10 reasons why books are important for children

10 Reasons why books are important for children_ by My Little Bookcase

I am passionate about helping children to develop a love for reading. I believe that a love of reading is a stepping stone to becoming an enthusiastic learner and a confident reader, writer and speaker.  With confidence and enthusiasm, children can enjoy a wonderful world of learning and exploration.

This list is not exhaustive, and I’d love for you to add to it, but it is a snapshot of how important books and stories are for children.

  • Sitting down with a book provides children with a time for quiet and calmness in their busy lives
  • Stories can stimulate  imagination and play
  • Reading provides parents with more opportunities to bond with their children
  • Stories provoke curiosity and discussion
  • Books provides inspiration, thought and reflection
  • Picture books help readers to develop an appreciation for art and writing
  • Reading a variety of books exposes children to a wide range of language features and vocabulary
  • Listening to stories assists in the development of  literacy skills and language development
  • Exposure to books contributes to the understanding of print concepts (eg. left to right, top to bottom)
  • Books and stories fill a child’s mind with knowledge

Let’s not stop at 10 reasons. What other benefits do books provide for children?

10 reasons why books are important for children


  1. I totally agree with your 10 reasons. Great post. :)

  2. books give opportunities to “travel” to different times and places:-)

  3. Hey Jackie,

    Great list of reasons of why books are so important for children. I also think another important reason is that it instills a passion for reading, that will hopefully last through adulthood :-)


  4. We believe in reading every day at our house. :) Sometimes it’s the only quiet time we have in the whole day!

  5. Kelly said: On June 11, 2013

    Great list, I’ve always loved reading because it allows all kinds of amazing adventures and experiences, can’t get enough of reading! And hoping to pass that love on :-)

  6. Jode said: On June 11, 2013

    What a wonderful list and so very true. I love that the benefits of reading stories doesn’t stop when you finish reading together…seeing a child go off into their own little world and playing out their favourite story is just magic to watch!

  7. Diane said: On June 11, 2013

    A book that you have had read to you as a child, becomes a valued friend as an adult, that when you reopen it and read it you always return to that feeling of safety and security you felt when it was first read to you.

    For me that book is Winnie-the-Pooh read by my awesome dad (he does the best voices). I hope my kids will have the same feelings for Pooh as I do!

  8. Lovely post Jackie. I would love to add that books let kids know that they are not alone in this world! X

  9. Such a great list of reasons why reading books is important. I think all parents need to read these and be reminded everyday.

  10. Love it. I’ve pinned this as a reminder for when I’m feeling a little bit slack. :)

  11. Great list, totally agree they’re so important. We read atleast twice a day and books are great gifts, they can last forever and hold special childhood memories

  12. Excellent list of reasons why books and reading are so important. I’d like to also add that sitting with a baby/child and reading a book together helps them to gain longer concentration skills. :-)

  13. I would also like to add that cuddling up with babies/children whilst reading books, assists in fostering a strong loving connection. :-)

  14. Just thought of another reason! Reading books before nap and bed time can help to create a positive sleep routine for babies/children. :-)

  15. Got another one! I could keep adding benefits of reading all day long! Lol! Reading books with strong, smart characters gives children great role models to look up to! :-)

  16. Kelly said: On June 12, 2013

    Love books….and this list is fabulous! I can’t think of anything to add. But I’ll tell you a quick story…My 12-year-old comes out with such amazing facts so often. Even her teachers notice it and mentioned it to me. One day, I said to her, “How do you KNOW all this stuff.” And she said, “Because I read Mum.” THAT was a very special and glad moment.

  17. I love reading to my kids and bonding with them through the stories we read. I loved to read when I was a child and still do. I’d like to pass that on to my children if I can.

  18. I love books :) I could read books with my kids all day. So glad that so far they love books too.

  19. Great post thanks for sharing – we love books too! Thanks also for joining in the parenting pin it party

  20. Debs said: On June 16, 2013

    Great list and I think my other thoughts were covered by the comments above :) If only every parent valued the importance of reading with children.

  21. All great reasons! Featuring this on Mom’s Library this week!

  22. Lovely list of reasons to engage in reading! :-)

    Sharing this today on my parenting page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ConsciousParentingApproach where we’re having a Raising Readers Special all February. Inviting you and your fans to come say Hello to us too – see you there!

  23. I think as a parent we cannot expect out children to learn how to read if we as parents do not spend the time to teach them all of the great thing’s a good book has to offer like how much fun it was finding a brave new world. that’s what we need to show them the fun and knowledge that you will get out of a great book.

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