idea Jackie! Those pages look amazing!! You clever lady!
    I keep a journal for both my girls with recipes, journal entries, photos and verses in it…. Perhaps this is a way to add to that and have something tangible for Miss Daisy to enjoy in relation to our baking! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a very sweet idea. We love baking together too, and I bet my kids would love to make mementos and have their own special recipe book as a result too!

  8. I love this Jackie! This will be very nice for them to look back at when they are bigger too.

  9. That is such a lovely idea. What a gorgeous memento of your time together! :)

  10. This is such a lovely idea, I would have never thought of this!

  11. Absolutely love this idea Jackie…so special. I think I might have a go at one for my teen to take with her when she leaves home as she loves to cook…thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous pics xx

  12. Do you know I was just thinking today about the food memories I’m creating with R as we have our favourite recipes that we love to cook and now that he is really interested in helping out in the kitchen. This is perfect! Thanks.

  13. Jackie, it’s a gorgeous idea!

  14. This is such a gorgeous idea, what a wonderful way to make those memories last.

  15. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it with my little ones.

  16. Just delightful Jackie! Thanks for linking this up to the Kids Co-Op. I’ll be featuring your post in my recipes roundup this week. xo P

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HOW TO CREATE A PAPER BAG RECIPE JOURNAL- for capturing your food memories

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