Book Scavenger Hunt Printables

Book scavenger hunt printable by My Little Bookcase

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Hunting for books can be a fun family or classroom activity.

Last year, I ran a book-a-day challenge with my readers on Instagram. It was a great success, and mums and dads loved being reacquainted with favourite books that had somehow become forgotten as their little family library grew.

With Book Week around the corner, and the Children’s Book Council of Australia encouraging children to CONNECT TO READING, I thought it was time to make a kid-friendly version of this game ┬áthat parents, teachers and librarians can print and use in a flash.

How to play:

There are no rules to the game. You can use the free printables in anyway that you like. For example:

  • Ask children to find and write the titles of books on the scavenger hunt sheet.
  • Arm younger children with a camera and ask them to take photos of book covers they find with your help.
  • Use the prompts to discuss features of books (e.g. inscriptions, genre etc. ).
  • Use a stopwatch to time how long it takes for children to complete the book scavenger hunt.
  • Ask children to create their own book scavenger hunt.
  • THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS (Let us know how you use the printables)
    • Book scavenger hunt printable by My Little Bookcase

      Book Scavenger Hunt Printable by My Little Bookcase

      Download and print:

      There are two book scavenger hunts for you to enjoy. Click on the images below to download and print them.

      Book Scavenger Hunt printable by My Little BookcaseBook Scavenger Hunt by My Little Bookcase

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      Book Scavenger Hunt Printables


      1. These are inspired Jackie – I can think of so many uses for them. home, classroom, library … great way to get little minds to reflect proudly on the books they’ve read / listened to.

      2. What a great idea! Will definitely be printing these off! Thanks Jackie! :)

      3. My kids love to hunt for things – what a great way to get them to pay attention to some different aspects of the books they read and enjoy. Also a great way for me to have a few minutes to myself while they’re out tracking down their finds. Can’t wait to try these out! Thanks for sharing!

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      Book Scavenger Hunt Printables

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