Book Spotlight: Here Comes Easter

This is a simple but cute story about a little girl’s search for five colourful eggs.

Here Comes Easter has it all for any toddler who delights in books: textured elements, flaps to lift and a toddler’s trusty friend.

A number of textured objects feature throughout the book, starting with a basket- an essential item for any good egg hunt. Textures  are a great way to introduce toddlers to some common adjectives like rough, bumpy and fluffy.

The story is about a toddler who sets out on an adventure to find five eggs. Her pet cat is never far behind as they search among plants, cakes, socks and marbles to find the eggs.

After filling their basket with five eggs, the toddler and the cat follow a trail of jelly beans until they reach a beautifully wrapped Easter egg. The egg sits patiently on the last page waiting for the reader to reveal the surprise hiding inside.

This is a fun and colourful book that will get toddlers excited about participating in an Easter egg hunt of their own.

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Book Details:

Title: Here Comes Easter

Author: Caroline Jayne Church


Format: Board Book

Publisher: Scholastic, 2010

Recommended age: 0+

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